Down Memory Lane with the BA Directory


One of the best days of the early season took place last Thursday, my 2014 Baseball America Directory arrived in the mail. It’s a handy tool work-wise, but I love looking through each teams’ organizational charts to find names of guys I either knew or crossed paths with, or just liked as player’s.

Every year is different, and while the list changes ever year it’s also getting shorter too, which is kind of sad. Just means I’m getting old, too.

A few to chew on;

Doug Bochtler, Dbacks, pitching coach for Low A team in South Bend. From the AFL in ’94, fun guy.

Doug Drabek, Dbacks, short season pitching coach in Hillsboro, 1990 (?) NL Cy Young winner.

Dennis Lewallyn, Braves, AA pitching coach, Waterbury Dodgers, EL.

Ralph Garr, Braves, scout in Richmond, TX, 1976 NL batting champ. “The Roadrunner.”

Dave Wallace, Orioles pitching coach, born in Waterbury.

Brian Graham, Orioles Director of Player Development. Was a manager with Cleveland organization, came to AFL.

Orlando Gomez, Orioles Rookie League manager in GCL, managed Waterbury Giants in 1976.

Bruce Kison, Orioles scout in Bradenton, FL, ace of only EL title won by Waterbury, with Pirates in 1970.

Chris Bosio, Cubs’ PC, played golf with him once when he was with Mariners. Laughed my ass off for six hours.

Bill Scherrer, Assistant GM, Chicago White Sox, played parts of three seasons (1980-1982) with Waterbury Reds.

Jay Bell, bench coach, Cincinnati. First met him playing for Waterbury Indians in 1985-86.

Darren Bragg, minor league OF/baserunning coordinator, Reds. Coached against him in HS, grew up near me, his uncle was our town cop for years and is good friends with my father.

Jim Riggleman, AAA manager with Reds, we go back as far as anyone I know, Waterbury Dodgers 1975.

Lee Stevens, Rookie League hitting coach with Colorado. I used to work with this guy named Lee Stevens, about six feet tall and 250 pounds, used to pick up girls in bars telling them he was the baseball player. The real Lee Stevens is 6’4″, 210.

Brad Ausmus, manager, Tigers. Grew up near me, coached against him.

Dave Clark, Tigers 3B coach, teammate with Bell on Waterbury Indians.

Wally Joyner, Tigers hitting coach, Waterbury Angels, 1984, once got into a car accident when hit from behind by my cousin.

Tom Lawless, AA supervisor of instruction, Houston Astros. Teammate with Scherrer on the Waterbury Reds, 1980-81.

Rico Brogna, Special assignment instructor/scout, LA Angels. Coached him and against him in HS.

Bobby Knoop, Infield instructor, Angels, from the Arizona Alumni, 3 time Gold Glove second baseman.

Gene Clines, Sr. Advisor to Player Development, teammate with Kison with Pirates in 1970.

Henry Cruz, Dodgers AZL hitting coach, played with 1973 Waterbury Dodgers.

Frank Taveras, Dodgers Dominican Republic Scouting Supervisor, Waterbury Pirates, 1971

Dustin Yount, Dodgers scout based in Phoenix, never met him, but I know his dad and uncle.

Rafael Landestoy, International INF instructor, Mets, Waterbury Dodgers, 1975

Ozzie Virgil, Jr, International catching instructor, 1979-1980 Reading Phillies. 1980 EL MVP.

Mack Babitt, Pro scout New York Mets, Richmond CA, Waterbury A’s 1979, West Haven A’s 1980. Better known as “Shooty”.

Grady Fuson, special assistant to GM, Oakland A’s, really nice guy, see him in AFL a lot, always answered scouting questions for me.

Dickie Noles, Employee Assistance Pro, Philadelphia Phillies. Reading Phillies 1978-79.

Les Straker, Phillies Venezuelan Rookie League PC, Waterbury Reds 1981-82, traded to Oakland, was with Albanie-Colony in 1983.

Eric Valent, Scouting Supervisor, Wernersville PA, Phillies, AFL. Sat and talked hitting with him during a rain delay, super nice guy.

Del Unser, Pro Scout, Phillies, Scottsdale AZ, big fan as a kid, played 15 years, through AZMLA.

Woody Huyke, Sr. Minor League Ops manager, Pittsburgh Pirates. Played 14 minor league seasons, never made majors. With Waterbury Pirates, 1970-71. Has been with Pirates organization since 1969, manager of Rookie League team in Bradenton for twenty-nine years!

Gorman Heimueller, Padres minor league pitching coordinator, Waterbury Giants, 1978, West Haven A’s 1981-82.

Cory Snyder, AAA hitting coach, Seattle, Waterbury Indians, 1985.

Skeeter Barnes, minor league outfield/infield coordinator, Tampa Rays, Waterbury Reds 1980-82.

Bob Cluck, ML scout Tampa Rays, Waterbury Pirates, 1970-71.

Ron Washington, manager, Texas Rangers, Waterbury Dodgers, 1976.

Keith Comstock, pitching rehab coordinator, Rangers, West Haven A’s 1980-82

Brian Dayett, special assignment coach, Rangers, West Haven Yankees, 1979.

Mel Didier, special assignment scout, Toronto Blue Jays. AZMLA. The Babe Ruth of scouting.

408 Responses to “Down Memory Lane with the BA Directory”

  1. Raul Says:

    I recognize like, almost none of those names.

    And I apologize…I didn’t see it until just this morning…


    He seriously has to be the stupidest player in league. How the hell did you think you would get away with that? And against the Red Sox, no less.

    What a moron.

  2. Cameron Says:

    You couldn’t have snuck it onto the rosin bag or something? No? On your neck… Ooookay.

  3. Raul Says:

    Rico Brogna is one of the great names in sports.

  4. Cameron Says:

    Rico Brogna Fun Fact: He is the first man to launch a ball out of Coors Field.

  5. Bob Says:

    Earl Morrall R.I.P.

  6. Cameron Says:

    Saw the memorial article on You could make a movie out of his life.

  7. Raul Says:

    I’m at a bit of a crossroads here.

    Salvador Perez has had a really shitty 3 weeks now and I’m not sure whether to hold on to him in the hopes that the month of May treats him a lot better.

    Or whether I should cut him loose and go with Miguel Montero or Carlos Ruiz.

    A little guidance is welcome, gentlemen.

  8. Cameron Says:

    Sally’s too good to cut outright, plus he’s a decade younger than both those guys. If Ruiz or Montero have a soft week, just bench Perez for the week.

  9. Raul Says:

    Sal’s not even hitting his weight right now.

    I’m leaning more towards Montero if I cut Perez because Ruiz is like 35 and, for a guy who plays in PHILLY, can’t ever seem to hit any homers. Which is just strange.
    How do you NOT hit 20 homers playing in Philadelphia? I mean you sneeze on the ball and it goes 6 feet over the 3rd baseman’s head.

  10. Cameron Says:

    Still five or so months in the season though. Unless he’s a reliever, a bit soon to cut anyone.

  11. Raul Says:


    It’s just that catcher has been a weak spot in my lineup.

    What’s funny is that originally I had drafted Andrelton Simmons to play SS. After the draft I picked up Jed Lowrie as insurance to ride the bench…but I’ve been starting Lowrie every week.

