Minor League Update: Nats’ Farmhand Aubrey Has Four Homer Game


Washington Nationals minor leaguer Michael Aubrey became the tenth player in International League history to hit four homers in a game today.

Playing for the National’s Triple A Syracuse Chiefs against the Durham Bulls (Tampa) in Syracuse, Aubrey, hitting in the fifth spot in the lineup as the DH, had a two run homer in the first, a solo shot in the third, a three run blast in the fifth and another solo shot in the seventh.

Aubrey drove in seven of the Chief’s eleven runs in an eventual 11-0 win.

If the name sounds familiar, it should.

Aubrey was the first round pick of the Cleveland Indians in the 2003 draft.  While he’s bounced around since then, with Washington being his third organization, he does have 46 games of major league experience with Cleveland and Baltimore, homering six times in 135 career at bats.

Hitting four homers in a game is rare, moreso when you’re not on steriods, and I’m more impressed by this than either of the recent two Major League no-hitters.

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155 Responses to “Minor League Update: Nats’ Farmhand Aubrey Has Four Homer Game”

  1. Hartvig Says:

    I had to really think for a minute about this one: who’s the last major leaguer to do it? Mark “Hittin'” Whitten?

    And you read it here first. Detroit will be the world champions in ’11.

  2. Cameron Says:

    Michael Aubrey? I thought he was bumming it in Norfolk, the fuck did Washington pick him up?

  3. Cameron Says:

    Pittsburgh released Scott Olsen today. The hamstring injury’s kept him on the DL since the start of the season and I guess the team didn’t want to save roster space for him anymore.

    As I said with Chris Young, he was cheap ($500K), so there really wasn’t much harm in signing him.

  4. John Says:

    @1, I believe it was Carlos Delgado. Shawn Green and Mike Cameron did it a while back too.

  5. Cameron Says:

    In order…

    1 – Bobby Lowe Boston Beaneaters (5/30/1894)
    2 – Ed Delahanty, Philadelphia Phillies (7/13/1896)
    3 – Lou Gehrig, New York Yankees (6/3/1932)
    4 – Chuck Klein, Philadelphia Phillies (7/10/1936)
    5 – Pat Seerey, Chicago White Sox (7/14/1948)
    6 – Gil Hodges, Brooklyn Dodgers (8/31/1950)
    7 – Joe Adcock, Milwaukee Braves (7/31/1954)
    8 – Rocky Colavito, Cleveland Indians (6/10/1959)
    9 – Willie Mays, San Francisco Giants (4/30/1961)
    10 – Mike Schmidt, Philadelphia Phillies (4/17/1976)
    11 – Bob Horner, Atlanta Braves (6/6/1986)
    12 – Mark Whiten, St. Louis Cardinals (9/7/1993)
    13 – Mike Cameron, Seattle Mariners (5/2/2002)
    14 – Shawn Green, Los Angeles Dodgers (5/23/2002)
    15 – Carlos Delgado, Toronto Blue Jays (9/25/2003)

    The Braves and Dodgers have 2 representatives each, the Phillies have 3 Hall of Famers doing the deed for them.

  6. Cameron Says:

    Another fun fact, the last two people to have 4 HR games were teammates in… I wanna say ’05-’07 for the Mets.

  7. Chuck Says:

    The last four have something else entirely in common as well.

  8. Cameron Says:


  9. Chuck Says:

    Yes, sir.

  10. Cameron Says:

    So, at this rate the AL RoY could be a member of the Royals, we just got the wrong one. Though Zach Britton makes one of the better cases so far.

  11. John Says:

    How about Jose Bautista’s crazy pace?

  12. John Says:

    Wooooooow, Arod.

  13. John Says:

    I wonder how many teams have started .500 through 40 games and made the playoffs.

    My guess? Plenty.

  14. Cameron Says:

    Here’s my question. A Sports Illustrated reporter showed a picture of an anonymous athlete’s bar tab.


    …So, here’s my question. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU RUN UP A 189,000 DOLLAR BAR TAB!?!?

  15. Hartvig Says:

    I would love to know who it was because I can guarantee whoever it is that about 5 years after he’s done playin’ he’ll be crashing on a buddies couch somewhere because his house has been foreclosed on wondering where the fuck his money all went…

  16. Chuck Says:

    $29,000 tip and $11,000 tax.

    Fifty bucks for a Red Bull?

