Sixth Annual Dugout Central Challenge – MLB Win Predictions


Before the season began, Dugout Central staff and readers were challenged to predict win totals for all thirty MLB teams. A total of five entries were received. For details about the contest rules, see the original article.

Here are the predictions, by division, in alphabetical order. The Over/Under win totals from the Las Vegas Hilton are also shown, as well as predictions from Baseball Prospectus. The 2013 and 2013 Pythagorean are the wins and Pythagorean wins, respectively, from last year.

NL East






Chuck Johnson






Jim Mahoney






Cameron Nelson






Bob Owens






Kerry Whisnant


















Baseball Prospectus












2013 Pythagorean






Not surprisingly, in the NL East the Nationals are favored by most everyone except for Cameron, who picked Atlanta. Nobody expects anyone else in the division to break .500.

NL Central






Chuck Johnson






Jim Mahoney






Cameron Nelson






Bob Owens






Kerry Whisnant


















Baseball Prospectus












2013 Pythagorean






Everyone expects St. Louis to win the NL Central, except for Bob, who favored Pittsburgh. The Pirates, and in some cases the Reds, are expected to be the main competition for the Cardinals. The Cubbies are expected to trail the field, except for Bob, who has the Brew Crew in last.

NL West






Chuck Johnson






Jim Mahoney






Cameron Nelson






Bob Owens






Kerry Whisnant


















Baseball Prospectus












2013 Pythagorean






Everybody thinks the Dodgers will take the NL West, though by different margins. For the most part, Colorado and San Diego are not favored to compete.

In the NL, the favored wild card teams are Pittsburgh (3 votes), Atlanta and Cincinnati (2 votes each), or St. Louis, San Francisco, and Washington (1 vote each). Overall, we all agree that Washington, Los Angeles, and St. Louis will make the playoffs; Pittsburgh and Atlanta get the next most votes.

In the NL, we were most in agreement on the Rockies, as our picks differed by only 6 wins (last year we disagreed the most on Colorado). We disagreed most on Miami, with a spread of 22 games (!).

As a group we predicted the Braves to a whopping win 7.3 games more than the Vegas line, our most optimistic choice; St. Louis was next with an average prediction 4.5 games above the Vegas line. We were most pessimistic on the Giants, with an average of 5.1 games below the Vegas line, although Philadelphia and Miami were not far behind at 4.4 and 4.2 games under the Vegas line, respectively The Vegas line wins add up to 2445, 15 more than possible, which indicates that the betting public as a whole is too optimistic.

For the AL we have:

AL East






Chuck Johnson






Jim Mahoney






Cameron Nelson






Bob Owens






Kerry Whisnant


















Baseball Prospectus












2013 Pythagorean






We are split on the AL East between Boston and Tampa Bay. Bob and I also think the Yankees will contend. None of us expect Toronto to win more than they lose.

AL Central






Chuck Johnson






Jim Mahoney






Cameron Nelson






Bob Owens






Kerry Whisnant


















Baseball Prospectus












2013 Pythagorean






We are unanimous on the Tigers to win the AL Central. Kansas City and Cleveland are favored to provide the main competition for Detroit. The Twins are picked by all but Jim to finish last; he had them ahead of the White Sox.

AL West






Chuck Johnson






Jim Mahoney






Cameron Nelson






Bob Owens






Kerry Whisnant


















Baseball Prospectus












2013 Pythagorean






Only Houston did not get a choice as division winner in the AL West; the Angels got two. Only Chuck sees Seattle as a close competitor, while most of us agree that Oakland and Texas will be in the mix

We were only unanimous on two teams making the playoffs in the AL – Detroit and Tampa Bay. Boston and Kansas City got 4 votes each, while Anaheim, New York, Oakland, Seattle and Texas also got consideration.

We were most in agreement on Detroit, as our picks differed by at most 5 games. We disagreed the most on Oakland, with a range of 22 games.

As a group we predicted the Royals to win 6.5 games more than the Vegas line, our most optimistic choice. We were most pessimistic on the White Sox, 7.7 games below the Vegas line, although Houston was a close second at 6.8 games below.

So, how are our predictions doing so far? There are two different contests – one uses average win difference (AWD) and the other root mean square difference (RMSD). The difference scores are projected to the end of the season in two ways – extrapolate the current team wins to 162 games, the other to prorate our 162-game predictions to the current number of games. One method overstates the error, while the other understates it. By taking the geometric average (square root of the product) of the two methods those effects tend to cancel out. The standings below use this combined score. In practice, the two projection methods give very similar results for the ordering, even though numerically they are far off from each other and the final scores.

The projected scores for the two contests are shown in the following table, ordered by the AWD score. All games through April 10 are included. Of course we’re only a week and a half into the season, so they don’t mean much yet.






Chuck Johnson






Baseball Prospectus






81 Wins



Jim Mahoney



2013 Pythagorean



Cameron Nelson



Bob Owens






Also shown are the average picks for the three of us, the Over/Under line, predictions using last year’s win totals and last year’s Pythagorean wins, predictions by Baseballl Prospectus, and the simple-minded choice of 81 wins for all teams.

Updates will be provided periodically throughout the year using winning percentages, so there’s nowhere to hide, and may the best prognosticator win!

405 Responses to “Sixth Annual Dugout Central Challenge – MLB Win Predictions”

  1. KerryWhisnant Says:

    Sorry it took a while to get this up — we had a midterm exam and that took a lot of time.

    Please check your predictions to make sure they are correct. I may have typed something wrong in the article, my eyes started to glaze over after a while…

  2. Cameron Says:

    So Kerry, sorry for tanking the average vote. =P

  3. Raul Says:

    Any update at the midway point of the season?

  4. KerryWhisnant Says:

    I’ve been sending out a weekly update to participants. The standings as of Sunday:

    For the average win difference:

    Over/Under 4.35
    Kerry Whisnant 4.59
    Baseball Prospectus 5.01
    Chuck Johnson 5.89
    Average 5.93
    81 Wins 6.39
    Jim Mahoney 6.64
    2013 7.14
    2013 Pythagorean 7.20
    Cameron Nelson 7.46
    Bob Owens 7.82

    For the root-mean-square:

    Kerry Whisnant 5.74
    Over/Under 5.81
    Baseball Prospectus 6.37
    Chuck Johnson 7.28
    Average 7.41
    81 Wins 7.52
    Jim Mahoney 8.23
    2013 8.85
    2013 Pythagorean 8.87
    Cameron Nelson 9.60
    Bob Owens 9.62

  5. Raul Says:

    Kerry, how the hell are you performing so much better than the 2013 Pythagorean?

  6. Cameron Says:

    Screw that, what I wanna know is how someone fucked up worse than I did. I worked hard to tank those predictions, dammit!

  7. Bob Says:

    I worked harder!!!

  8. Bob Says:

    Lefty, will the Phillies waive Ryan Howard this off-season? Hearing mixed reports.

  9. KerryWhisnant Says:

    Raul: because I’m so good?

    Seriously, I don’t use last year’s Pythagorean records in my calculations. I actually look at the stats of the players on this year’s teams (a mix of PECOTA, 2013, and career), plus a schedule strength correction. Because teams change so much, using last year’s teams results would not be as representative.

  10. KerryWhisnant Says:

    I will say that beating the Over/Under is the real challenge. It’s always right near the top.

  11. KerryWhisnant Says:

    Cam and Bob: you guys have flip-flopped positions more than once already, so I’m sure it can happen again.

  12. Bob Says:

    A change in the rules.

  13. Bob Says:

    The Red Sox traded Jake Peavy for I believe 2 players to be named later.

  14. Jim Says:

    RS get Edwin Escobar and Heath Hembree for Peavy, pitchers with guarded but potential upside but probably bullpen ML futures.

  15. Cameron Says:

    Not bad for the Giants I think. Low risk flier on a guy who can beat the best when he’s on his game. Praying for a bounceback.

  16. Raul Says:

    Let’s talk about how bad the David Wright contract is.

    He’s signed through 2020 and after this season he is owed 107 million dollars.

    Wright is OPSing .732 as I type this.

    For frame of reference, Denard Span is OPSing .738.

  17. Bob Says:

  18. Raul Says:

    I still have a shot! @ Bob.

    I’m only 34, lol

  19. Bob Says:

    Go for it. Scouts who read this, remember the strong 1st baseman in Westchester county 16-18 years ago? Sign him now!!!

  20. Cameron Says:

    St. Louis acquires Justin Masterson to take some of the sting of losing Michael Wacha until September.

  21. Bob Says:

    Felix Doubront to the Cubs for a ptbnl. Wild guess Jacob Hannemann.

  22. Cameron Says:

    Rumor mill sounds like there’s talk of Lester to the O’s, but no definites yet. He was scratched from his last start, though…

  23. Bob Says:

    His latest start should be tonight. Though as Raul said, he was scratched.

  24. Raul Says:

    Lester to the Orioles?

    I didn’t think Boston would deal too much within the division…certainly not with a pitcher like Jon Lester.