  12. Chuck Says:

    I’d keep Perez, but if you decide to go the other route, I’d probably go Montero.

    Although Ruiz is something like 13 for his last 19 with a half dozen walks thrown in for goood measure.

    Either way, keeping Perez is the right call though.

  13. Raul Says:

    Thanks Chuck

  14. Cameron Says:

    Huh… John Paul II has been dead nine years and he’s already a saint. That’s gotta be a record.

  15. Raul Says:

    There should be another college erected in NYC in his name.
    St. Johns the 2nd.

    Except they’d be D2.
    And would lose each year in the NIT.


  16. Cameron Says:

    Don’t talk about Catholic erections, Raul. Those things tend not to end well.

  17. Cameron Says:

    Reading an article on the Donald Sterling nonsense. Someone made a parallel between him and Marge Schott.

    Then I got to thinking, how much of a goddamn media circus would Cincinnati be on a daily basis if old Margie was still alive today?

  18. Raul Says:

    Touche, Cameron.

  19. Raul Says:

    The Sterling issue is a big, regrettable mess.

    But there are enough people commenting and piling on that topic.

    I’d like to point out that the New York Rangers are 1 game away from eliminating the Flyers.

  20. Raul Says:


    Could John Kruk and that other guy in the booth have been more annoying last night? Nitpicking every little thing with Masahiro Tanaka…

    Yeah Tanaka walked 4 guys.
    Yeah he got away with a few hangers.
    He struck out like 10 guys and kept the team in the game.

  21. Cameron Says:

    One last thing about Sterling, and I wish I was smart enough to say I thought of this, but it’s something I read in an article.

    He said he doesn’t want black people in “his building”, despite the fact he’s merely a tenant of the Staples Center. Really ironic given his history with renting, IE, defendant in the largest housing discrimination suit in US history.

  22. Bob Says:

    Al Bundy in a discussion with the cousin of Marcy Darcy who is a lesbian.

    Bundy: Is it every women who beats me, or would I have a shot against some females?

    Cousin: Give me a for instance.

    Bundy: Me or Cindy Crawford?

    Cousin: Cindy

    Bundy. Me or Phyllis Diller?

    Cousin: Phyllis Diller

    Bundy: Aha. Me or Marge Schott?

    Cousin: You. But the whole time we would be doing it, I would be thinking about Phyllis Diller.

    Bundy just shrugs

  23. Cameron Says:

    I actually kinda miss Marge Schott. Sterling’s being awful quiet in this whole debacle. Marge “Million Dollar Nigger” Schott would’ve said something REAL stupid by now and I’d be laughing my ass off.

  24. Raul Says:

    Hahaha @ Bob.

    What’s interesting is that I saw this 3-part interview on Youtube with Ed O’Neill. Each one is about an hour long. He says he’s still close with a lot of the cast members and that everyone got along well on Married With Children.

    Except for Amanda Bearse (Marcy).
    He and Amanda did not get along.

  25. Bob Says:

    Bryce Harper will miss at least 2 months due to thumb surgery.

  26. Chuck Says:

    Broke it pulling it out of Buster Olney’s ass.

  27. Raul Says:

    Harper’s a talented kid, but this is 2 years now with significant injuries.
    It’s not like he’s Grady Sizemore, but these sort of things have a way of snowballing.

    Hopefully for the Nationals, he gets well quickly.

  28. Cameron Says:

    Last year was a bursa sac removal this year it’s a thumb. Not even in the same ballpark as microfracture surgery, not in the same universe as multiple microfracture surgeries.

  29. Raul Says:

    Call it superstition.
    Or Murphy’s Law.

  30. Cameron Says:

    I still wouldn’t worry too much. Until we get something really invasive, he’s in good shape. He’s still young.

  31. Bob Says:

    Chris Getz is on the Jays 40 and 25-man roster as the Jays released Mickey Storey and optioned Ryan Goins to Buffalo.

  32. Raul Says:

    The White Sox are 14-13 this month on the strength of outstanding months from Alexei Ramirez and Jose Abreu.

    They better enjoy it while it lasts.
    Abreu clearly has power and should be relatively productive.
    But Ramirez’s numbers will drop like panties at a Justin Timberlake concert. If he’s on your fantasy team, sell now.

    I don’t know how Billy Beane does it, but give the man some credit.
    Oakland won their division the past 2 seasons despite a massive spending spree by the Anaheim Angels. And they’re off to a great start in 2014, leading the AL West by a game over Texas.

    Somehow the scoundrels that nobody wanted (Lowrie, Donaldson, Moss and Reddick), along with some talented young pitchers have helped Oakland outperform Pujols, Weaver, Trout & Co.

    After losing in the ALDS 2 years in a row in the final game, I’m thinking Oakland breaks through to the ALCS, and who knows after that.

  33. Cameron Says:

    Jose Abreu is the reason I predicted them to win anything this year. That’s paying off. Other than that, only Bob has worse predictions than me so far.

  34. Raul Says:

    I think if Big Stein was around, he’d find a way to get Giancarlo Stanton on the Yankees.

    That guy is too good to waste away in baseball purgatory.

  35. Bob Says:

    I would rather have Jose Fernandez

  36. Raul Says:

    Too volatile.
    All pitchers are one throw away from TJ surgery.

  37. Bob Says:

    The Tigers are going to sign free agent… Joel Hanrahan. What were you guys anticipating Stephen Drew signing before the draft? Ha

  38. Bob Says:

    Bruins fans just suck. Less than a year after Incognito/Martin and less than a week after Sterling, I read this:

    You Bruin fans just motherfucking suck. .

  39. Cameron Says:

    And according to the article, two years after racist tweets about a black Capitals player scoring on them.

  40. Cameron Says:

    Fun fact. The three oldest ballparks in the National League are in order: Wrigley Field, Dodgers Stadium, and Coors Field.

  41. Raul Says:

    Mariano Rivera would rather have Pedroia over Cano.

    I’m sure he’s not alone.

  42. Bob Says:

    No, I bet the entire Yankee clubhouse and Red Sox clubhouse feel the same way. Though I wonder how Bobby Valentine feels.

  43. Raul Says:

    Just to compare career numbers

    Cano: .309/.355/.502 and an OPS of .857.
    Pedroia: .301/.369/.451 and an OPS of .820.

    Pedroia’s power numbers have been dwindling as he’s gotten older and had more injuries.

    It’s probably clear that Cano has the higher overall ceiling and talent. But Pedroia seems to bust his butt more and comes across as the hungrier player.

    In terms of WAR, Cano only leads Pedroia 45.5 to 39.4.

    But Cano is owned 240M by Seattle. Pedroia is owed 109M by Boston.

    Oh man, it’s gonna get ugly in about 2-3 years in Seattle.

  44. Cameron Says:

    An overpaid, underperforming third baseman converted from the middle infield who’s making thirty million dollars a year and hamstringing his team financially while batting fifth in a struggling lineup?

    …Why does this sound familiar?

  45. Raul Says:

    Seattle doesn’t have Yankee money though.

    It’s funny though. Seattle would have been hurt less by giving a 25-or-so Alex Rodriguez 240M than they are going to be hurt by giving a 31-year old Cano 240M.

  46. Cameron Says:

    Seattle actually can compete financially with the Yankees fairly easily. They’re bankrolled by Nintendo of America, they just have amazingly tight assholes.