    Eight for bottled water?

    You bitch and cry over paying $4 for a gallon of gas, but you have no problem dropping twice that for a bottle of WATER?!

  17. Bob Says:

    That is insane. Wonder how big the party was.

  18. John Says:

    The first thing on there was 25 grand a pop.

    I’ll bet whoever ordered that couldn’t tell the diffference between that and the cheap stuff…whatever liquor that is.

  19. Cameron Says:

    I’d hate to be that guy when the bartender calls his tab.

  20. Cameron Says:

    “How about Jose Bautista’s crazy pace?”

    You mean his 81 HR pace?

  21. Chuck Says:

    Do you get drunker faster on the cheap stuff?

    After a few glasses or shots, does it taste any different?

    Does it even matter?

    I’ve spent a lifetime in the food business and while I’m no where close to being sommelier trained, I know my way around a wine rack.

    I’ve gone to some black tie functions and sampled $1000 a bottle shit that tasted like battery acid.

    My wife is not a drinker, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t get her to drink anything stronger than wine.

    About a year ago we were at some friend’s house party and she had a Pinot Grigio she really liked called “Voga”. It’s an Italian brand and has a little spicy kick to it.

    Stuff is GOOD.

    I get it at Kroger’s for about nine bucks.

    I don’t care how much money you have, if you spend 25 grand for anything that will be piss in a half hour, you’re a fucking retard.

    Unless you’re in MY restaurant, then I’ll REALLY show you what ass-kissing is all about.


  22. Chuck Says:

    I was watching MLB Network the other night and they pointed out since last year Bautista has hit 70 homers.

    You know how many have gone to rightfield?


    Seems to me he’d be relatively easy to pitch to.

  23. Cameron Says:

    Chuck, take a good look at that tab’s top. The Tryst in Las Vegas’ Wynn hotel.

    …The club has a 90 foot waterfall and an indoor lake. Anyone who spends 189 grand there probably won’t notice it’s gone.

  24. Raul Says:

    I wonder what “SPLT” is. That’s what it says next to the Redbull, so it looks like it was mixed with something.

    Redbull cans are like $5 a bottle in most bars. I mean the Heinekens were $10.
    I wonder what person takes a drink that costs about $45 and mixes it with a can of Redbull.

    “Sir, I’ll have the white truffles and your finest Hot Pocket on the side, please.”

  25. Raul Says:

    So I guess Jeter will defend anyone except Alex Rodriguez, huh.

    His sissy-hitting boyfriend, Posada, refuses to play because it’s disrespectful to bat him 9th. I think it’s disrespectful to make 14 million dollars a year (or whatever he makes) and hit .165.

    At least Ken Griffey went quietly. These “classy TRUE” Yankees feel disrespected whenever someone isn’t paying them 25 million per year and batting them 5th for things they did 15 years ago.

  26. Chuck Says:


    Have you seen the Slade Heathcott video yet?


    Here’s a background story on him, too, which, ironically, ran in the Charleston paper the same day.


  27. Chuck Says:


    Have you seen the Slade Heathcott video yet?

  28. Raul Says:

    I haven’t, Chuck.

    I was away from my computer this weekend and haven’t been online much. What did he do?

  29. Chuck Says:


  30. Raul Says:


    It looks like he caught the catcher pretty good as they neared the backstop. I’d read some things about his background when he was signed. I thought he was over those troubles but it looks like he’s had drinking issues and problems even after being drafted. I think the Yankees have to be concerned.

    He’s a talented kid, but if you’re flipping out in A-Ball, what the hell is going to happen when you’re on the road in the Majors?

    How old is he? 19? 20?
    Wouldn’t give up on the kid now, but you definitely don’t want another Carl Everett in your system.

  31. Chuck Says:


  32. Hartvig Says:

    The only thing I can think of is that the catcher told him the next pitch was going to be right in his ear before the pitch was thrown. And even then, the catcher still wasn’t the one doing the throwing.

  33. Raul Says:

    I think that article “Tale of Salvation” is a nice piece. But we always read and hear stories about players “maturing”.

    I wouldn’t say getting into a fight on the field makes you a terrible guy. Heathcott had a tough time growing up. A lot of talented kids do.

    He just has to understand that he’s a target.

    BTW, I’m not writing the kid off, but it’s not exactly a great sign when you’re Major League comparable is Brett Gardner.