  25. Cameron Says:

    The trading within the division mentality is loosening up a bit these days because sometimes the best deals are in division and you always want the best deal.

  26. Bob Says:

    Hearing Lester to the A’s. Can anyone verify?

  27. Bob Says:

    It is true. Lester and Gomes for Cespedes!!!

  28. Cameron Says:

    Yeah, confirmed on

    …Is… Is Oakland gonna make the World Series this year?

  29. Raul Says:

    I’ll say Oakland does reach the World Series, based solely off the odds.
    They’ve been in the playoffs a lot over the last 15 years and they’ve got to get lucky and pull through eventually.

  30. Raul Says:

    I don’t like this trade though.

    I wanted Kemp to get moved since he’s on my fantasy team and Fenway would have boosted his value tremendously.

    Bob Saget.

  31. Bob Says:

    1. Sonny Gray
    2. Lester
    3. Samardzija

  32. Bob Says:

    Will Kemp go to Seattle in the off-season?

  33. Cameron Says:

    A’s keep busy. Send Tommy Millone to the Twins for Sam Fuld. I like the move, as Fuld is a solid defender there and losing Cespedes really hurt their outfield depth.

  34. Cameron Says:

    St. Louis trades for more pitching. Send Joe Kelly and Allen Craig to Boston for John Lackey.

  35. Cameron Says:

    And I’m guessing Daniel Nava and Jackie Bradley are destined for either the bench or Pawtucket after today.

  36. Bob Says:

    In the past 10 days Boston has traded 4 pitchers from last years team.

    1. Peavy
    2. Lester
    3. Lackey
    4. Doubront

  37. Cameron Says:

    And their new rotation is…

    1 Clay Buccholz
    2 Rubby De La Rosa
    3 Allen Webster
    4 Brandon Workman
    5 Joe Kelly

  38. Bob Says:

    Marlon Byrd to the Yanks

  39. Bob Says:

    Or not. If you are unsure of something, do not tweet it.

  40. Raul Says:

    Years ago I said Boston was going to regret a lot of the contracts they handed out.

    And look where we are today, my friends.

    In the last year, how many dollars have they shipped to the west coast?

    Good lord…

  41. Cameron Says:

    Which is fairly hilarious, because most of that talent stopped sucking when it left Boston. Or in Gonzo’s case, kept playing like Gonzo.

  42. Raul Says:

    If you’re Dustin Pedroia…you can’t be too happy.

    The pitching is gone. Papi is almost retired. The prospects have either been traded away or aren’t developing like they had hoped.

    It’s not looking bright in Boston.

  43. Cameron Says:

    I think his 9 figure contract takes a lot of that sting out. =P

  44. Raul Says:

    Winning matters

  45. Cameron Says:

    Pair of minor moves.

    Milwaukee Gets
    OF Gerardo Parra

    Arizona Gets
    OF Mitch Haniger
    LHP Anthony Banda


    Seattle Gets
    OF Chris Denorfia

    San Deigo Gets
    OF Abraham Almonte
    RHP Stephen Kohlscheen

  46. Cameron Says:

    Washington Gets
    SS Asdrubal Cabrera

    Cleveland Gets
    IF Zach Walters

  47. Cameron Says:

    The fire sale continues.

    Baltimore Gets
    LHP Andrew Miller

    Boston Gets
    LHP Eduardo Rodriguez

  48. Cameron Says:


    Detroit Gets
    LHP David Price

    Tampa Bay Gets
    OF Austin Jackson
    RHP Drew Smyly
    IF Nick Franklin

    Seattle Gets
    To Be Determined

  49. Raul Says:

    Price for Jackson, Smyly and Franklin?

    Tampa already has an Austin Jackson type outfielder in Desmond Jennings.
    Tampa already has pitchers as good or better than Drew Smyly in the minors.
    I guess Nick Franklin MIGHT become something for them.

    This seems pretty weak. Maybe Tampa should have moved Price back in the Spring.

  50. Cameron Says:

    Details aren’t finalized yet. Only positive is that Price goes to Detroit. Tampa ans Seattle’s haul isn’t released until teams make official statement.

  51. Cameron Says:

    Also, am I the only one hoping for an A’s – Tigers ALCS with these rotations?

  52. Cameron Says:

    Um… Well, never thought I’d see these two teams trade.

    Yankees Get
    SS Stephen Drew

    Red Sox Get
    INF Kelly Johnson
    Cash Considerations

  53. Cameron Says:

    Whoops, New York got the cash, not Boston.

  54. Cameron Says:

    And one more for the Yankees.

    New York Gets
    IF Martin Prado

    Arizona Gets
    OF Pete O’Brien

  55. Cameron Says:

    Late news from the wire rolling in now.

    Miami Gets
    RHP Jarred Cosart
    UT Kiké Hernandez
    OF Austin Wates

    Houston Gets
    3B Colin Moran
    OF Jake Marisnick
    RHP Francis Martes
    2015 Competitive Balance Draft Pick

  56. Bob Says:

    @ 51. I am hoping for A’s Tigers.

  57. Cameron Says:

    I know right? That Tigers rotation’s gonna be scary in October with Verlander, Scherzer, and Price.

    Also, fuck Detroit for making us face that shit for the next two months…

  58. Cameron Says:

    Ah, got the details.

    Detroit Gets
    LHP David Price

    Tampa Bay Gets
    LHP Drew Smyly
    IF Nick Franklin
    SS Willy Adames

    Seattle Gets
    OF Austin Jackson

  59. Bob Says:

    The Cubs promoted Javier Baez.

  60. Cameron Says:

    The first of many since it’s past super two cutoff.

  61. Raul Says:

    Thought about picking up Baez but he strikes out too much.
    He’ll probably be exposed early on, like George Springer.

  62. Cameron Says:

    The Cubs kinda have an embarrassment of riches in the pipeline for the infield. They already have Castro, Rizzo played like an All-Star this year, Alacantra is there now, Baez just got called up, and Russell and Bryant are on the way likely before the year ends.

    …Who the hell starts? My guess is Bryant moves to left and after that, a lot of tinkering.

  63. Bob Says:

    The Nationals acquired Matt Thornton off waivers from the Yankees.

  64. Raul Says:

    I doubt Bryant appears in a game this season.

    Matt Thornton just seems like a good pickup no matter where he goes.

  65. Raul Says:

    Chase Whitely and Vidal Nuno have made 26 starts for the Yankees, amassing 142 innings, a 6-8 record and a combined 5.26 ERA.

    Even with Sabathia, Tanaka, Nova and Pineda out, if those guys could have pitched at League Average level, NY would probably be a game out of 1st.

  66. Cameron Says:

    Maybe not Raul and maybe not Russell either, but they’ll be starters by next year. Still, not the worst problem to have as an organization.

  67. Cameron Says:

    The Dodgers get a back-end arm for the rotation in Roberto “Fausto Carmona” Hernandez for 2 PTBNL or cash.

  68. Cameron Says:

    Also, both Cole Hamels and Marlon Byrd have been claimed off waivers, there is now a 48 hour trade window, so keep your eyes open.

  69. Lefty33 Says:

    I wouldn’t look too deeply into any of the names from the Phillies which have cleared waivers. There is no chance in hell that Hamels is going anywhere. That entire idea is a 100% media driven nonsense crazy train.

    Byrd I suppose could be moved but as of now his two biggest suitors have been the M’s & Royals and he has already blocked moves to both via his limited no trade clause. The sticking point with both teams is that he wants his ’16 option picked up to waive his no trade and neither team will do that. So unless the Phillies step in to eat all or most of that option (which they won’t) there is nothing happening there. Aside from some passing interest by the Yankees, Byrd hasn’t been linked with many teams because of his option and because of his comments before the season that he wants to play in Philadelphia/could see himself retiring there.

    Aside of Byrd, a longshot with Kendrick and possibly Bastardo I can’t see the Phillies moving anyone else meaningful simply because either they have nothing internal that is of a major league caliber as a replacement and/or the contracts they have on the books are toxic plus they will not eat money to make a trade so in essence they are stuck with the crew they have unless someone gets very desperate and is willing to take on, as an example, Burnett’s 12.75 million dollar player option for ’15 plus give the Phillies something tangible in return.

    Rollins is 10/5 and knows that if he allows himself to get dealt somewhere else he’ll be held accountable for his half-assed play (i.e. potentially benched) so he’s content to stick it out one more year knowing that he’ll have his name written on the lineup card daily regardless of how he plays.

    Utley is 10/5 and if he stays healthy he has options which could keep him in Philadelphia thru the ’18 season at $15 million per so he’s not going anywhere.

    They’re not eating tens of millions to trade Howard and even if they did, as of now, they have nothing to replace him with so in essence like Rollins he’ll get his name written on the lineup card daily regardless of how he plays. Also, he goes 10/5 next year somewhere around the trade deadline so if the Phillies don’t eat money to move him they’ll be automatically locked into his $25 million dollar anchor for the ’16 season as well.