  47. Raul Says:

    Nintendo has a 55% stake in the Mariners and according to Forbes, they’re valued at 585 million — 12th in the league.

    The Yankees are valued at 2.5 billion…or, you know, like 4 Mariners’ franchises.

    So unless they plan on burning money for the hell of it, they aint competing with that pinstripes money.

  48. Cameron Says:

    Huh… Didn’t know NoA had stock that’s that (relatively) small.

  49. Raul Says:

    Stump Merrill is listed on Wikipedia as a special advisor to the Yankees.
    He’s still alive? Wow.

  50. Raul Says:

    Brian Cashman has 16 years as GM of the Yankees.
    It’s the 2nd longest tenure to Ed Barrow’s 23 years (1921-1944).

  51. Cameron Says:

    Just curious, what are your guys’s guilty pleasures? You know, TV shows or movies or music you like but don’t admit to anyone? I have two huge ones. Hair metal and reality shows about food. I think the only TV I’ve watched on my own in the last year was Food Network.

  52. Cameron Says:

    Also, you think bumper stickers are stupid? This is what happens when non-English speakers try to make them. I love you, Indonesia.


  53. Raul Says:

    Guilty pleasure?

    I like watching that Million Dollar Listing New York show on Bravo. Mainly to see how expensive NYC apartments are.

  54. Cameron Says:

    If they list a studio, I’m gonna laugh. I pay 210 a month for mine. Gotta love midwestern property pricing. …And the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  55. Raul Says:

    They don’t show studios. Not that I’ve ever seen.

    It’s almost always apartments and homes in the millions of dollars.
    Places selling for like $2,500 per square foot.

  56. Cameron Says:

    You never know, a designer could get clever in studio designs. =p

  57. Raul Says:

    To be fair at those bumper stickers…

    Gerry is definitely gay.

  58. Cameron Says:

    My buddy Kenny and I are thinking of ordering up the “I Drive Like A Cunt” ones and plastering cars at Wal-Mart over the holidays.

  59. Raul Says:

    hahahaha @ Cameron

    BTW, I was really wrong on James Shields. However Wil Myers turns out, Shields has been everything the Royals could have asked for.

    And quietly, so has Yordano Ventura.

  60. Cameron Says:

    I figured Yordano as a future reliever, so I’m very pleasantly surprised by him. And yeah… Shields has been a godsend for our pitching. I think he’s been a huge leader for this team because since he came along, the rest of the guys started to shape up too. I’m praying we can re-sign him.

  61. Raul Says:

    It’s just too bad that Hosmer/Moustakas/Gordon haven’t been hitting for much power…at least not consistently.

    No need for star power, but if the three of them could average like…a slugging percentage between .460 and .500 they could be in the thick of the AL Central all season long.

  62. Cameron Says:

    Yeah… Still, Kaufman is one of the staduims where flyballs go to die for some reason. I think it’s the alleys being longer, I don’t know.

  63. Raul Says:

    It’s crazy though.
    It doesn’t seem like Kauffman is that much of a pitcher’s stadium. Royals pitchers have routinely had ERAs in the fours and fives over the years. So other teams are hitting in KC, it seems.

  64. Cameron Says:

    It really isn’t. It’s just that a lot of balls to the alleys end up in the warning track. The alleys are relatively deep and KC in the summer can be humid as fuck with no wind, so that can weigh balls down in the air.

  65. Raul Says:

    So why is everyone else whooping KC’s ass?

  66. Cameron Says:

    Have you seen the pitchers we rolled out to the mound? PETCO park couldn’t save their ERAs.

  67. Raul Says:

    KC did put some work on Cashner…so speaking of the Padres…

  68. Cameron Says:

    I have no hope for the Padres.

  69. Bob Says:

  70. Cameron Says:

    So… If Jeter’s number is retired along with Torre and assuming no roster turnover… The lowest number someone can be assigned next year is 20.

  71. Raul Says:

    Kinda why I think retiring numbers is dumb.

  72. Cameron Says:

    I think the Yankees are a special case. They started the uniform numbers in batting order in their prime, so 3 and 4 are retired for Ruth and Gehrig off the bat. Then the next face of the team after they want to give the number to to make them seem special, so DiMaggio is 5, Mantle is 7, Berra 8, Maris 9, too many great players to put together. Out of the single digits, the only one I really question is Martin’s #1.

  73. Raul Says:

    Nolan Arenado keeps on hitting.

    He’s too far away to start getting excited about 56, but I love a good hitting streak.

  74. Cameron Says:

    30ish is about when it gets hard to keep it going.

  75. Raul Says:

    Manziel keeps on slipping.
    Good lord, lol

  76. Cameron Says:

    Manziel in the Dawg Pound.

    Cleveland Plains-Dealer, you have a new subscriber. Entertain me.

  77. Chuck Says:

    Manziel didn’t slip…ask Geno Torretta how much the Heisman Trophy matters in the NFL.

    He sucks. He can’t play in the NFL.

    He’ll be in Canada in three years.

  78. Chuck Says:

    Did I hear the Yanks are putting plaques in Monument Park for Tino Martinez, Goose Gossage and Paul O’Neill?

    Come on.

    Gonna be pissed they don’t put one out there for Luis Sojo.

  79. Chuck Says:

    The Red Sox do the number retirement as an extreme.

    HOF or bust.

    They’ve had some great players who won’t make the Hall who probably should be honored, but retiring the number of a guy who played four years is fucking dumb.

  80. Raul Says:

    A plaque for those guys? No way.

    I could see honoring them by posting their numbers or pictures around the stadium, as like a reminder of their glory years with the club. But a plaque in Monument Park is a bit much.

  81. Cameron Says:

    Eh, Goassage was a Hall of Famer and his peak was his Yankees tenure. I can call a plaque for him defensible.

  82. Raul Says:

    You gotta understand that Yankee history goes back a long way and involves a lot of players.

    People act like the only great Yankees came up in the 1990s dynasty. It’s bull.

  83. Cameron Says:

    Yeah. Like I said, Gossage I can defend. O’Neill and Martinez? Fuck off.

  84. Raul Says:

    Cam, what’s your Twitter handle?

  85. Chuck Says:

    That’s my point, Raul.

    There’s guys getting plaques who have no business getting plaques.

    Does Roy White have a plaque? Stottlemyre?

    It’s bullshit.

  86. Cameron Says:

    @daddy_shelton Raul. I don’t use it much though.

  87. Raul Says:

    This jagaloon in my fantasy league had the nerve to spend his early draft picks on Jose Fernandez and Felix Hernandez.

    Well, it looks like the Fantasy Baseball gods have a sense of humor and fairness, because Jose Fernandez is done for the year.

  88. Cameron Says:

    If they shut down Fernandez for the year, Miami is WAY paranoid. It’s a goddamn sprain.

  89. Raul Says:

    He’s getting shut down. It’s all but guaranteed.

    I read something earlier in the year that one of these TJ surgery doctors suspects that the reason for all these pitching injuries isn’t overuse at the Major League level.

    He suspects that it’s overuse in youth baseball.
    The adult body can handle the rigors of pitching. But kids throwing nonstop, all year round in various traveling leagues from age 10 through college…it’s a recipe for disaster.

    That’s what the guy said. It’s an interesting take.