    “This Manny Machado kid reminds me of Alex Rodriguez.” That kind of praise is almost impossible to top.

    “This Slade Heathcott kid reminds me of Brett Gardner (with a drinking problem).” That’s not even praise. That’s probably one of the biggest insults you could give to anyone considered a prospect.

  34. Chuck Says:

    So, the Yankees are “surprised and frustrated” at Derek Jeter’s support of ARod?

    Yet another reason why a bunch of college nerds who never played should keep their pie holes shut.

  35. Chuck Says:

    I’m with you, Raul

    You don’t draft a Brett Gardner clone in the first round.

    These guys are a dime a dozen at tryout camps.

  36. John Says:

    Derek Jeter is probably the least deserving captain of any team in the history of sports…with the *possible* exception of Allen Iverson on the 2004 Olympic basketball team.

  37. Chuck Says:

    Based on what, exactly?

  38. John Says:

    The fact that he sticks up for Giambi and Posada but regularly throws ARod under the bus because he’s a petty little jealous bitch.

    That pretty much does it for me.

  39. Chuck Says:


  40. Raul Says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but the Yankees have a really, really poor record of developing outfielders for like 30-40 years now.

    I realize they usually trade for, and buy outfielders but the only guy they’ve come up with in all this time is Bernie Williams — and even he wasn’t anything special in the minors.

    Or am I missing some guys? Jay Buhner?

  41. Chuck Says:

    Jackson Melian.


  42. John Says:

    “he wasn’t anything special in the minors.”

    He was good when it counted. Chuck, do you have inside info on him doing the juice?

    “Or am I missing some guys? Jay Buhner?”

    They really have been all about the FA market with OFers. Reggie Jackson. Dave Winfield. Rickey Henderson. Danny Tartabull. Paul O’Neill. Darryl Strawberry. Etc.

    Shane Spencer and Rickey Ledee were both supposed to be big, right? Not a whole lot of magic there, as it turns out.

  43. Raul Says:

    The more I think about it, maybe the Yankees futility at developing outfielders goes back 50 years.

  44. John Says:

    Bernie Williams is a pretty big win though. I mean he was a top-5 CF for a good 8 years.

  45. Raul Says:


    But the Marlins have 2 outfielders right now that project to be better than almost everything the Yankees have developed in decades in Mike Stanton and Logan Morrison.

    Kansas City produced Johnny Damon and Carlos Beltran.

    Yes, it’s hard to come up with star players.
    But you’re the richest team in sports. What excuse do you have? If the best scouts cost 80k a year (I have no idea, I’m just making that up), what’s to stop you from signing 7 of them? What’s that cost? 2 A-Rod at-bats?

  46. Chuck Says:

    “He was good when it counted. Chuck, do you have inside info on him doing the juice?’


  47. Chuck Says:

    Yankees first round picks who were outfielders.

    Carl Everett, Jim Lyttle, Pat Tabler, Terry Whitfield, John-Ford Griffin, Andy Brown, Tyrell Godwin, Matt Winters, Shea Morenz.

    I haven’t seen that much crap since I went with my daughter on a field trip to a dairy farm.

  48. John Says:

    Bernie Williams

  49. John Says:

    I had no idea Carl Everett was drafted by the Yankees. He’s by far the most notable person on that list, and he certainly didn’t do anything for New York.

  50. Chuck Says:

    No, I’ve never heard anything linking Williams to juice.

  51. John Says:

    Fair enough, just curious.

  52. Hartvig Says:

    Raul- I’d chip in with Bobby Murcer, who was grossly under-rated because he wasn’t the next Mantle and Roy White, who was just grossly under-rated.

  53. John Says:

    Check out Murcer’s ’71 season.


  54. Raul Says:


    I missed Bobby Murcer. My bad. The track record speaks for itself, though. And it’s a pretty bad record.

    When you have the kind of money the Yankees have, you can always buy the best players.

    On the flip side, because they have so much money, couldn’t they operate with a lower payroll, younger players, and still maintain their success?

    You look at some college football programs and players from LSU or Florida or Oklahoma transfer or go to the NFL early all the time. And it doesn’t affect the programs one bit. They have 4 recruits to step right in.

    I’m not saying the Yankees should operate like that. That’s an extreme. It’s almost like the Marlins, where they have great players but they need to keep producing great players to keep the team somewhat competitive because eventually they will get too expensive.