    Papelbon is the least likely to move because of his mouth & contract. No one is paying the prorated $13 million for this year, next year and ’16 while giving the Phillies something in return. Maybe next year if Ken Giles proves himself more but nothing is happening now. Of course you can’t forget that he has made it clear that he’ll block a trade to even WS caliber contenders if he will not be the guaranteed closer.

  70. Cameron Says:

    Hamels was claimed by the Cubs, no word on Byrd yet.

  71. Cameron Says:

    Also forgot to mention that Papelbon was also put on waivers. He cleared.

  72. Lefty33 Says:

    Of course Papelbon is going to clear waivers. No one wants him.
    Unless the Phillies eat a huge portion of the $30 million or so that he’s owed, which again they won’t do, he’s going to be their problem from now until the end of the ’16 season which is an OK problem considering that he’s been great this year.

    Hamels can be claimed by the Cubs, the Bad News Bears or the Hanshin Tigers and in the end it doesn’t matter. He’s not going anywhere because no team is going to eat his entire contract while giving the Phillies their three best prospects in return.

  73. Cameron Says:

    Derek Jeter is now sixth on the all-time hits list. He will need 84 to take 5th.

  74. Cameron Says:

    The window has passed, Hamels clears waivers.

    Also, Yasiel Puig managed to pull one of my favorite moments in baseball. The bat-crack check swing.

  75. Cameron Says:

    Seems slow, so here’s video of the Puig swing I mentioned. Half the bat makes it about halfway to third base. On a check swing.

  76. Chuck Says:

    I mentioned in spring training I wouldn’t be around much because I was asked to be part of a focus group working on site changes and accessibility.

    Here’s the result.

  77. Cameron Says:

    Oh shit…

    RIP Robin Williams

  78. Raul Says:

    Much better, Chuck.

    The MiLB pages left a lot to be desired in the past.

  79. Raul Says:

    The last time KC was in 1st place this late in the season was in 2003, when Cameron was still in underoos.

  80. Bob Says:

    I was too.

  81. Raul Says:

    Hahaha @ bob

  82. Bob Says:

    Last comment from me on this issue, but others may go wild.

  83. Bob Says:

    My turn to go wild!!!

  84. Cameron Says:


  85. Raul Says:

    Wow @ bob.

    She looks amazing

  86. Bob Says:

    Tulo out for the year.

  87. Bob Says:

    1. Pirates acquired John Axford.

    2. Manfred still one vote short.

  88. Cameron Says:

    And at the moment we’re kicking the ass of the best team in baseball. Go Royals.

  89. Cameron Says:

    And the lead gets bigger…

  90. Bob Says:

    All you Notre Dame fans, munch on this, assuming you can read it!!!–notre-dame-investigating-potential-academic-fraud-that-could-involve-football-players-174318867.html

  91. Cameron Says:

    God dammit, guys… We tank last year after losing Golson to this shit and now this?

  92. Cameron Says:

    Another day, another day the Tigers are in second place.

  93. Cameron Says:

    70 wins now for KC, we’re gettin’ there.

  94. Cameron Says:

    Pat Neshek gave up his #41 jersey to John Lackey. In return, he gets a signed Babe Ruth ball.

    I’ll call that worth it.

  95. Bob Says:

    So would I.

  96. Cameron Says:

    Yeah, Lackey did it because it turns out Neshek is a huge memorabilia collector.

  97. Cameron Says:

    Oof, tough break for Garrett Richards…

  98. Bob Says:

  99. Raul Says:

    The Seattle Mariners will likely have their 1st winning season since 2003.

    Cano is a big part of it.
    But so is Kyle Seager…probably the most improved player in the game this year.
    And so are Chris Young, Hisashi Iwakuma and as always…Felix Hernandez.

    The Mariners still need a lot of help offensively (OF and 1B have virtually nothing to offer). And the FA market is thin at 1B.

    Outfielders is not as weak, but unless they can convince Nelson Cruz to leave a winning team in Baltimore, I doubt he’s going anywhere.

    Looks to me like their best option is still working out a trade for Matt Kemp.
    With a (presumably) healthy Austin Jackson and an above-average guy like Kemp, Seattle’s offense would be moderately threatening.

  100. Cameron Says:

    Fuck the Mariners, at this rate the Royals will make the first playoffs since they won the World Series. =P

  101. Raul Says:

    KC is doing it with pitching.
    Which, given their ballpark, sounds about right.

    But I don’t know how long they can keep this up with SIX regulars OPSing under .700.

    Anyway, Alex Gordon is hitting .306/.379/.467 on the road this season.
    If he played in another ballpark, and considering his defense (teams don’t run on his arm), he’d be like…the 9th or 10 overall outfielder in the game.

    Maybe higher.

  102. Cameron Says:

    So… That Tigers game.

  103. Cameron Says:

    And uh… That other Tigers game. Giving up 32 runs in 2 days…

  104. Cameron Says:

    Mike Trout needs 9 more home runs to hit 100 for his career.

    …Let me remind you briefly that Mike Trout is younger than me by 11 months.

  105. Cameron Says:

    Welcome back DC. …That was weird.

  106. Bob Says:

    Ron Washington stepped down as Rangers manager.

  107. Cameron Says:

    Due to a “personal matter”. I hope whatever happens to him isn’t too bad. I like Wash.

  108. Chuck Says:

    It’s not him.

  109. Bob Says:

    Oscar Pistorius is not guilty.

  110. Chuck Says:

    How is that possible?

    Wait, never mind, he’s a celebrity who bought the jury.

  111. Jim Says:

    @110 South Africa’s OJ

  112. Bob Says:

    Chris Davis suspended for 25 games. ( rest of season) Used Adderall.

  113. Cameron Says:

    Pistorious was found not guilty of premeditated murder. However, he was found guilty of culpable homicide, a Commonwealth of Nations equivalent of second-degree murder.

  114. Bob Says:

  115. Bob Says:

  116. Jim Says:

    the RS-Royals series this weekend shows that a team can’t play good baseball when the players have both hands wrapped around their collective necks. Sorry Cam. Hoping KC makes it.

  117. Cameron Says:

    One more win and we’re guaranteed to finish over .500. I’ll fucking take it.

  118. Cameron Says:

    Mike Trout is probably gonna win MVP this year… But holy hell, Jose Abreu is right up there with him in terms of the season he’s having. I thought Abreu would be good, but he’s really surprising me.

  119. Cameron Says:

    And that’s win number 82. Expectations exceeded.

  120. Bob Says:

  121. Cameron Says:

    Hm… Interesting approach. I kinda dislike how they’re holding onto the fact that they continue to use it just because it “might” work. The seeming lack of peer review seems like they hired some bad scientists.

  122. Cameron Says:

    Frank Wren out as the Braves GM.

  123. Bob Says:

  124. Jim Says:

    @121 Difference between science practiced in business and pure science. The hell with peer review, let the greenbacks decide.

    See Felix Hernandez got rocked tonight v. the Jays. Pressure of the pennant race?

  125. Cameron Says:

    All I care about when it comes to pitchers getting rocked is Verlander imploding tomorrow so we can get back in first place.

    …Speaking of Verlander, what in the hell happened?

  126. Bob Says:

    The Braves offered their job to John Hart.

  127. Cameron Says:

    He’s in as interim, I don’t know if he’ll keep the job full-time or not.

  128. Bob Says:–braves-offer-john-hart-full-time-gm-job-012722315.html

  129. Bob Says:

    Dave Stewart offered the GM job in Arizona

  130. Bob Says:

    Speaking of pure science (though possibly impure bottled water)

  131. Bob Says:

    Just winners for now. Perhaps delve a tad deeper over the weekend.

    ALMVP = Trout

    NL MVP= Kershaw

    AL Cy = Kluber

    NL Cy Kershaw

    AL Rookie = Abreu

    NL Rookie = deGrom

  132. Cameron Says:

    You have no idea how much I want to make some argument against Trout just to see if there’s any other competition, but there really isn’t. Abreu may be as good at the plate, but figuring defense and base running, Trout could sweep.

    Kershaw wins everything, awards included, and if Kershaw could find a way to pitch on no rest for a whole series, the Dodgers would have no competition for the World Series. And you people thought I was crazy for saying he was going to be better than Jon Lester back in 2009.

  133. Cameron Says:

    After 29 years, the wait is over, welcome to October KC!

  134. Bob Says:

    Cameron, congrats.

  135. Jim Says:

    Go Royals!

  136. Cameron Says:

    So… Who’s looking forward to tomorrow night? First postseason game in 29 years for the Royals. I’m only 24, so this is new to me.

  137. Jim Says:

    Hell Cameron, you haven’t been waiting long. Pulling for the Royals, but I have to admit mixed emotions with Lester going for the A’s.

    Twins finally fire Ron Gardenhire. 4 consecutive 92 loss seasons, doesn’t earn you another bite of the apple.