  90. Bob Says:

    I agree with him.

  91. Cameron Says:

    I agree with the doctor too, but still… Year gone over an elbow sprain? fucking really?

  92. Raul Says:

    Torn UCL.
    Not an elbow sprain.

  93. Cameron Says:

    Okay, see, the initial report on and team release was an elbow sprain. Now a ligament tear I’ll buy, but that wasn’t the first thing said.

  94. Chuck Says:

    PItchers don’t throw’s not rocket science.

    Sixteen pitchers since the beginning of spring training.

  95. Raul Says:

    I hear ya Chuck.
    I just think that maybe the argument that KIDS throw too much might have some merit.

    It used to be that kids would play in the summer, maybe into the fall if they had a traveling team, and that was it.

    Now kids play all year around. They’re throwing curve balls and stuff at like 13 years old.

    I dunno. I know that kids in the DR play a lot but I couldn’t speak for how much they are THROWING at 11, 12, 13 years old. I do know that in the DR, they run. A lot.

    It doesn’t seem like Japanese pitchers are suffering from as many injuries though. I wonder what the system is like over there.

  96. Bob Says:

  97. Cameron Says:

    Athletics aren’t very highly valued in Japan. They’re more an art and academics culture, Raul. With their cultural focus on discipline, the athletics they do have are very focused on practice, but it’s not like here where we obsess over it. If it gets in the way of a child’s education, their parents would likely remove them from the sport.

  98. Raul Says:

    I saw an article on ESPN’s baseball page titled “A Star In The Making: Masahiro Tanaka has quickly shown that he could become a future Yankees legend”

    …written by Buster Olney

    Tanaka has 7 career MLB starts.



  99. Cameron Says:

    Yeah, bit sensationalist… On the other hand, I’m very pleasantly surprised by the results so far.

  100. Raul Says:

    I bet if I search the 1998 archives, I can probably find a Buster Olney article about Shane Spencer’s Hall of Fame speech, too.


  101. Cameron Says:

    Didn’t Shane Spencer have a group of fans in right field who flashed him, or am I thinking of someone else?

  102. Raul Says:

    Kevin Maas, I think.

  103. Raul Says:

    The Yankees media machine hypes up every player who does well for a short period of time.

    Just off the top of my head: Kevin Maas…Shane Spencer…Marcus Thames (I think because he hit his 1st homer off Randy Johnson on the first pitch)…

    Not to mention the prospects…Banuelos, Betances, Montero, Drew Henson, Nick Johnson (although to be fair, when he DID play he was relatively productive, but not for NY). There are several others.

  104. Cameron Says:

    Ah, thank you. That’s the one. I remember that on an MLBN feature about entertaining rookies. Maas had some interesting fans.

  105. Cameron Says:

    Well, sorry Knicks fans. Looks like Steve Kerr decided to go to a team that doesn’t suck.

  106. Cameron Says:

    Fun Fact: Aaron Hernandez now has as many murder counts as Tom Brady has Superbowl rings.

  107. Raul Says:

    The problem with the Knicks is that there’s no alignment with their roster, philosophy and coaching.

    From the day Van Gundy quit, the Knicks have been a disaster.

    They start to rebuild, then they bring in a coach who is used to winning and between that and that jagaloon James Dolan, they dismantle the pieces necessary to build a winner and bring in some veterans that screw up the team dynamic.

    Van Gundy goes, and they bring in Don Chaney. Terrible.
    Chaney goes and they bring in Lenny Wilkins. Ugh.
    Wilkins can’t do any better and they go with Herb Williams to weather the storm.
    Then they bring in Larry Brown – one of the dumbest moves in Knicks history.
    Then Isaiah Thomas coaches for 2 years and the Knicks become a 23-win team.

    This was where they made things worse, in my view.

    2008: Instead of pulling back and realizing they just had 7 really bad years of basketball in New York, and that they should build around young, solid, tough players like David Lee and Zach Randolph, they bring in Mike D’Antoni to further destroy any semblance of defense and balanced basketball in New York.

    Randolph gets traded with Mardy Collins to the Clippers for Cuttino Mobley and Tim Thomas.

    Lee gets traded in 2010 to Golden State for some envelopes and side of rice pilaf.

    In 3.5 years, D’Antoni brings the Knicks to mediocrity but with no real future.

    Mike Woodson has a miracle season with the Knicks in 2013 as promptly gets fired when reality hits in 2014.

    So here we are.
    What’s the smart thing to do?

    The smart thing to do is to let Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudamire play elsewhere. Get rid of JR Smith. Forget about Prigioni and Chandler. They’re offensive zeroes.

    See what you have in Tim Hardaway Jr. and Iman Shumpert. Get yourself a big man that can play defense AND HAS A POST-UP GAME. And draft well for the next 3 years.

    That’s the smart play. Develop depth and let these kids learn how to play on both ends of the court.

    …but then the Knicks decided to bring Phil Jackson into the mix. A guy who will probably be bigger than the team itself and whose hiring immediately sets the expectation to win now.

    So here we go.

    The Knicks will be starting over again in 2017. Mark my words.
    If they smarten up then, maybe they can be contenders before 2020 Olympics.

  108. Bob Says:

  109. Cameron Says:

    Well, the reports are Jackson is looking to install the Triangle in New York, so you’ll get your big man wish most likely. Next year will be a punt though with Anthony, Stoudemire, and Bargnani being untradeable and 90% of payroll.

  110. Raul Says:

    194 pitches over 14 innings?
    That’s around 14 pitches per innings.

    I’m not mad at the kid.

  111. Cameron Says:

    That is remarkably efficient… But damn, that’s almost 200 full speed pitches.

  112. Raul Says:

    I don’t doubt that his arm will be sore.

    But who knows. Maybe Chuck was his coach and he was throwing FB/Change all game.

    I mean, really, what else do you need at the HS level? Especially in upstate NY.


  113. Cameron Says:

    I tried throwing 200 pitches once. Pretty much couldn’t feel my arm the next day.

  114. Bob Says:

    Grosse Pointe South alum Chris Getz retires.

  115. Raul Says:

    Chris Getz.

    5/10/14: 0/3 with 3 ground outs.
    Never forget.

  116. Raul Says:

    Chris Getz.

    3 career home runs.

    6/19/09 – Bronson Arroyo
    7/19/09 – Jeremy Guthrie
    4/16/13 – Kris Medlen


  117. Raul Says:

    Chris Getz.

    .404 career batting average on bunts.


  118. Bob Says:

    LOL @ Raul

  119. Cameron Says:


  120. Bob Says:

    The Marlins signed Miguel Tejada. If he performs well this year and gets a shot in Spring Training next year, he could outlast Nomar Jeter and ARod. This assumes the Yanks buyout ARod and no team gives him another shot,

  121. Raul Says:

    Good if.
    But there’s almost no shot that Tejada even finishes the 2014 season on a ML roster.

  122. Chuck Says:

    You almost never hear about Japanese pitchers having Tommy John.


    Because they throw all the fucking time.

  123. Chuck Says:

    What do Kobe and Jodan have in common?

    They’re guards.

    The triangle won’t work with a 6’8′ ball hogging forward as the focal piece.

    Dolan isn’t paying Jackson a bazillion dollars to win 33 games and lose the city to the Nets.

    Bye, bye, Melo.