    But the Yankees are on the completely opposite end of the spectrum. I can see how you dole out large contracts for A-Rod and Teixeira. But going out to get Nick Swisher and Curtis Granderson? Starting Brett Gardner? Giving 15 million to a late-30s Derek Jeter?

    You couldn’t produce equal or better players on your own?

    Maybe I’m just not understanding something.

  55. John Says:

    The Yankees have probably three players in the minors who can hit .260/.313/.360 while playing shit defense at short. But who knows if those players can fist pump.

  56. Chuck Says:

    Murcer was drafted as a shortstop, so he doesn’t count.

  57. Chuck Says:

    Murcer is my favorite Yankee of all time.

  58. Raul Says:

    Well Nunez is a better option but he probably isn’t a long-term answer.
    And nobody knows anything about this Culver kid they drafted.

  59. Chuck Says:

    Culver’s listed on the roster of Short-season Staten Island.

    Their season starts in June.

    Not a bad debut, but a bit concerning he’s repeating Rookie ball.


  60. Cameron Says:

    “You look at some college football programs and players from LSU or Florida or Oklahoma transfer or go to the NFL early all the time. And it doesn’t affect the programs one bit. They have 4 recruits to step right in.”

    Ugh, don’t mention LSU to a Chiefs fan. BAD track record drafting from ’em.

  61. Cameron Says:

    Well fuck, David Wright has a stress fracture in his lower back, more than likely going to the DL and Grady Sizemore has re-injured his knee.

  62. Chuck Says:

    You guys see the Cardinals’ lineup today.


  63. Cameron Says:

    Huh, I wonder if that new third baseman of theirs is any good.

  64. Cameron Says:

    And insane as it sounds, the Cards should consider this as a potential permanent move with Berkman and Pujols at the corner with a Holliday-Rasmus-Jay outfield.

  65. Chuck Says:

    Sizemore’s injury is not to the knee he had his surgery on, and it’s only a bad bruise.

    I see the Reds’ faked a shoulder injury for Aroldis Chapman and put him on the DL instead of sending him down.


  66. Raul Says:

    I’m amazed with all the hype on Chapman, that he isn’t starting — either in the minors or majors.

    You would think that with all the talk, he’d at least be comparable to Rick Porcello — another flame thrower.

    But he’s more like Joel Zumaya.

  67. Chuck Says:

    Chapman has 20 walks in 13 innings this year.

    He makes Zumaya look like Greg Maddux.

  68. Cameron Says:

    Well Chapman’s out on the DL with shoulder problems right now Raul. Hard for him to start anywhere.

  69. Cameron Says:

    Well now this is interesting. Jim Crane, soon-to-be Astros owner, is looking to replace Ed Wade as GM with Andrew Friedman or “someone in a similar mold.”

    …I’d love to see what Friedman could do with a budget given to him from a multi-billionaire like Crane.

  70. Chuck Says:

    I don’t know what the hell Curtis Granderson is sprinkling on his Lucky Charms every morning, but I want me some.

  71. Chuck Says:

    Billy Beane would win in Houston with a billion dollar budget, Cam.

    A GM is only as good as his bankroll.

  72. Cameron Says:

    True, but Friedman turned around a worse team with a smaller budget off some good work. I wanna see what the Astros would look like with him at the helm.

  73. Raul Says:

    Lost my fantasy week yesterday by 5 points because 5 players on my roster did not play on Sunday due to rainouts.

    Then David Price just goes out there today and gets slapped around like one of Charlie Sheen’s goddesses.

  74. Raul Says:

    Billy Beane is the type of guy who jews the counter-lady at Baskin Robbins because he’s got a $2-off coupon on ice cream cake and she tells him its expired.

    You could give him all the fucking money in the world and he still wouldn’t tap into that bitch.

  75. Chuck Says:

    LOL Raul.

  76. Cameron Says:

    What the sweet and sour fuck?

    “Teams are hearing that the asking price for Dylan Bundy is $30MM for six years and that it will cost $20MM over five years to sign Archie Bradley, according to Jim Callis of Baseball America. No draft deal has ever been worth $20MM, so the high schoolers’ asking prices are sure to scare away less serious teams.”

  77. Chuck Says:

    Agents know this is the last year under the current CBA and starting next year there will be hard slotting, changes to arbitration rights, contract terms, and, draft compensation.