  138. Cameron Says:

    I like Gardenhire and think he’s a good manager. He was given the Bad News Bears to work with, but I would’ve fired him too just so the state of Minnesota wouldn’t be calling for my head. He’ll probably get kicked upstairs.

  139. Jim Says:

    Gardenhire has been a good manager and he has had squat to work with, but that team has played lackadaisically over the last couple of years.

  140. Cameron Says:

    God damn it Butler, you had one job. Stay on the bag and wait for Gordon to hit, but what do you do? You wander off like a dumbass.

  141. Cameron Says:

    Fuck Brandon Moss.

  142. Cameron Says:

    Holy shit, Finnegan’s on the mound? Didn’t we draft him this year?

  143. Cameron Says:


  144. Bob Says:

    @ 142 Yes you did.

    @143. Yes you did. Congrats.

  145. Cameron Says:

    2 up, 2 down, break out your brooms!

  146. Jim Says:

    @145 Don’t get over confident

  147. Cameron Says:

    Screw that, I’ll be as confident as I want right now. It took us how long to get to the show? I’m enjoying this fucking ride.

  148. Jim Says:

    And you should. I was living in St Louis in 2004 and watched the game in a local bar, then caught the light rail downtown to wander amongst the festivities. I’ll never forget it.

  149. Cameron Says:

    Game 3’s becoming a laugher really quick.

  150. Cameron Says:

    Next stop, Baltimore! Let’s go baby!

  151. Bob Says:

  152. Bob Says:

    Josh Beckett will retire.

  153. Jim Says:

    Nice to see the Dodgers joining the Angels on the golf course

    Particularly impressed with AGon’s line .188/.235/.375/.610. Its all about being clutch.

    Pulling for the Royals, but my head says the O’s. Taking the Cards for sentimental reasons.

  154. Cameron Says:

    I wanted the Dodgers to go to the Series so the Royals could rub it in Greinke’s face in the biggest way possible.

    Also Jim, I have faith in the Royals. The O’s rely on the long ball and decent pitching while only having adequate defense outside of JJ Hardy. KC is a team built for series like this, small ball, defense, and stellar pitching. At this point, I think it’s our year.

  155. Jim Says:

    Cameron, you make some good points, while I’m picking the O’s, it is only of the narrowest of margins.

  156. Cameron Says:

    If Cruz and Pearce and Jones can really get hot, we might be screwed. But we kept Oakland relatively in check and absolutely shut down the Angels. While I think we could lose, it’s not a possibility I’m scared of.

  157. Bob Says:

    Yankees and Cashman = 3 more years. Kind of like Hardy and the Orioles.

  158. Cameron Says:

    This postseason is fucking surreal…

  159. Bob Says:

    Andrew Friedman is leaving Tampa for Los Angeles

  160. Cameron Says:

    I am in utter shock right now. Is this really happening?

  161. Jim Says:

    Cameron, I can assure you that this is not a dream and you will not wake up to find that game one of the ALCS is tomorrow evening. You will wake up as the 2014 AL Champions who will have a few days to wait for their WS opponents. Enjoy!

  162. Bob Says:

    Cameron, yes. Once again, congrats to you,

  163. Cameron Says:

    Well… Nothing left to do now but slay some Giants, eh boys?

  164. Cameron Says:

    Texas hires Jeff Banister as the next Rangers manager.

  165. Jim Says:

    Ugh, the WS doesn’t start till Tuesday.

    @163, you’re sounding a little cocky Cameron.

  166. Cameron Says:

    You think I’m gonna cheer for us to lose? =P

  167. Cameron Says:

    Any of you guys been keeping up with the AFL using a pitch clock to try and speed up games? It’s cutting games down to about two and a half hours, so I’m down for that.

  168. Bob Says:

    I really do not care about the length of a game. So you go to a game, have a couple of beers and are going back to work? Bullshit. And if you cannot hack 5 hours of sleep for one night you have might have health issues.

    Personally, I think spending 4 hours at Fenway/insert any ballpark you want/ would be awesome.

  169. Cameron Says:

    I’d have to look into what time is being cut to get a better judge of things. If it’s just the actual batting being sped up, I suppose that’s okay. Personally my biggest peeve is that about an hour per game is lost due to ads on TV in between pitching and inning changes, even if you’tr at the park.

  170. Chuck Says:

    Congrats Cameron..long time coming for you’re whole life…LOL

    Now you have license to rag on Cubs’ fans.

    Can’t wait til Spring Training next year..AL Champs literally in my backyard..sharing the same site as the Rangers, champs from a couple of years ago.

  171. Cameron Says:

    Five years before my whole life, Chuck, but thank you. =P

  172. Jim Says:

    A few things I’d like to see implemented to speed the game up.

    The catcher or other fielder can only go to the mound once per inning.

    A manager or coach can only go to the mound twice in an inning, once per game.

    When the pitcher has the ball and his foot is on the rubber the batter must be in the batter’s box ready to hit. If not the pitcher is free to throw the ball. Tired or watching batter rituals between pitchers.

    Enforce the 12 second rule (8.04) for pitchers. Currently the rule applies only when the bases are empty, but I’d like to see some time limit when runners are on.

  173. Bob Says:

    Chili Davis will be the Red Sox next hitting coach.

  174. Jim Says:

    Bet Cameron is having a better evening tonight.

  175. Cameron Says:

    I’m actually watching this game past the fourth inning tonight, so yes. =P

  176. Bob Says:

    Joe Maddon opted out of his contract. Is Don Mattingly going to be fired if the Dodgers do not go 35-5 through their first 40 games?

  177. Cameron Says:

    Maybe not 35-5 bad, but no one feels the spotlight harder than Donnie. If they aren’t winning the NL West by the break, who knows?

  178. Jim Says:

    Maddon jumping ship, definitive evidence that the Rays’ are a sinking ship? Having a minor league system that regularly produces quality major leaguers is much easier when you regularly have top 10 positions in the draft than when you’re drafting 20-30.

  179. Cameron Says:

    RIP Jack Bruce

  180. Cameron Says:

    Oh shit. RIP Oscar Taveras.

  181. Cameron Says:

    The Taveras news still seems surreal even after some time to sink in. Twenty-two… He was younger than me, and I’m not that old. Really messes with you to think something like that can just happen.

  182. Bob Says:

    The Jays claimed Justin Smoak. Raising speculation that Adam Lind could be traded.

  183. Bob Says:

    The smartest guy in baseball.

  184. Bob Says:

    Joe Maddon and the Cubs.

  185. Cameron Says:

    If true, I like the move. We’ve seen what Maddon can do with talented young players and there’s a lot coming down Chicago’s pipeline that he can work with.

  186. Cameron Says:

    Damn it…

  187. Cameron Says:

    God… I’m still screwed up from all the adrenaline from last night.

  188. Jim Says:

    KC had a great season regardless of the outcome of last nights game. Should be good for several years.

  189. Cameron Says:

    We could easily be back next year. This is a team built to last.

  190. Cameron Says:

    Hm… Looking at the free agent list and nothing too sexy for the Royals. Only definite upgrade I see is if we can convince Hanley to play second or sign Rios. Neither of which may be too implausible actually, we look like a winner now.

    And I think we can compensate for Shields without signing anyone new if we hand the ace’s reigns over to Ventura. Though some mid-range starters like Masterson or Liriano would be nice.

  191. Cameron Says:

    Paul Molitor is the new Twins manager.

  192. Jim Says:

    Good luck to Molitor, but am I the only one who believes that the Twins’ organization is too insular?

  193. Cameron Says:

    Finalists announced for awards this year.

    AL Manager of the Year

    Mike Scioscia, Angels
    Buck Showalter, Orioles
    Ned Yost, Royals

    NL Manager of the Year

    Bruce Bochy, Giants
    Clint Hurdle, Pirates
    Matt Williams, Nationals

    AL Rookie of the Year

    Jose Abreu, White Sox
    Dellin Betances, Yankees
    Matt Shoemaker, Angels

    NL Rookie of the Year

    Jacob deGrom, Mets
    Billy Hamilton, Reds
    Kolten Wong, Cardinals

    AL Cy Young Award

    Felix Hernandez, Mariners
    Corey Kluber, Indians
    Chris Sale, White Sox

    NL Cy Young Award

    Johnny Cueto, Reds
    Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers
    Adam Wainwright, Cardinals

    AL Most Valuable Player

    Michael Brantley, Indians
    Victor Martinez, Tigers
    Mike Trout, Angels

    NL Most Valuable Player

    Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers
    Andrew McCutchen, Pirates
    Giancarlo Stanton, Marlins

  194. Bob Says:

  195. Cameron Says:

    I don’t get why people try to pawn stolen SB rings. Those things don’t go missing every day, they’re gonna find you.

  196. Cameron Says:

    So Kluber won the AL Cy. Doesn’t that mean he has to be traded somewhere next year, or did the Indians change up that rule?

  197. Cameron Says:

    Stanton got PAID!

  198. Jim Says:

    $25M AAV will be above average, but not huge dollars for good player in 5 years, so the deal makes sense for the fish, and Stanton can walk in a few years if Loria is Loria.