  124. Chuck Says:

    Must be a slow news else can you explain six comments in a row about Chris Getz retiring.


  125. Bob Says:

    Someone from Grosse Pointe South ( or North) plays in the pros, I will comment.

  126. Bob Says:

    Chris Getz made Fangraphs!!!

  127. Bob Says:

  128. Chuck Says:

    This is what I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks.

  129. Cameron Says:

    So… I think that’s the hardest Clayton Kershaw’s ever been shelled in a game.

  130. John Says:

    Hey y’all, just popping in to say what’s up. I went away for a couple months and it looks lik-WHAT THE FUCK THE BREWERS ARE IN FIRST.

  131. Cameron Says:

    KC wore Monarchs uniforms today. That was awesome. Also, Gordon was 4-4 with a HR and 6 RBI.

  132. Bob Says:

    John, welcome back.

  133. Raul Says:

    I printed out that magazine @ Chuck.

    I’ll read it at lunch…or I guess breakfast, your time.

  134. Raul Says:

    Somebody dropped Tim Lincecum in my league.
    I know he’s not what he used to be, but I’m betting he will bounce back nicely the rest of the season.

    No way he’s this bad.

  135. Cameron Says:

    Reading the last pages of the magazine, saw the preseason polls… Someone in your chapter is a blind homer for the Mets, Chuck.

  136. Bob Says:

    The Red Sox re-signed Stephen Drew

  137. Cameron Says:

    The Cleveland Cavaliers with a 1.7% chance to win the draft lottery, wins the number one pick. …For the second year in a row… And three or four years ago they win the #1 pick with less than 1% chance to win it…

    Cleveland has that machine rigged, I swear.

  138. Raul Says:

    Feels like the league rigged things so that the Heat and Thunder would advance to the conference finals.

  139. Bob Says:

    Basketball being rigged… How strange

  140. Cameron Says:

    I wouldn’t say the finals were rigged. Did the league pay Tony Parker to singlehandedly destroy Rip City? For the Pacers to remind us the Wizards are the Wizards? To prove Brooklyn starting its 2006 fantasy team is a shitty idea in 2014? The only real competition was LA/OKC and OKC played better.

    Now the Donaghy thing, yeah. That was bullshit.

  141. Raul Says:

    Moustakas to the Minors.

  142. Cameron Says:

    It’s Gordon all over again…

  143. Raul Says:

    Gordon was moved around and forced to change positions.
    A bit different, but I know what you mean.

    Moustakas didn’t seem to have the plate discipline in the first place, though.

    What I want to know is why Wil Myers is hitting .208 vs left handed pitching.
    That’s gotta be among the worst in the league for RH batters.

  144. Cameron Says:

    He was moved around in the minors, yeah, but the first time we sent him down wasn’t to play left, it’s because he couldn’t hit his weight.

  145. Raul Says:

    Jurickson Profar is out until July.
    And Prince Fielder is done for the year.

    That contract is just killing the Rangers.

  146. Raul Says:

    Man, it’s an injury festival this season.

    Joey Votto
    Zach McAllister
    Matt Cain
    Tommy Hunter
    Carlos Gomez
    Juan Uribe
    Matt Lindstrom
    Felix Doubront

    This is just in like, the last few days.

    Not even including all the TJ Surgeries.

  147. Raul Says:

    The noise from the guy mowing the grass outside is annoying. So as I’m browsing the internet, I grabbed my tv remote and tried to mute the sound. I am not a smart man.

  148. Cameron Says:

    I’ve tried that with the cat, I know how you feel.

  149. Raul Says:


  150. Chuck Says:

    Yeah, there were some strange picks.

    Of course the NBA lottery is fixed. Three number ones in four years for Cleveland? You don’t think the league wants to get Lebron back to the Cavs?

    Stern fixed more games than John Gotti.

    Tough break for Moustakas. Seems like a good kid, although as you guys know I was never on his bandwagon as a player.

    Hey, Sub boy is back. I’ll have a BMT on an Asiago roll with spinach, tomatoes, pepper jack cheese……

    Kidding…hi, John.

  151. Cameron Says:

    I think there are some people who will want LeBron back in Cleveland, but… Lemme put it this way. King James has an opt-out this year and the Lakers have four players on the books next year, assuming Steve Nash plays until he’s 40, and five if Nick Young exercises a player option.

    There’s a means to a marketing monster here. LeBron and Kobe on the same team? The NBA’s media boner would never die. That’s a lot more appealing to them from a business standpoint than a feel-good story of LeBron going back to Cleveland.

    …Also, I live in the Cleveland area now. Good things aren’t allowed to happen here, it’s local ordinance RR88.

  152. Raul Says:

    Kobe’s ego will never allow him to play 2nd fiddle to Lebron James.

  153. Cameron Says:

    It’s pretty clear the Buss family doesn’t want Kobe to have input for personnel decisions these days. Every time something like the coaching decisions or FA comes up, that Kobe may say something but at the end of the day, office has final say. You tell me Bryant/James isn’t a marketing monster that any self-respecting businessman wouldn’t want to exploit. Yeah O’Neal/Bryant, Howard/Bryant, the 2004 additions of Malone and Payton all lead to that possibility blowing up in their faces… But the money.

    Plus, Kobe’s played in ten games over the last two years and has 18 years of tread on the tires. If he’s playing second fiddle to anyone, it ain’t for long.

  154. Chuck Says:

    I don’t think Lebron would go as long as Kobe’s there anyway.

    Carmelo on the other hand is a different story.

    I had it out with a couple of guys at work the other is from LA, talking about the exact same thing. Kobe understands his place now after his injury, and before he got hurt things were working pretty well with Steve Nash. I think Kobe is smart enough now to understand he has limitations now and wouldn’t object to losing shots as long as the Lakers were winning.

    One of the guys suggested Carmelo would be better off in Chicago with Derrick Rose and I could hardly answer him because I was laughing so hard.

  155. Cameron Says:

    I think Carmelo’s the likely option too, I’m just thinking if LeBron is there, you’re kinda stupid not to jump on it… But I honestly think LeBron isn’t going to exercise his opt-out. The Heat are still in contention and his best bet at winning a championship (the reason he went to Miami in the first place) is to stay put. They’re in contention as long as the Big 3 is there.

    Also, anyone who says Melo should go to Chicago is getting bitchslapped. Coach Tom would strangle him for not playing defense in the first practice, followed by Noah curbstomping him in the ground. Lazy don’t cut it in Chi-town.

  156. Cameron Says:

    Also, am I the only one who thinks that LA could take ten million bucks off the books and fix their coaching problems in one fell swoop by handing Steve Nash a clipboard?

  157. Cameron Says:

    And I’m remiss in not mentioning this, but congratulations to Josh Beckett on his first career no-hitter.

  158. Bob Says:

    And I would be remiss if I did not mention this:

  159. Raul Says:

    I guess my last post was in moderation because I had 2 websites posted.

    In any case, Yordano Ventura got hurt the day after the NY Daily News ran a profile about how hard he throws.

  160. Cameron Says:

    And the day after he goes on the DL, so does Kyle Zimmer. Why me?

  161. Raul Says:

    The draft doesn’t seem to be very kind to KC. Bubba Starling is looking like a bust so far.

    Maybe the way to go in KC is to spend heavily in the foreign market.