    The way it is now, teams get a compensation pick the next year if they fail to sign the player, that will probably go away.

    So, agents, and players, know teams will likely overpay than to walk away empty handed and not get compensated next year.

    They’ll never get close to what they’re asking for, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

  78. Cameron Says:

    I know, but Dylan Bundy and Archie Bradley? They won’t get paid that much, they’ll be lucky to get paid 1/3 of their asking price. That just….

    These are high schoolers we’re talking about. They don’t have the balls to back up that kind of demand.

  79. Chuck Says:

    “They don’t have the balls to back up that kind of demand.”

    Sure they do, they can not sign and go to college.

    Bundy’s older brother is in the Orioles system, I talked to a scout buddy the other day who said Baltimore may be looking at him at number four.

  80. Chuck Says:

    Holy shit, Cam…I just saw the Royals’ score.

    Vin Mazzaro:

    2.1 IP

    11 H

    14 R

    14 ER

    3 BB

    2 K

  81. Cameron Says:

    And I heard some guys in Pittsburgh calling him an outside shot at #1, but 30 million dollars? If Bryce Harper, with all the hype around him couldn’t get an organization like Washington that’s willing to overspend, how are they gonna get anyone to cough up that much? This right there is the definition of “signability issue”.

  82. Cameron Says:

    …There was a reason Vinny was in Omaha to start the season. Is it too late to call Duffy and Montgomery?

  83. Cameron Says:

    Well, Davies left the game with an injury and I think Vin bought himself a bus ticket back to the Stormchasers. Maybe it isn’t too late.

  84. Chuck Says:

    I heard yesterday, AGAIN, that if Bryce Harper were in this draft he would not go in the top ten.

    Scott Boras absolutely knew it too, which is why he went the GED/JC route to be eligible one year earlier.

  85. Chuck Says:

    “Hello, Omaha?, Dayton Moore here. Put Suppan on a plane ASAP.”

    “What’s that?, he pitched tonight and gave up seven runs and thirteen hits in four and a thirds?”

    “Ahh, fuck”

  86. JohnBowen Says:

    LOL @ Chuck.

    I feel bad for the guy. He’s legitimately a great citizen and, as much as he took from the Crew to suck, he gave back a lot to the community.

    Then again, he made 40 million dollars to suck. So, nevermind.

  87. JohnBowen Says:

    Carlos Gomez can hit .100 for the rest of the year.

    He just made the catch of the year.

  88. Chuck Says:

    Solid start for Brian Matusz


  89. Chuck Says:

    Yep, that Gomez catch was pretty sweet.


  90. Cameron Says:

    Julio Teheran is starting for Atlanta Wednesday.

    …Five bucks says he’s in AAA on Thursday.

  91. Chuck Says:

    Memo to David Wright and Jason Bay.

    CitiField isn’t that big.


  92. Cameron Says:

    Now, now, using the second coming of Babe Ruth to measure the dimensions of a park isn’t fair to us mere mortals.

  93. JohnBowen Says:

    Wright hit 12 HR at Citi last year.

    I can’t figure out Jason Bay’s thing. I never thought it was a great deal, but man. How do you flop that bad?

  94. Raul Says:

    I couldn’t think of a better situation with Carlos Gomez’s catch.

    One guy who shouldn’t be a major leaguer robbing a home run off another guy who shouldn’t be a major leaguer.

  95. Chuck Says:


  96. Chuck Says:

    Cam..Lorenzo Cain hit for the cycle yesterday


  97. Raul Says:

    Wait, what?
    Teheran is starting again for Atlanta?

    The Mets (and critics and fans) need to stop complaining about their field. It’s not the field. They’re the weakest team in their division. Plain and simple. The Marlins, Nationals and Braves all have better players, and better pitching — with more on the way.

  98. Cameron Says:

    Brandon Beachy’s hurt and they needed a rotation spot filled.

  99. Cameron Says:

    “I can’t figure out Jason Bay’s thing. I never thought it was a great deal, but man. How do you flop that bad?”

    It’s called “Being signed by the Mets,” a horrible condition that affects 1 out of every 30 major leaguers.

  100. Chuck Says:

    Cameron, Royals called up Duffy, he starts Wednesday.

    Raul, you need a starter for one game, that’s your guy.

  101. Bob Says:

    The Jays released Chad Cordero, and the Yanks signed Randy Flores.