    Jason Heyward to the Braves.

  199. Cameron Says:

    RIP Ray Sadecki. Never met Ray, but he was a family friend, so I felt need to pay respect.

  200. Bob Says:

  201. Bob Says:

    Huge day for the Red Sox

  202. Jim Says:

    This years likely inductees to the HoF, Pedro, Randy Johnson & John Smoltz would make a formidable front end of a rotation.

    Bob, not crazy about Hanley Ramirez. Panda is fine, hopefully he won’t turn into a whale till at least year 5

  203. Bob Says:

    Today is clearly a precursor of things to come.

  204. Cameron Says:

    These deals will be good for about a year or two, but I question how well these guys will age.

  205. Bob Says:

    Pablo will move to 1st in 2 years and then go on to dh. He should be fine. If Hanley is good for 2 years, I will jizz all over the place.

    But it does give them flexibility for the rest of this off-season.

  206. Jim Says:

    With Joe Kelly as their most reliable starter, the RS better find some pitching.

  207. Cameron Says:

    Hanley’s bat will play well for the next couple of years I think, they’re not paying him for defense.

    And rumor has them talking to Hamels, so about pitching…

  208. Lefty33 Says:

    “And rumor has them talking to Hamels, so about pitching…”

    Highly unlikely that they’re talking to Hamels.

    Like I said to you at the trade deadline, the idea of Hamels going somewhere is complete media driven bull shit. What team is seriously going to take on the $110 million owed to him plus give up their three best major league ready prospects? The only teams that seem to make sense are the Cubs and Red Sox. The Red Sox more so than the Cubs do not have the pieces needed for the Phillies to accept a trade, assuming of course that you can get Hamels to not block the deal, as any of the guys I have seen as being on the table are mostly B-List prospects which won’t get the job done or are guys where the Phillies already have a piece in place which isn’t going anywhere like at 3B with Asche/Franco or 1B with Howard and eventually Franco.

    The #1 deal breaker there aside of the fact that Hamels is not motivated to leave Philadelphia nor are the Phillies motivated to move him is that they are interested first and foremost in Mookie Betts who the RS have all but said is untouchable. If the Sox make him available plus someone like Matt Barnes then maybe you’ve got something but anything I’ve seen about the Red Sox and Hamels involves let’s say Barnes and then either B or C list talent or guys in the low minors who are at best years away which again won’t get the job done.

    As of now I’m not saying that it’s impossible but I would be very surprised to see Hamels not pitching for the Phillies come opening day versus the RS not for the RS.

    The Phillies are highly enamoured with Mookie Betts who the Red Sox have all but told everyone is not in play.

  209. Bob Says:

    The Red Sox I doubt will trade Betts or Blake Swihart. Bogaerts is a possibility, though only for an ace.

  210. Jim Says:

    Amaro will probably set the bar so high to trade for Hamels that he’ll stay in Philly. The $110M owed Hamels, assuming he forces his option to be picked up, wouldn’t bother several clubs, but the money and raping the farm system, no. If the Philly’s would take a deal for 2 of Barnes, Cecchini, Marrero and Ranaudo plus 2-3 prospects deeper in the minors then maybe. Think of this as Johan Santana redux, but the long term deal is in place.

  211. Lefty33 Says:

    And Jim that’s why no deal is likely going to ever happen and that’s why all of these “rumors” are so stupid.

    No team is going to be able to satisfy what Hamels will want to drop his no trade in that his option will have to get picked up along with satisfying the Phillies wishes that they won’t be responsible for a penny of his contract plus three top flight major league ready players in return.

    Cecchini does nothing for the Phillies as he is an offensive lightweight and they already have someone comparable or better in Asche or the golden child in Franco.
    Ranaudo also doesn’t do a lot for them in that he’s got no consistent third pitch along with less than stellar control. At the major league level he’ll get killed as a starting pitcher which long term makes him maybe a decent pen piece.

    Neither of those guys are worth the Phillies time and/or are an upgrade over what they already have on the roster just like lower minor league players mean nothing to them.

    The Phillies want in particular OF help now to backfill Byrd and to push the dump button on that turd Brown. Any team not willing to offer that is just kidding themselves that they have any chance at Hamels.

  212. Cameron Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, folks. Death to turkeys.

  213. Bob Says:

    Unless you eat venison, like I did once.

  214. Cameron Says:

    The Yankees land Didi Gregorious to be their next shortstop and Tampa hires Kevin Cash to be their new manager.

  215. Bob Says:

    And then their is this:

  216. Cameron Says:

    Don’t do three digits on a major highway where state patrol is watching.

    …Be like me and do it in the middle of nowhere where no one is watching.

  217. Jim Says:

    Yanks sign Andrew Miller

  218. Cameron Says:

    4/36 is pretty expensive for Miller, but he gives them a really good lefty out of the bullpen. All in all, not a bad day for the Yankees.

  219. Bob Says:

    Si Sportsman of the Year is Madison Bumgarner. Awesome selection

  220. Cameron Says:

    Don’t say that name, Bob.. It hurts too much.

  221. Bob Says:

    Sorry Cam. Though he deserved it.

  222. Cameron Says:

    Phillies close to sending Jimmy Rollins to the Dodgers and have traded Antonio Bastardo to the Pirates.

  223. Cameron Says:

    Rollins trade comes off the back of LA dealing Dee Gordon to Miami for Andrew Heaney.

  224. Bob Says:

    The Sox and Tigers with a deal of Cespedes for Porcello, with Alex Wilson and someone else going to Detroit.

  225. Bob Says:

    Kemp was traded to the Padres and Masterson signed with the Red Sox.

  226. Cameron Says:

    KC signs Kendrys Morales to be our Billy Butler replacement. I’m cautiously optimistic.

  227. Cameron Says:

    I like how Boston is handling their lack of pitching. Masterson, Porcello, and Miley are really solid pickups to add to Buccholz and Kelly.

  228. Bob Says:

    Yes they are. And they are not done. With Pablo manning third, you know Middlebrooks will be dealt. The question is will he be the third piece to a big deal, or someone they peddle for a back-up catcher or a serviceable relief pitcher.

    And they still have a surplus of outfielders

    1. Betts
    2. Hanley
    3. Castillo
    4. Victorino
    5. Bradley Jr.
    6. Holt and Craig, who both can also play in the infield.

  229. Bob Says:

    I forgot about Nava.

  230. Cameron Says:

    Unless they want to open a competition between Castillo and Betts for center or see if Castillo can push Victorino out of right, their best bet might be trading Betts because he is stone cold cockblocked in the infield.

  231. Bob Says:

    The starters will be Betts, Castillo, and Hanley. If Victorino proves he is healthy during Spring Training, and the Sox eat some salary, he will most likely be traded.

    Not about to speculate on what or whom they will get.

  232. Cameron Says:

    Who is where though? You really think Hanley’s arm has enough left in it for right?

  233. Bob Says:

    Hanley in left, Betts in right.

  234. Jim Says:

    The RS will move on from Victorino, he wants to start and won’t be happy as a 4th OF. Very doubtful that the Sox would trade Betts, except as part of a package that brought back a Stanton/Trout/Strasburg type of talent. The Sox see Betts as a lead off hitter, something they sorely lacked, even when Ellsbury was here.

    I like what the Sox have done this fall, filling out their rotation with salaries that equal a year of Lester. Thoughm I agree with Bob, that they’re not through and need one more arm that ideally is a cut above what they’ve got. Doubt it will be Cole Hamels, as the Phils are asking too much. Amaro doesn’t seem to realize that Hamels is at peak value and after the trading deadline he will decline in value due to his age.

    Betts in right

  235. Cameron Says:

    I think they’d be smart to hold on to Bradley and Craig as they’re quality backup OF in there and Holt, Nava, and if Victorino is still there, let them fight it out for playing time if (IF) Boston wants a sixth outfielder.

  236. Lefty33 Says:

    “and after the trading deadline he will decline in value due to his age.”

    That’s ludicrous Jim. Whatever value Hamels has will not decrease between now and July as long as he continues to pitch the same way. The guy is only turning 31.

    “Amaro doesn’t seem to realize that Hamels is at peak value”

    Amaro is not the one driving the ship in Philly. He’s a lot like Cashman in NY who is a puppet or a figurehead who’s job it is to take the heat while doing the bidding of the guy(s) who sign his check.

    Amaro was handicapped for years by David Montgomery and his veteran fetish and now that’s he is on a medical LOA with the team’s ownership situation currently in flux it’s all about what Pat Gillick wants to do as he is the one behind the scenes calling the shots for now.

    As for the RS rotation, I don’t know Jim it could be good but at the same time Cherington may have put together a bulldozer of an offense with a 3rd rate SP staff. What they have now with Porcello as their #1 and a group of #4’s and #5’s with Miley-Buchholz-Masterson isn’t scaring anybody. That’s not a staff that wins in October or even gets to October unless you’re putting up scores every night that would make The Pats blush.