  162. Bob Says:

    This went for $650,108

  163. Mike Felber Says:

    Hello guys. My 6th annual weekend festival is over & new issue came out, so I read the thread.

  164. Bob Says:

    Mayo Angelou passed away. R.I.P

  165. Cameron Says:

    Aw… I met Maya once at a function my mom ran for Unity when she worked there. She was the nicest woman you could ever imagine.

  166. Raul Says:

    RIP Maya

    And RIP you dirtbag Jared Remy – you’ve got it coming.

    So I had Phil Hughes on the bench, even though he’s a 2-start pitcher this week.
    At the last minute, I inserted him into my starting lineup. I figured he’d pitch well enough against Yu Darvish and lose, but he’d make up for it later in the week against Chase Whitely and the Yankees.

    Well imagine how thrilled I was to see that yesterday, by some miracle, Yu Darvish gets scratched due to neck stiffness. Awesome. So Phil Hughes will surely outpitch Scott Baker (and his 5.00+ ERA). Well, no. Baker gives up 2 runs in 6 innings. Hughes gives up 3 in 7. I ended up getting saved when the Twinkies score 2 in the bottom of the 9th to win it.

    In a way, I guess it evens out since I also have Glen Perkins and he got the win…but I am getting too emotionally invested in this Fantasy sports league.

  167. Cameron Says:

    Dude, I’m invested in a fantasy league now too. Just… It’s… Well, it’s professional video gaming. It’s no secret I’m a huge nerd, but damn if it isn’t fun. First fantasy league I’ve been in where everyone knows each other personally. The trash talk that goes on during matches is a blast.

  168. Raul Says:


    online gaming is a whole other level of trash talking.
    If someone doesn’t get called a f*ggot every 8 minutes, something is off.

  169. Cameron Says:

    8 minutes, dude… 8 seconds some matches. But the fantasy is tracking stats of the professional players during their matches. It’s offline, held in a studip owned by the game company, really great entertaining stuff if you’re a gamer. Plus, they’ve actually done a lot to advance sports visa laws, believe it or not. It’s fascinating stuff.

    I’d go more into detail… But to quote a content producer I watch, “It’d be like trying to explain algebra to a beehive. While drunk.”

  170. Bob Says:

    Cameron, if you get me drunk on either Long Island Iced Teas or rum and cokes, I will attempt to explain algebra to a beehive. Though I will not blame the fuckers for stinging me. Alcohol and bee venom. A concoction waiting to happen!!!

  171. Cameron Says:

    I’ve seen what happens to drunks near beehives. It’s hilarious.

  172. Bob Says:

    And I’ve seen what happens to drunks in bars, at sporting events and in cars. Some hilarious, some not so.

  173. Cameron Says:

    Yeah… This is one of the rare instances that a beehive is pretty much nothing but good. Well, unless you’re the drunk, but at that point you don’t give a fuck.

  174. Bob Says:

    So are your ROY’s Bogaerts and Springer?

  175. Cameron Says:

    For me, AL would be Tanaka, possibly Abreu. NL… REALLY not impressing. Wong, maybe?

  176. Bob Says:

    Yeah. It will be either Tanaka or Abreu. My bad.

  177. Raul Says:

    AL has to be Tanaka so far. But Y. Ventura, J. Abreu and Bogaerts have really started off well.

    I picked up Bogaerts a week or two ago betting that he would get hot and he has.

    On May 10, Bogaerts was hitting .252/.364/.336. Good OBP, but the hits just weren’t falling.

    Since then he’s hitting .355/.420/.565 in 16 games.
    That’s not a pace I expect him to keep, but I think it’s closer to his true value.

    Wouldn’t it be one hell of a twist if the ending of a HOF career by Derek Jeter was followed with a HOF-caliber career by a SS in Boston?

    Bob, Springer wouldn’t make the cut but Houston is no longer in the NL. I think you got confused for a moment.

    No one in the National League is standing out just yet, but I guess Chris Owings in Arizona is the guy for now. At least until Oscar Taveras or Gregory Polanco get called up…which I’m guessing will happen within the next 2-3 weeks.

  178. Raul Says:

    Is Nelson Cruz back on the juice? Or is hitting in Baltimore just helping his power numbers? He’s leading the AL in RBI and HR.

  179. Raul Says:

    I take that back on Cruz. He’s actually hitting BETTER away from Camden Yards.

    Giancarlo Stanton might be on to his first NL MVP.

    I guess Chuck was right. Remember when people were debating Stanton vs Heyward?

    Well, that looks foolish now, doesn’t it?

  180. Bob Says:

    My bad on Springer. Sorry about my early morning bullshit. Gotta remember. Finish the coffer, then start thinking.

  181. Bob Says:

    Finish the coffee. Good God, too much drinking over the 3-day weekend.

  182. Raul Says:

    It looks like Mike Trout leads the AL in average distance per HR at 423 feet.

    That’s nice and all, but maybe Trout should revise his approach at the plate.
    Before the season started, Trout made it a point to be more aggressive this year. As a consequence, his batting average is down 40 points from last year, and his OBP is down 50 points.

    He’s still a .900 OPS guy, but at 60 strikeouts through 51 games (he had all of 136 last year), I’m starting to wonder if maybe he is messing up what was already a great thing.

    He’s not bad by any stretch, but he has seemingly gone from historic MVP level to All-Star level…

  183. Cameron Says:

    I was actually on Heyward’s side back then. More athletic, better fielder. He had all the tools, just… Switch never flipped on I guess. Shame, really.

  184. Raul Says:

    Maybe the Braves rushed him.

    Heyward had just 246 games at the Minor league level, and just 47 at AA.

  185. Cameron Says:

    Maybe, but at the same time you just see him do stupid shit. Mostly at the plate, takes a lot of hacks he should just let go.

  186. Bob Says:

  187. Raul Says:

    Maybe. But Heyward isn’t a 200 strikeout guy. So I can’t think he’s THAT bad.

  188. Raul Says:

    Interesting, Bob.


    “The biggest risk factor for elbow injuries in young pitchers is the curveball.”

    Not true. Too much competitive pitching and pitching while fatigued are the biggest risk factors.4,5,6 While biomechanical research8,9,10 and epidemiologic research4,6 have not shown a strong connection between curveball and elbow injuries, a youth pitcher may not have enough physical maturity, neuromuscular control, and proper coaching instruction to throw a curveball with good mechanics. The first steps should be to learn, in order: 1) basic throwing, 2) fastball pitching, 3) change-up pitching.7

    “Lowering or eliminating the mound would reduce the stress on the elbow and reduce the number of UCL injuries.”

    Not true. Elbow torques during full-effort pitching on a mound and full-effort throwing on flat ground are about the same. The real solution is for young pitchers to do less full-effort pitching and more throwing (practice throws, playing other positions, playing other sports). To become a successful adult pitcher, the youth should not strive to be a “youth pitcher” but instead should be a young athlete that is a good pitcher.

  189. Raul Says:


    1.Optimize pitching mechanics to ensure using the whole body in a coordinated sequence (kinetic chain). A biomechanical analysis is recommended, as it provides objective data to the pitching coach, strength coach, and pitcher. A biomechanical analysis can also serve as a baseline for re-evaluation later in the pitcher’s career, after performance improvement or after return from injury.