  102. Chuck Says:

    Great, another lefty not tall enough to get on half the rides at Magic Mountain.

  103. Raul Says:

    The Yankees are doomed.

    Their DH is terrible and quit on the team.
    Bartolo Colon and Brett Gardner are starters.
    Phil Hughes, who many compared to Roger Clemens, appears to be on his way to the pitching equivalent of Roger Dorn.
    Your 30-something million dollar set-up man has proven to suck before Mothers Day.
    Your #2 and #3 Shortstops (Nunez and Pena) are better than the starter and combined earn in a year what Jeter does in 3 weeks.

    Man, it’s hard for me to be a Yankees fan.

  104. Bob Says:

    John, Jeter never threw ARod under a bus. ARod did it to himself. Perhaps he could have defended him somewhat, or b, if the fans were upset that Jeter did not assist AROd in anyway couls have taken it upon themselves to be more civil.
    But no, blame Jeter for everything. Including aging, which we are all doing.

  105. Cameron Says:

    I blame Jeter for sucking and being overpaid, but that’s about it.

  106. Raul Says:

    He absolutely threw A-Rod under the bus — indirectly, if you want to really pinpoint it.

    The dropped pop-up when he just stared at A-Rod.
    Defending Giambi but explicitly stating its not his job to call off the dogs when A-Rod went through THE EXACT SAME THING.
    Not to mention his childish “cold shoulder” sh*t in the clubhouse that made it impossible for A-Rod to be accepted by the team.

    Frankly if it wasn’t for Melky Cabrera and Robinson Cano, A-Rod might never have had any friends in NY.

  107. Chuck Says:

    Jeter and ARod were best friends for years, all their days of skirt chasing in Miami when both were single.

    I think their separation was more of a case of ARod getting married and having kids and changing his lifestyle then of them all of a sudden wanting to kill each other.

    Maybe Jeter was a bit jealous of the loss of attention, but ARod doesn’t have any rings without Jeter so he should just look at that as some kind of personal satisfaction.

    Youkilis, Bonds, Kent, Randy Johnson, Schilling, they were or are all hated in their clubhouses, as long as there is no effect on the field, which there hasn’t been, who really cares?

  108. Raul Says:

    Yeah Chuck, but this is NY.

    And people tend to be quick to defend these “Core” Yankees and dismiss everyone else, and anyone who criticizes them.

    Now to focus on baseball…

    Both A-Rod and Jeter have been hitting like 10 year old girls lately.

  109. Chuck Says:


    Who is the only player to win an MVP award without being selected to an All-Star game?

  110. Raul Says:


    I have no idea. But browsing through Baseball-Reference, Phil Cavaretta won the MVP in 1945 but did not appear in the All-Star Game.

    Frankly, I don’t even know if there was an All-Star Game that year. He was an all-star in other years, though.

  111. Raul Says:

    That’s a hell of a question, though.

  112. Bob Says:

    Kirk Gibson

  113. Cameron Says:

    Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson, Chuck.

  114. Chuck Says:

    Bob..winner, winner, chicken dinner.

    A little short there, Cam, but I guess you hear that all the time anyway, right?

  115. Chuck Says:

    Raul…still in the market for a second baseman?

    Looks like Dustin Ackley may be up tomorrow or Thursday.

  116. Cameron Says:

    >> Sadly.

    Also, I’m reading a blog post about a progress update for the Royals’ Top 9 prospects.


    I love that title.

  117. Cameron Says:

    I found out Wil Myers had a recent DL stint after he slipped on the asphalt outside of his apartment, gashed his knee open, and got it infected.

    God damn, talk about your bad luck.

  118. Raul Says:

    I’m rolling with Howie Kendrick for now.

    This guy offered me Melky Cabrera (LOL) and Colby Rasmus for Andrew McCutchen.

  119. Cameron Says:

    Melky’s pretty good right now, actually. But for McCutchen? Fugoff.

  120. Cameron Says:

    You know what baffles me about Cleveland? They’re first in the AL Central and their #3 and #4 hitters (Choo and Santana) are hitting .224 and .228

  121. Cameron Says:

    And there’s Eric Hosmer with a triple.

  122. Cameron Says:

    Wow, too easy. Let’s see how long it takes this to get answered.

    Who are the 4 Baseball Hall of Fame members to have played for the Kansas City Royals?