  237. JIm Says:

    Gee, talk about prickly Lefty.

    Regarding the RS pitching staff, the AL east is no longer a beast, so that staff will be strong enough to win that division.

  238. Cameron Says:

    Whatever anyone else wants to sign, they better do it before the White Sox sign the rest of the friggin’ market.

  239. Jim Says:

    Yes, the south-siders have been buying like my wife at a shoe sale. But considering how god awful they’ve been and maybe, just maybe, the Cubs can be decent, the WS felt like they needed to do something.

    And the Yanks have been oddly quiet. Miller is a nice pick up, but they lost Robertson, so it is about a wash. Gregorius will make the pitching staff happy, but he’s a piece part not a difference maker. In fact they have been AC/DC the last few years. Stayed away from expensive FA, then panicked last fall after a season of empty seats and declining TV viewership had them shelling out overpays to Ellsbury and McMann. Many expected them to be in on Lester…

  240. Cameron Says:

    The 2015 Cubs will be good, but it’s gonna feel like a warmup for when they guys in the pipeline really warm up around 2016-2018.

  241. Bob Says:

    Actually, I think the Yankees win the Miller/Robertson swap as they pick up a draft pick in the process, and really did they need/crave a 3-headed bullpen monster? Someone’s ego could get bruised if they wind up with the bronze.

  242. Cameron Says:

    Well, a three-headed monster was one game out from winning the World Series this year. Just sayin’.

  243. Jim Says:

    Given how quickly and often Giradi will go to his bullpen next season, having as many quality arms as possible wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    Pretty sure the WS first round pick is protected, so the draft choice won’t be as good as it may have been.

  244. Bob Says:

  245. Bob Says:

    Also John Bowen, if you are still above ground, congrats to Navy for their victory over Army on Saturday.

  246. Bob Says:

  247. Cameron Says:

    Of course Chris Conte would say that. He doesn’t know what a good tackle looks like, guy’s a turnstile of missed tackles.

  248. Bob Says:

    1. The Jays signed Ryan Kalish

    2. The Giants re-signed Sergio Romo

  249. Cameron Says:

    San Diego trades for Wil Myers and KC signs Edinson Volquez and Alex Rios.

  250. Jim Says:

    Not sure what Tampa is up to as it appears the Nat’s ended up with the best prospects.

  251. Cameron Says:

    Turner looks like he could be something special, but I like the immediate takeaway for San Diego as they get a good middle-order bat (if he’s healthy) and clear room for Hedges by shipping away Grandal and Rivera. Not a team that will win the NL West but a team on the upswing.

  252. Jim Says:

    Pads did well and will get the best in the short term. Unless Myers’ wrist turns out to be a chronic condition.

    Kemp deal hit a speed bump, seems his physical revealed that he has “old lady” hips. What’s the over-under that the Dodgers kick in another $20M to assuage Padre concerns?

  253. Bob Says:

    I’ll take over. The Dodgers are flush with cash, have too many outfielders, and cannot come to spring training with Kemp. Padres should demand 30 million more.

  254. Cameron Says:

    Jesus, two arthritic hips at thirty. You kinda have to feel bad for the guy.

    …And also kinda baffled that the Dodgers didn’t find this sooner. You think with how many trips to the trainer’s room he’s had they’d have given him a physical.

  255. Jim Says:

    If he’s not complaining, or even if he is they give him aspirin. The hips probably don’t bother him enough now to effect his play, but in a couple of years?? But you do need to feel for someone at that age with those problems.

  256. Bob Says:

    The Royals signed Kris Medlen to a 2-year deal.

  257. Cameron Says:

    I’m actually really liking KC’s offseason this year. It’s pretty low-key, but we haven’t broken the bank and got a lot of good talent on the cheap.

  258. Jim Says:

    Cam, do you believe that the Royals have enough pitching to get back to playoffs without Shields?

  259. Cameron Says:

    Into the playoffs? Yes. Into the World Series? Barring unforseen development from Duffy or Finnegan/Zimmer turning into overnight aces, probably not.

    I got to Game 7 in a year I was happy to break .500, I’m more than happy with being a good team for now.

  260. Jim Says:

    Getting to the playoffs is the key, getting to the WS will take care of itself, if a team gets hot. Last year the Royals and Giants were both wild cards and the 04 RS were a game from elimination.

  261. Bob Says:

    Middlebrooks was traded to the Padres for Ryan Hanigan.

  262. Jim Says:

    If only Middlebrooks was willing to work on his game as much as he wants to hang with Jenny Dell

  263. Bob Says:

    Just imagine Jenny Dell with a year-round tan.

  264. Bob Says:

    The Cubs signed to a 2-year deal. Lester has to buy him dinner is probably part of the package.

  265. Jim Says:

    You mean David Ross. Didn’t see anything in Lester’s deal about him getting a personal caddy. On the other hand, Lester is cringing about Ryan Lavarnway getting minor league deal from the Cubbies. Hope he enjoys Des Moines

  266. Jim Says:

    I wonder how great the correlation is between when Middlebrooks game declined and he started banging Jenny?

  267. Bob Says:

    I was kidding. But 5 million bucks for 2 years is chump change for a ballplayer

  268. Bob Says:

    So let’s see. Verlander goes down( no pun intended) when he starts dating Kate Upton, and Middlebrooks also goes down when he gets Dell.

  269. Cameron Says:

    So, San Diego solved their outfield problem in a goddamn hurry.

  270. Bob Says:

    They have a shitload of them. But the Dodgers do as well. And Boston. Who needs a spare outfielder?

  271. Cameron Says:

    A shitload of them? Yes. A solid starter among the bunch? Not before the trades.

  272. Bob Says:

    Merry Christmas.

  273. Cameron Says:

    Merry Christmas from me and Ninja. Enjoy yourselves everyone.

  274. Bob Says:

    Happy New Year

  275. Cameron Says:

    Happy New Year

  276. Bob Says:

  277. Cameron Says:

    Congratulations to Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, John Smoltz, and Craig Biggio.

  278. Bob Says:

    Yup. Next year with just Griffey being a lock, who else gets in?

  279. Cameron Says:

    Piazza was off by five percent in a stacked year, so I think he gets in. Barring any unprecedented spike, probably just those two.

  280. Bob Says:

    The Yankees signed Stephen Drew. with an entire Spring Training under his belt, I think he will be a bargain.

  281. Cameron Says:

    Mikhail Prokorov is trying to sell the Nets, reportedly for more than the Clippers went for.

    So… Let me get this straight.

    -Buy histroically shitty team for 220 million dollars
    -Fill it with injury-prone, bad character players, mediocre veterans, and pay them record payroll
    -Build a brand-new arena in the middle of fucking Brooklyn
    -Keep tanking said shitty team into the ground
    -Sell team for 2 billion dollars plus and laugh to the bank as the Nets crash and burn
    -All in the span of FIVE YEARS!

    …Is this kinda sickening to anyone else?

  282. Jim Says:

    Welcome to the world of the ownership of professional sports. And for $2B you will have a team that will be shitty for years since the Nets gave up many draft picks in an attempt to win last year.

    As far as the arena location, ever got to old barn in the Meadowlands?

  283. Cameron Says:

    Nori Aoki signs with San Francisco. After the October we had, I really feel a little… Weird about Royals going to the bay.

  284. Bob Says:

    You know what feels weird? Saying the Patriots play by the rules. Because they don’t.

  285. Jim Says:

    Bob, I’ve lived a lot longer than you and my experience is that people and organizations seek bend, avoid and break rules to their advantage. What I’m surprised about is that if the air pressure of the ball can make a significant performance difference, why aren’t game balls under the control of league officials and not team employees during the game.

  286. Cameron Says:

    Deflated balls don’t completely explain an asswhooping that bad.

  287. Bob Says:

    @ 285. Jim , changes will clearly be made from here on in. And if you are going to bend or break the rules and regulations, do not get caught. The Patriots did. Just like people at Enron, Tyco Global Crossing etc. And they were all punished.

    Go Seahawks.

    @ 286 While it might not completely explain the trouncing, it clearly confirms the Patriots reputation as cheaters at the higher levels of their organization, not a bunch of dumbass players doing steroids.

    Go Seahawks

  288. Jim Says:

    Definitive judgement on inflate-gate here

  289. Bob Says:


  290. Cameron Says:

    RIP Ernie Banks

  291. Bob Says:

    Perhaps the classiest ball player of all-time.

  292. Jim Says:

    RIP Bill Monbouquette. Probably the best RS starter of the 1960’s, he didn’t have the peak of Jim Lonborg, but but a longer high quality career.

  293. Bob Says:

    Ichiro is 156 hits away from the milestone. Will he or won’t he playing behind the young and talented Marlins outfielders?

  294. Cameron Says:

    If he has two more years in him, yeah. With the shape he keeps himself in and just how goddamn good he is at beating out singles, I think he does.