    2.Do not always pitch with 100% effort. The best professional pitchers pitch with a range of ball velocity, good ball movement, good control, and consistent mechanics among their pitches. The professional pitcher’s objectives are to prevent baserunners and runs, not to light up the radar gun.

    3.Open communication between a pitcher and the professional coaching and medical staff is paramount. The pitcher’s elbow and body are living tissue. Pitching and training create small tears in the tissue; rest, nutrition, and hydration repair the tears. A pitcher and his team should have a plan, but that plan needs to be monitored and sometimes adjusted depending on how the pitcher feels. Specifically, the pitcher should keep his trainer or coach up to date about any soreness, stiffness, and pain. That way when there is an issue, the player and team can consider rest, modified activity, or examination from the team physician to allow the elbow to heal and avert serious injury.

    4.The pitching coach needs to watch for signs of fatigue on the mound. This could be seen in-game as well as in bullpen sessions.

    5.The team trainers, coaches, medical staff, and front office must share knowledge in a holistic approach to minimize the risk of injury.

    6.Flat-ground throwing drills and bullpen sessions should not always be at maximum effort. Reduced effort will allow for physical fitness and technique without adding undue stress to the UCL.

    7.Be wary of pitching in winter league baseball. The UCL and body need time to recover and build strength, so the concept of annual periodization should include adequate rest from full-effort pitching.

    8.Exercise, rest, and nutrition are vital for a pitcher’s health. Performance-Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) may enable the athlete to achieve disproportionately strong muscles that overwhelm the UCL and lead to injury.

    9.Pitchers with high ball velocity are at increased risk of injury. The higher the ball velocity, the more important to follow the guidelines above.

  190. Raul Says:

    So, this reinforces a few points of traditional wisdom

    1. Master the fastball and changeup. You really don’t need a curveball or slider at a young age.

    2. Conditioning mitigates injury.

    3. Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing. Stop trying to throw 100 mph and learn how to change speeds.

    4. Master your mechanics and balance.

    These are all things that have been known and preached in baseball for 100 years. There are no surprises.

  191. Cameron Says:

    @187 Not 200 bad, but more than he should. The bad thing is that it makes it easy to work him to a two-strike count and throw him junk outside he tries to chase that makes for easy grounders that you can throw him out on. If you can’t get him to whiff, you can get him to chase something that makes it real easy to get him out on.

  192. Raul Says:

    Looking at Jason Heyward’s stats, some things strike me…

    So far this season, when Jason is ahead in the count, he’s hitting .302/.500/.492. That’s great.

    But on an EVEN count, he’s hitting .194/.194/.236.

    That seems staggeringly low. I can’t explain that at all.

    And with RISP, he hits .194/.257/.323. Is it a mental thing with this guy?

    Just took a peek at that 2007 MLB Draft. Talk about some disappointments. What happened to these guys???

    1. David Price
    2. Mike Moustakas
    3. Josh Vitters
    4. Daniel Moskos
    5. Matt Wieters
    6. Ross Detwiler
    7. Matt LaPorta
    8. Casey Weathers
    9. Jarrod Parker
    10. Madison Bumgarner
    11. Phillippe Aumont (where is he???)
    12. Matt Dominguez
    13. Beau Mills
    14. Jason Heyward
    15. Devin Mesoraco

    Some familiar names, for sure. But not a ton of accomplishments (barring 2 or 3 guys).

  193. Bob Says:

  194. Cameron Says:

    Told you, it’s easy to work him when you get ahead of him. Put him in a situation where you basically make him do whatever you want, and watch him dance. Maddux would’ve made him his bitch.

  195. Cameron Says:

    The Los Angeles Clippers have an agreement to sell the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for two billion dollars, pending a submission to the NBA for approval before Tuesday’s hearing on Sterling. If they approve sale, there’s no sale for Sterling and he walks away with about… 500 to 750 million dollars after capital gains and splitting with Shelly Sterling, or 42 to 63 more times than he paid for it in 1982.

    If I’m Silver? …I shoot the sale down, conduct the hearing which will force a team seizure, and sell the team back to Ballmer for the same deal, on the same day. Everyone’s happy except Sterling, and fuck that guy.

  196. Bob Says:

    Congrats to the two Ranger fans here. Chuck and Raul. And Mike if he is a hockey/Rangers fan as well.

  197. Bob Says:

  198. Raul Says:

    Go Rangers.
    I’ve watched every playoff game so far.

    I really thought that said Louis CK bought the house for 249 million and thought it was an article from the Onion.

    2.49 million sounds about right though.

  199. Cameron Says:

    Louis CK got more awesome? I didn’t know that was possible.

  200. Bob Says:

    If the first 3 picks on Thursday are pitchers, what do the Cubs do?

    1. Take another pitcher?

    2. Take Alex Jackson a catcher?

    3. Go cheap in the 1st round and spread the wealth around in later rounds?

  201. Cameron Says:

    MLB’s top 30 prospects might provide insight.

    1 – Brady Aiken, LHP (Cathedral Catholic [CA] HS)
    2 – Carlos Rodon, LHP (North Carolina State)
    3 – Tyler Kolek, RHP (Shepherd [TX] HS)
    4 – Alex Jackson, C (Bernardo [CA] HS)
    5 – Nick Gordon, SS (Olympia [FL] HS)*
    6 – Aaron Nola, RHP (LSU)
    7 – Kyle Freeland, LHP (Evansville)
    8 – Touki Toussaint, RHP (Coral Springs Christian [FL] HS)
    9 – Sean Newcomb, LHP (Hartford)
    10 – Bradley Zimmer, OF (San Francisco)**
    11 – Grant Holmes, RHP (Conway [SC] HS)
    12 – Ty;er Beede, RHP (Vanderbilt) ***
    13 – Jeff Hoffman, RHP (East Carolina)
    14 – Trea Turner, SS (North Carolina State)
    15 – Brandon Finnegan, LHP (TCU)
    16 – Kyle Schwarber, C/OF (Indiana)
    17 – Michael Conforto, OF (Oregon State)
    18 – Sean Reid-Foley, RHP (Sandalwood [FL] HS)
    19 – Max Pentecost, C (Kennesaw State)
    20 – Derek Hill, OF (Elk Grove [CA] HS)
    21 – Michael Chavis, SS (Sprayberry [GA] HS)
    22 – Jacob Gatewood, SS (Clovis [CA] HS)
    23 – Monte Harrison, OF (Lee’s Summit West [MO] HS)****
    24 – Luis Ortiz, RHP (Sanger [CA] HS)
    25 – Casey Gillespie, 1B (Wichita State)*****
    26 – Derek Fisher, OF (Virginia)
    27 – Spencer Adams, RHP (White County [GA} HS)
    28 – Foster Griffin, LHP (First Academy [FL] HS)
    29 – Kodi Mederlos, LHP (Waiakea [HI] HS)
    30 – A.J. Reed, 1B (Kentucky)

    * – Tom’s Son/Dee’s Brother
    ** – Kyle’s Brother
    *** – 21st Overall Pick, 2011 MLB Draft
    **** – FROM MY HOMETOWN!!!
    ***** – Conor’s Brother, GO SHOCKERS!

  202. Raul Says:

    15 high schoolers in the Top 30?

    4 high schoolers in the Top 5?