  123. Hartvig Says:

    Brett, Killebrew, Perry & Cepeda plus the White Rat.

    I’ll admit I had to look up Cepeda.

  124. Cameron Says:

    Really? I knew all them off the top of my head. The one that stumped the KC broadcast crew was Perry.

  125. Chuck Says:

    “I’m rolling with Howie Kendrick for now.”

    Did you see Kendrick played leftfield the other night?

  126. Cameron Says:

    More Keith Law insult bait!

    In his latest mock draft, he has Pittsburgh taking with the first overall pick…. Danny Hultzen!

  127. Chuck Says:

    As much as I think he’s a nerdy little dwarf, I have to give Law at least a little respect because unlike those other nerdy little dwarfs, he actually watches some of these kids play.

    Whether he actually knows what he’s watching is something else entirely, but, again, credit where credit is due.

    I’ve heard rumors of Hultzen going #1, as it is now he won’t get past Arizona at #3, so not much of a stretch.

    They’re also looking at Dylan Bundy, but I doubt they’ll draft him, especially with what he’s asking for.

    I read a report today that said Bundy’s the best pitcher in the draft, so, if money’s no object, why not sign him?

  128. Cameron Says:

    Because Gerrit Cole is far better?

  129. Chuck Says:

    I’m not a believer in the theory you don’t draft a high school pitcher first overall, or even in the first round.

    If their stuff is equal, and I honestly don’t know if it is, I want the guy who will be in the major leagues at 21, not Double A at 23.

    One year of pro experience is at least equal to two years of college experience, and probably more.

    Plus you’re under a structured, consistent system where you work on your profession, not your skills with the ladies or your GPA.

    Pittsburgh took a high school kid #2 last year and by all accounts he’s a better prospect than Strasburg was at the same age.

  130. Cameron Says:

    I’m not saying that Hultzen is a bad pick. I’m just looking between the two from what they could be at full potential and Hultzen is good, but Cole is better at his peak and you take the premium talent in that case.

    Though I still think with the pitching depth Rendon might be a wiser choice. As I’ve said before, it’s far easier to find a good pitcher than a good third baseman.

  131. Chuck Says:

    Law has the Royals taking a pitcher?

  132. Cameron Says:

    And Strasburg wasn’t really a prospect in high school, not a top one, anyway. He was a little fat kid that no one gave a shit about. he goes to SDU, loses allt he weight and cranks the velocity up to 11 with new mechanics. …Bad mechanics, but new ones.

  133. Cameron Says:

    The Royals office has come out and said they’re looking for a good college pitcher in this draft. I guess that’s ruling out Starling. BA says Sonny Gray and… Yeah, that sounds about right.

  134. Chuck Says:

    Pittsburgh drafts first, then doesn’t draft again until #61.

    Pitching is deep in this draft, from both sides.

    Huntington has had three solid drafts in a row, and he’s almost obligated to take a pitcher who they can sign.

    If Bundy and Cole are going to be assholes about their bonuses I would pass on both of them.

    And the gap between Cole and some other college pitchers isn’t that big, Cam. He’s good, but he’s no Strasburg.

  135. Cameron Says:

    Cole hasn’t gone on to demand big bonuses. That’s been Dylan Bundy and Archie Bradley with the big ones.

    And I know Cole is no Strasburg, but if you’re committing to taking pitching, you take the best with #1 and Cole is the best. Even if it’s a small difference, he’s still on top. Though I think he’s had some recent shoulder trouble that’s made Pittsburgh look at Hultzen.

    Plus… Asinine as it sounds from a KC fan, I’d prefer taking RHP over LHP because righties throw harder stuff on average and you can’t deny the benefit of a good power pitcher. They already took Taillon, why not slot a good #2 behind him?

  136. Chuck Says:

    Cameron..who the hell is Paulo Orlando?

  137. Chuck Says:

    Cole’s already said he wants big money.

    Look at UCLA’s stats, Cam..Cole’s not even the best pitcher on his team.

  138. Cameron Says:

    Apparently an OF in Omaha I’ve never heard of. Though I’ve seen David Lough is doing well. Seems he bears a lot of similarity to David DeJesus when he was younger. Not bad.

    There’s a guy I’m interested in at the lower levels of KC. I think his name is Yordano Ventura. 19 years old and has 99 mph heat.

