Mid-Season Paces – Team Edition

by JohnBowen

Most teams in Major League Baseball are sitting around 81 games played, which means we’re approximately at mid-season. Just as it psychologically helps Royals fans know that they’re half a season closer to contending, it puts writers in a position to comment on the pace that teams and players are on without having to enter anything into an excel sheet.

We’ll start with teams – and keep in mind, not every team has played the same amount of games, so these are kind of estimates. The Yankees, for example, have won 48 of 79 games, so I doubled that total and then added 3 wins for the remaining 4 games.

Playoff Picture

If the second half were to go exactly as the first half: here’s what the playoff picture would look like this:

American League

AL East Champion: New York Yankees (99-63)

AL Central Champion: Detroit Tigers (88-74)

AL West Champion: Texas Rangers (86-76)

AL Wildcard: Boston Red Sox (93-69)

Hypothetical 5th Team: Tampa Bay Rays (90-72)

National League

NL East Champion: Philadelphia Phillies (101-61)

NL Central Champion: Milwaukee Brewers or St. Louis Cardinals (87-75)

NL West Champion: San Francisco Giants (91-71)

NL Wildcard: Atlanta Braves (93-69)

Hypothetical 5th Team: There would be a 3-way playoff between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the NL Central winners.

The Worst Teams

The worst team in the American League would be the Kansas City Royals, at 66-96. The worst team in the National League – and all of baseball – would be Houston, at 57-105.

Teams not doing what they should:

The biggest over-performers (based on Vegas odds) have been the Indians in the American League (around +13.5 wins) and the Pirates (about +16.5 wins). The Diamondbacks sit at about +14.5 wins.

The biggest under-performers have been the Minnesota Twins in the American League (-15.5 wins) and the Chicago Cubs in the National League (about -15.5 wins).

The Rest of the League:

The rest of the league breaks down as follows:


Indians (86-76)

Angels (83-79)

Blue Jays (79-83)

White Sox (79-83)

Mariners (78-84)

Orioles (73-89)

Athletics (71-91)

Twins (70-92)


Reds (83-79)

Pirates (83-79)

Mets (82-80)

Nationals (80-82)

Rockies (78-84)

Padres (73-89)

Marlins (72-90)

Dodgers (71-91)

Cubs (67-95)

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