  295. Jim Says:

    What will Ichiro need 350-400 plate appearances to get 70-80 hits per season? Barring injuries, hard to see him getting that many. It will help if the fish use him at DH against AL clubs.

  296. Cameron Says:

    Rare non-baseball Tommy John, Richard Sherman will need surgery.

  297. Bob Says:

    I saw that.

  298. Bob Says:

    R.I.P Dave Bergman

  299. Bob Says:

    Sparky Anderson called this the best at bat he ever saw

  300. Jim Says:

    Cameron, James Shields potential contract value is dropping, maybe as low as 4 years for $55M, think the Royals will try and bring him back?

  301. Bob Says:

    At that price, the Sox Yankees and Dodgers will all be ready to pounce.

  302. Cameron Says:

    It depends. I’d love Big Game James back, but Moore’s made it pretty clear he has no thoughts we’ll actually sign him. We’ll see what happens.

    …Though I was right about us signing Rios, so who knows?

  303. Jim Says:

    Bob – I expect the RS would be interested him and would probably go as high as 4/80 for him. He’d be a better value than Hamels as it would be just money.
    The rap I hear on Shields, and why he’s not a fit for the RS, is that he has not pitched well in Fenway and that he is a fly ball pitcher. Well the RS teams that he has pitched against were pretty good at home and I looked at his fly ball rate and he’s around 33% which last year would have had him around 40th among starters.

    I’d sign him before I’d trade for Hamels.

  304. Cameron Says:

    Which is why he looked so good in KC. Fly balls somehow just die in Kauffman.

  305. Bob Says:

    Jim,I agree. I want no part of Hamels.

  306. Bob Says:

    The Red Sox and Wade Miley agree to a 3-year deal.

  307. Bob Says:

    Burke Badenhop signed with the Reds. The free-agent class as of this post

    1. Shields
    2 Joba
    3. Phil Coke
    4. Rafael Soriano

  308. Cameron Says:

    So pretty much Shields and minor league invites.

  309. Cameron Says:

    Well, that and Yoan Moncada, but he’ll take some minors time to season.

  310. Bob Says:

    Yeah, People seem to think he will need 2 seasons in the minors.

  311. Jim Says:

    Shields to the Padres. I wonder what the inside dish is on Joba? I know he’s disliked here at DC, but he wasn’t awful last year, though his 2nd half was poor. The Tigers, who have a shaky bullpen, seem to have no interest, nor does anyone else.

  312. Bob Says:

    Dean Smith R.I.P.

  313. Bob Says:

    And with Shields off the table, clearly Cherington and Cashman were not bsing when they said their heavy lifting was done, though I think the Yanks still may add Johan Santana to a minor-league deal.

  314. Bob Says:

    Ed Sabol R.I.P.

  315. Bob Says:

    Jerry Tarkanian R.I.P.

  316. Cameron Says:

    Just curious, anyone else kinda just having a shitty week?

  317. Bob Says:

    You mean because there is no baseball, crap weather and no Kate Upton on the cover? Or something else? Like being a fan of Brian Williams???

  318. Bob Says:

  319. Cameron Says:

    Grandpa don’t take shit from no one!

  320. Jim Says:

    Brian Williams has fans? Besides his mother, of course

    Got wonderful weekend planned, another foot+ of snow and the chance to practice again, my avocation of snow blower operator.

    Yeah the week sucks.

    Also we’re in the inane time of baseball journalism.

  321. Bob Says:

    You mean like reading that the Red Sox signed Jess Todd?

  322. Jim Says:

    Yeah, and the endless lineup predictions and final roster prediction. And how the RS won’t make the playoffs without an ACE, while they conflate Lester’s stellar post season with the regular season. When in truth during the 2013 regular season Lester was borderline average. Great future trivia question, among the 2013 Boston starters, who led the rotation in WAR? Answer Buchholz at 4.3, even with missing 40% of the season. Then Lester at 3.0 and Lackey at 2.8.

    On paper the 2015 rotation is deeper than 2013, but for the team to go deep in the post season someone will need to step up and don the Ace mantle.

  323. Bob Says:

    Porcello is the hope.

  324. Bob Says:

    Kevin Youkilis will join the Cubs as a special assistant.

  325. Bob Says: I found this interesting

  326. Jim Says:

    @325 ambulance chasing has a long history.

  327. Cameron Says:

    Having a bit of a nostalgia moment. Kevin Garnett going back to Minnesota. When I used to watch basketball as a kid he was one of the hot young rookies in the league and I thought he was cool. Nice to see him in a Wolves uniform again.

  328. Jim Says:

    I was in Minneapolis when Garnett arrived and for his and the teams most successful years there. When I saw that the trembling timber chihuahuas were trying to bring him back to finish his career there, I smiled.

    Sort of like Willy Mays going back to NY to finish his career. Though KG has more left than the Say Hey Kid did.

  329. Cameron Says:

    If they don’t make him take as many long jumpers as the Nets did, he’ll be a nice piece. Him and Niko would be a really physical frountcourt.

  330. Bob Says:

  331. Cameron Says:

    Nice, nice… I love that batter’s box rule. Hope that cuts down on a lot of unnecessary batter timeouts. Two things I’d like to see are a pitch clock they can agree on (I’ve heard a lot of people watching the AFL were a fan of the clock, hopefully Chuck can verify), and hopefully something regarding pickoffs. I wouldn’t LIMIT pickoffs necessarily but maybe have pickoffs start counting as balls in the count after the first in an at-bat.

  332. Cameron Says:

    Also, I remember some boxing fans here.

    Mayweather vs. Pacqiuao, it’s finally happening.

  333. Jim Says:

    I was a surprised at the timidity of the pace of play changes, given the talk after last season. Hopefully the changes won’t end here.

  334. Cameron Says:

    It had to go through MLBPA approval first, so I’m not surprised. The union doesn’t wanna change too much all at once.

  335. Bob Says:

    The Red Sox landed Moncada!!!

  336. Bob Says:

    1. The Dodgers keep adding pitchers

    2. The Rangers exercised their 2016 option on Adrian Beltre

    3. Joba, Phil Coke KRod and Soriano are still unsigned.

  337. Bob Says:

    Joba is back with the Tigers.

  338. Jim Says:

    @337 And a long strange trip its been…

  339. Bob Says:

    Yes it has been for him.

  340. Bob Says:

    The Dodgers continue to add pitching. This time Chad Gaudin.

  341. Bob Says:

  342. Bob Says:

  343. Jim Says:

    I love David Ortiz as a player and as a personality, but frankly I’m tired of watching him at the plate, tucking the bat under his arm, tugging on his gloves and clapping his hands on most pitches. Stand in there and hit.

  344. Cameron Says:

    Not to mention (thanks to Chuck for pointing this out on Twitter to me) that keeping one foot in the batter’s box at all times is ALREADY A RULE. It was just a rule that was practically never enforced. So technically he could’ve had this conversation when we were still calling him David Arias, Minnesota Twin.

  345. Bob Says:

    The Brewers signed KRod. Phil Coke take the minor league invite before March 1st. Will just get harder for you.

  346. Jim Says:

    @344 and as it as been pointed out elsewhere, he can still go through his routine except for the stroll up the baseline. Though if the pitcher is ready, they don’t need to wait for the routine to be completed before coming home.

  347. Bob Says:

    Seriously, of the 3 -4 remaining posters, (Lefty sometimes chimes in) what is the fairest outcome for Josh Hamilton. A multiple offender, who turned himself in. Is coke treated differently than steroids? Should it be? ARod just had a year suspension.

    To my knowledge, no Angel lovers or haters here. So what is fair, to both the other teams who have lost stars, to Hamilton who came forward saying he needs help and to the league, who has a responsibility to honor its policies?

  348. Jim Says:

    Placed in stocks for a week at Disney Land.

    I’m not sure what the benefit is in punishing him. Addicts slip and the fact Hamilton came forward shouldn’t be dismissed. Though to be consistent with what has happened to other first time offenders (which he technically is)who have run out of warnings, give him the 15-25 games that the JDA calls for.

    Hamilton is a sad case, but it shows how difficult it is for addicts to stay straight. The general assumption is that a relapse occurs when the addict is out partying, but in truth the relapse is more likely to occur due to the inability to cope with stress from life.

  349. Cameron Says:

    I think the standard 15-25 is fine, but if Hamilton wants help, he should probably enter treatment.

  350. Jim Says:

    Cameron, I suspect that Hamilton has been involved in some sort of supportive treatment environment, such as narcotic anonymous, right along.

  351. Cameron Says:

    There’s a difference between NA and in-patient treatment though. Depends on the severity of the relapse I suppose.

  352. Bob Says:

    Isn’t one relapse considered severe? He needs help in the off-season. That is when he has had issues. Tell Arte Moreno I will take him ice fishing. And before you ask, I do not ski.

  353. Cameron Says:

    There’s a difference in relapse severity. It could’ve just been one line and an isolated incident or it could’ve started a persistent cocaine habit cropping back up. As he has the wherewithal to admit what happened, it sounds like it was an isolated incident and he does want help.