  139. Cameron Says:

    I’m aware, but he’s got the stuff to justify #1. While I like college stats as an indicator, I like him better. While he said he wants big money, he hasn’t said anything that bad.

    …But c’mon, if you were a potential #1 pick, you’d ask for big bucks too.

  140. Chuck Says:

    Third baseman who went first overall in the draft.

    Dave Roberts

    Bob Horner

    Phil Nevin

    Pat Burrell

    That’s it.

  141. Cameron Says:

    Pat the Bat was a 3B?

  142. Chuck Says:

    Orlando just went yard.

    So did Moose.

    Yordano Ventura.

    Righty from the Dominican Republic, turns 20 in a couple of weeks.

    5’11”, 160.

    Royals team MVP in the AZ Rookie League last year.

    Delivery comparable to Neftali Feliz.

  143. Chuck Says:

    “Pat the Bat was a 3B?”

    Yes, sir.

    College player of the Year at Miami and Division I batting champion his last year.

  144. Chuck Says:

    You know how many high school pitchers have gone first overall?


  145. Chuck Says:

    Twenty one pitchers have gone second overall, ten of them high schoolers.

    I guess there really is a stigma of not drafting a high schooler first.

  146. Cameron Says:

    High school pitchers are a crapshoot. Not sure if this theory is right, but all pitching prospects are bound to get hurt. It’s so bad Baseball America says “There’s no such thing as a pitching prospect” based on he’ll either get hurt or you have a ML pitcher in the minors.

    Surgery early in a career can fuck a kid up for the rest of his career, and the younger the surgery, the greater the risk he never reaches his potential. While high school pitchers may have a higher ceiling, the chances they reach it are much smaller than their college counterparts. Add in the fact that collegiate athletes get those extra years to refine their stuff and are more pitchers than hurlers, college kids are safer picks on average.

  147. Chuck Says:

    OK, so I took the ten drafts where a high school pitcher went second, and looked at who the first pick was.

    2010: #2, Jameson Taillon, #1 Bryce Harper. Too early to tell.

    1999: Josh Beckett, Josh Hamilton. Beckett

    1977: Bill Gullickson, Harold Baines. Baines.

    1976: Pat Underwood, Floyd Bannister. Bannister

    1975: Mike Lentz, Danny Goodwin. While Goodwin was a bust, Lentz is one of only four #2 picks not to make the majors.

    1974: Tommy Boggs, Bill Almon. Almon

    1971: Jay Franklin, Danny Goodwin. Push, they both sucked.

    1968: Pete Broberg, Tim Foli. Foli

    1965: Les Rohr, Rick Monday. Monday.

    No argument to any of them going second, really.

  148. Cameron Says:

    Danny Goodwin, got drafted first twice and sucked both times.

    You listed that only 1 high school pitcher has gone first overall. Well, that one is a pretty good cautionary tale about how bad those kids can bust.

  149. Chuck Says:

    Would he have been a bust if he spent three or four years in the minors?

    That’s a story of a greedy owner ruining a kid for personal gain.

    I have an old magazine home with a scouting report on Clyde…he was legit. I’ll post something tomorrow….if I remember.

  150. Cameron Says:

    David Clyde? Did you forget Brien Taylor?

  151. Cameron Says:

    Admittedly, I forgot David Clyde. So we’re kinda even.

  152. Chuck Says:

    A thing to remember about the draft.

    This ain’t football or basketball, where a kid you pick in June will be in your starting lineup in October.

    You’re essentially drafting for three, four years down the road.

    Kansas City has great pitching depth in the minors now, but in four years they won’t have any…because they’ll all be in the majors, or in another organization.

    The Yankees have very little depth at any position in the minors and an old, aging team in the majors.

    It doesn’t matter what position they draft, there’s a good chance whoever it is or what position they play will have a chance to be a ML regular.

  153. Chuck Says:

    “David Clyde? Did you forget Brien Taylor?”

    Yep, apparently.

  154. Cameron Says:

    True, but I still like the safer pick. I just like college guys because they’ve got better makeup, they’re more polished. They spend shorter amounts of time in the minors, too. It’s not that big a difference and if there’s a better HS pick, I’ll take him. It’s an influencing factor, not a deciding factor.

    And that’s probably the reason we’re looking to draft pitching. Our current crop is about to come up and we need to restock.

  155. Chuck Says:

    Dbacks DFA’d Armando Galarraga.

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