Weekend Games and Shared Moments

by JohnBowen

Let’s give this one another go…

Marlins @ Phillies (2003 Wildcard Race)

Royals @ Indians (1994 Divisional Race? I guess)

Yankees @ Orioles (1996 ALCS…Maier)

Rays @ Blue Jays (The 2011 battle for third? I dunno)

Braves @ Mets (1999 ALCS)

Athletics @ Red Sox (2003 ALDS)

Nats @ Reds (Nothing here, really. 1981 Expos made the playoffs, but the Reds didn’t despite having league’s best record)

Angels @ Rangers (This year’s race? Why not?)

Cubs @ Brewers (2007 NL Central Race…still bitter)

Tigers @ Twins (2006 AL Central Race…both teams made it)

Pirates @ Cardinals (1974 NL East Race)

Padres @ Diamondbacks (2007 NL West Race)

White Sox @ Mariners (2000 ALDS)

Rockies @ Dodgers (2009 NL West Race)

Astros @ Giants (Both got swept in 1997 NLDS)

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