  354. Bob Says:

    Only 48. Sad

  355. Jim Says:

    Good Speed Minnie Minoso

  356. Bob Says:

    The Cubs and Phil Coke agree to a minor-league deal.

  357. Raul Says:

    I didn’t know this site was still up!!


    I tried to access the site like a year ago and it looked like it was down.
    Good to see you guys are still alive.

  358. Bob Says:

    Raul, nice that you are back. It was down for a week or something like that, then it came back up.

    Did you enjoy the balmy winter?

  359. Raul Says:

    That’s how bad this winter has been…where 25 degrees is now considered balmy weather.

    I actually had my windows open all afternoon today. I was practically sweating.

    This winter has been brutal though. Makes me question why I ever left California to come back.

  360. Jim Says:

    glutton for punishment? Nice to see you back Raul. Yeah, its been Bob, Cameron and myself with the occasional guest appearance by Lefty if someone mentions the Phillies.

  361. Bob Says:

    Yu Darvish may need Tommy John, and the Giants signed Alfredo Aceves.

  362. Bob Says:

    Marcus Stroman is out for the season.

  363. Jim Says:

    RS trivia from former DC semi regular Bill Chuck via the Globe’s Peter Abraham.

    1. Dustin Pedroia has played in 1151 big league games, all with the Red Sox. The 1151 games are the same number of career games played by the Hit Man, Mike Easler, (he played 311 of his games with Boston). Pedey is 17th on the all-time Sox list for games played and he needs 118 to tie him with Mike Greenwell for the 13th most games in Boston history.

    2. Hanley Ramirez is nine homers away from the 200 mark. His 191 homers in 1223 games tie him with Hal McRae, the former Reds and Royals outfielder, who finished his career with that total in 2084 games. Jason Varitek hit 193 homers in 1546 games for Boston.

    3. Pablo Sandoval is eight doubles shy of 200. His 192 doubles in 3553 PA tie him with Erick Aybar of the Angels who has 4161 plate appearances.

    4. David Ortiz has 976 walks, the fifth most Red Sox history; he needs 28 to catch Wade Boggs for fourth place. Ted Williams drew 2012 walks, the most in Boston history. Intentional walks have not been tracked from baseball’s beginnings, but Carl Yastrzemski is the Red Sox all-time leader with 190, followed by Big Papi with 165.

    5. The active stolen base leader for the Sox is wearing pinstripes right now as Jacoby Ellsbury stole 241 bases for Boston. The leader currently playing for the team is Pedroia with 125 steals followed by Shane Victorino who has swiped 23 bags, the same number that Carl Crawford had while in Boston.

    6. Mike Napoli is seven whiffs short of 1000, 320 of which have come with Boston. Players who are active and struck out more than Nap while with Boston are David Ortiz (1230), Dustin Pedroia (479), Jacoby Ellsbury (411), and Jarrod Saltalamacchia (401).

    7. Clay Buchholz has 699 strikeouts in his career (the same as immortals Jeremy Affeldt and Neal Heaton), which puts him 20th on the all-time Red Sox list. If Clay adds another 123 this season with Boston, it would bump him all the way to number 11 on the all-time Sox list leapfrogging Earl Wilson, Mel Parnell, Lefty Grove, Dennis Eckersley, Jim Lonborg and Ray Culp.

    8. John Farrell has a managerial record of 168-156 (.519) with Boston. Those regular season wins rank him 20th on the Boston all-time list, three behind Kevin Kennedy, 20 behind Grady Little, and 39 behind Butch Hobson. A 92-win season would tie him with Dick Williams’ 260 victories for 12th place on the Sox list.

    9. I love closing with Koji Uehara, who has 47 saves with Boston, which is second amongst all active closers, only trailing Jonathan Papelbon’s 219. Koji is already 14th on the all-time Sox saves list, currently tied with Keith Foulke, just one behind Heathcliff Slocumb and Mike Fornieles. If Koji earns 22 saves this season, he’ll be tied with Sparky Lyle for seventh place all-time with the Sox, one ahead of Tom Gordon.

    But what is the most important number of spring training?

  364. Bob Says:

    Jim, thanks for that.

  365. Bob Says:

    Zach Wheeler for the Mets and Cal Quantrill in college need Tommy John.

  366. Cameron Says:

    I feel kinda proud of myself. As of right now, I have the most viewed mock draft on

  367. Bob Says:

    Kerry, Iowa State lost. Where are you?

  368. Kerry Says:

    In mourning :-(

    On the bright side, every one else in my pool took Iowa State to go further than I did, so I have a leg up on them in later brackets.

    Note also that the Dugout Central Challenge is open for business.

  369. Cameron Says:

    I only really watch to see how KU and Wichita State do in the tournament and they haven’t played yet. KU should blow through New Mexico State and Wichita State should beat Indiana I think.

    …And then my heart breaks.

  370. Cameron Says:

    Was told to watch the UC Irvine game.

    Jesus CHRIST Mamadou N’diaye is tall!

  371. Bob Says:

    Brady Aiken had Tommy John surgery.

  372. Bob Says:

    Look at the boys from East Lansing!!! Go MSU

  373. Bob Says:

    Michael Matuella needs Tommy John and Jarred Cosart says he did not bet on baseball.

  374. Jim Says:

    Christian Vazquez to have TJ. Too bad I really enjoy watching him behind the plate

  375. Bob Says:

    That stings. Thankfully the Sox did not part with Swihart. Coco Crisp will also be out of action for perhaps 2 months.

  376. Bob Says:

    The Blue Jays signed Felix Doubront. Is Rafael Soriano still a free agent?

  377. Bob Says:

    Justin Verlander will start the season on the DL. Sucks.

  378. Jim Says:

    This has been a tough spring for pitcher injuries.

    Right after spring training started, Nick Carfardo of the Boston Globe had an article that talked about player conditioning and off season training and among the commentary there was conjecture, and I believe it was Jim Rice, who blamed weight training and lack of muscle flexibility.

    Who would think that this skinny guy could hit 521 home runs.

  379. bob Says:

    Jim, thank you.

  380. Bob Says:

    Josh Hamilton was not suspended.

  381. Bob Says:

    Go Wisconsin.

  382. Cameron Says:

    In 2005, Hanley Ramirez had 2 ABs for Boston.

    In 2015, he hits two homers on opening day for Boston.

    Odd little bit of symmetry there.

  383. Jim Says:

    Funny there were a couple of articles about Ramirez being a slow starter Monday morning,I don’t know what the rest of April will bring, but he was in mid season form Monday afternoon.

  384. Bob Says:

    As was Dustin.

  385. Bob Says:

    1. The Pirates extended Josh Harrison

    2. The Red Sox did the same with Porcello.

  386. Bob Says:

    R.I.P Jose Capellan. Only 34

  387. Cameron Says:

    Adrian Gonzalez is having a nice start for himself.

  388. Bob Says:

    Yes he is.

  389. Hossrex Says:

    It’ll be fun to watch the dodgers fall apart this August.

    Well… not “watching”, since dodger fans across California still can’t watch ballgames.

  390. Jim Says:

    Hossrex, a handle out of the past. How are you?

  391. Bob Says:

    josh Hamilton is back with the Rangers.

  392. Jim Says:

    Jarrod Saltim…. DFA’d by the Marlins

  393. Bob Says:

    Kirk Gibson has Parkinson’s.

  394. Bob Says:

    Swihart was promoted to Boston as Hanigan is out for a while.

  395. Bob Says:

    Cashman has said the Yankees will not pay ARod for his milestone homer. Hope he Hank and Hal got destroyed in court.

  396. Cameron Says:

    It’s hard to feel sorry for anyone in that case. On one hand, you’ve got a group full of assholes. On the other hand, you have an asshole with an ego who fills a room.

  397. Bob Says:

    Not about personalities. About honoring contracts. To be fair, I have not read his specific contract, but recall how giddy all those fuckers were after he signed his extension. Talking about the (hopefully) upcoming milestone homers.

    Now these jackasses are balking at it since the public may not support/revel in it? They can go blow themselves. Just hope they can afford kneepads.

  398. Hossrex Says:

    It’s fun popping in once or twice a year, and seeing basically no activity… Except that it seems like all the old guys still do the exact same thing.

    Anyone find any active baseball message boards? I miss message boards.

  399. Hossrex Says:

    Oh… And my dodgers are still in first!

    Whoda thunk we’d be on top at the half.

  400. Jim Says:

    And the beloved (by some) RS are in last. Many may have wished it but few(er) expected it.

  401. Bob Says:

    With Mike Trout crushing them in the 9th last night. MVP is right.

  402. Bob Says:

    Astros acquired Scott Kazmir

  403. Jim Says:

    Johnny Cueto almost a Royal, Cameron must be beside himself

  404. Bob Says:

    In other trades, Papelbon a National, Moss an Indian and Hamels a Ranger. Plus Tulo in Toronto.

  405. Bob Says:

    The Red Sox with a bombshell.

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