    So much for that Moneyball strategy of putting an emphasis on collegiate athletes…

  203. Cameron Says:

    Weak college class this year, really. Plus there’s a crapload of toolsy high-schoolers this year.

  204. Cameron Says:

    You know what’s weird? Watching old sports film and seeing notable players on a team that become coaches in the future. Case in point, the 1985 Chicago Bears. FOUR! Future head coaches on that team (only two still in a job in said capacity. One was knocked down to DC, one’s a linebackers coach) in Ron Rivera, Jeff Fisher, Leslie Frazier, and Mike Singletary.

    Pretty pedestrian legacy though. Combined career records for the four 223-220-2 (5-8 in the playoffs) and that number is largely inflated because of Jeff Fisher’s success.

  205. Chuck Says:

    I’ve been a Rangers fan my whole life and I’m excited they’re back in the finals for the first time in 20 years, but I don’t feel like I have the right to root for them…I’ve been so out of the loop lately I couldn’t name three guys on the team.

  206. Chuck Says:

    I think the Astros still like Rodon, and Jackson is going second to the Marlins.

    Grapevine says they like Nola over the other two HS pitchers because he’s likely to come cheaper.

    Which fits the Cubs mantra of doing business.

  207. Cameron Says:

    I kinda find it funny that an LSU ace is named Nola. That’s the kind of cosmic nunfuckery that makes me smile.

  208. Raul Says:

    2,000 per ticket at the Garden for the Rangers finals games.

    I stashed Gregory Polanco (Pirates minor league OF) on my roster like 4 days ago.
    And already this kid in my league offered me Sonny Gray for him.

    And I took it.
    Gray is proving to be solid and Polanco hasn’t even played in the Majors yet. Plus the Pirates will have him leading off…so hardly any RBI chances.

    I’m a little weak in OF though. Carlos Gonzalez, Ryan Braun and Michael Cuddyer, currently. I say “weak” because Cargo is being bothered by injuries and Cuddyer…I don’t know what to expect from him realistically.

    Picking up Bogaerts 3 weeks ago was easily the steal of the season for me. I got a few solid weeks out of Jed Lowrie before dumping him for Xander.

    Probably gonna dump Wil Myers. He’s been sucking big time and his wrist injury now….I don’t think he’ll bounce back for a monster 2nd half.

  209. Bob Says:

    Wil Myers will miss at least 2 months with a wrist fracture.

  210. Raul Says:

    Sucks for the Rays.

    They were light on power even with him in the lineup.

  211. Cameron Says:

    It’s a Rays trademark to be light in power, I think. Small ball and pitch ’em to death. Well, as the Rays. The Devil Rays’ trademark was to suck donkey nuts.

  212. Raul Says:

    Chris Archer gave up 1 run in 7 innings.
    And lost.

    That’s a problem.

  213. Bob Says:

    Exhibit 5,000,000,000 of why wins/losses should be disregarded/ignored/never again mentioned/ as a legit stat.

  214. Chuck Says:

    Not only are wins and losses a stat, they’re also a rule.

    A small detail the sabermetric knuckleheads can’t seem to grasp.

    We have a collective group of people with higher than normal aptitudes at math that would walk out of their house every morning buck ass naked if their wives didn’t lay out clothes for them.

  215. Bob Says:

    Rules can be changed. Changed in chess, changed in sports ( instant replay) Stop assigning wins/losses to pitchers.

  216. Mike Felber Says:

    Lol with the stereotype Chuck. Sure some ar ein that Asperger’s direction, just like some old school folks are as deluded & unscientific as Joe Morgan, but that is an extreme.

    SM folks no like you do/liuke their ABCs what the rules are.

    It would be good to not assign W-L’s to pitchers, though nobody thinks that will happen. And if W-L is put in its proper context, as has been going on for a while, then this will accomplish what is needed re: perspective & judgements.

  217. Cameron Says:

    RIP Don Zimmer…

  218. Raul Says:

    RIP Don Zimmer.

    When I said that it’s a problem that Chris Archer lost when going 7 innings and giving up 1 run….I wasn’t criticizing Archer or the Win as a stat.

    I was criticizing the Rays. Because when your starting pitcher gives up 1 run in 7 innings, you should win that game.

    And perhaps if the Rays had more power in their lineup (Wil Myers and Evan Longoria notwithstanding), they’d probably win such games.

  219. Bob Says:

    Yes. RIP to Don Zimmer.

  220. Raul Says:

    Would you guys manage differently in the Playoffs than in the regular season?

    Like, suppose it’s Game 3 of the ALCS and you got a runner on 2nd with nobody out in the 1st inning.

    You bunting that guy over?

    Like, at which point do you go “screw it, I’d rather take 1 run in the 1st, even though it could probably be 3 runs if I play it out…” ??

  221. Bob Says:

    You play for 1 run, isn’t the moral of the story that’s all you get? In the 8th inning it might be okay. But in the first 3-4 innings? Never. And the other rule of bunting is that you bunt for a base hit, do not sacrifice an out. And is/are the batter/batters at least somewhat adroit at bunting. How many bunts have led to double plays, or at the least the pitcher getting the ball for a force at 2nd.
    My own rule of thumb is do not sacrifice an out for the first 7 innings.

  222. Cameron Says:

    Depends on who’a at the plate, Raul. If I’m at the ass end of my lineup and he probably won’t get a hit anyway, I’ll bunt him over. If it’s someone who knows his bat from his jock, I’m swinging.

  223. Bob Says:

    Almost time for the draft. See you guys tomorrow.

  224. Raul Says:

    I dunno man.

    If it’s Game 1 of the ALCS and it’s Felix Hernandez vs David Price and I have a shot to go up 1-0 in the 1st by sacrificing an out…I’m gonna do that shit.

    That’s just me though.

  225. Cameron Says:

    Again, depends on who’s at the plate. If it’s Jennings at second and Longoria at the plate in the first, swing. If it’s Kiermaier on second and Molina at the plate in the second… I’d bunt on a no-out count.

  226. Bob Says:

    Now that the draft is over ( for players who deserve compensation) the Twins signed Kendrys Morales

  227. Cameron Says:

    So, Schwarber to the cubs, Alex Jackson is an outfielder, Aiken goes first, Tyler Beede waits three years to move up seven spots, and KC drafts ANOTHER PITCHER!

    The bullet points, folks.

  228. Chuck Says:

    “Would you guys manage differently in the Playoffs than in the regular season?”

    Of course.

    The most famous manager/manager ass-whipping was in 1999 when Bobby Valentine embarrassed Buck Showalter because he knew exactly what Showalter would do and that he wouldn’t deviate from what he always does.

  229. Raul Says:

    I’m going to have to re-watch that series now @ Chuck!

  230. Bob Says:

    Good to see my best sport in the news.

  231. Raul Says:

    Sorry Lefty,

    The Phillies are dead last in the ESPN Baseball Power Rankings this week:

    With eight losses in nine games, the Phillies finally should know what everyone also has known: This is an awful team going nowhere. Even this week’s homestand against the Padres and Cubs won’t be enough to turn things around. May as well start looking to trade what you can. — David Schoenfield

  232. Bob Says:

    What penalty awaits Manny Machado?

  233. Raul Says:

    10 game suspension. Probably reduced to like 7.

    Batters are disciplined tougher than pitchers.

  234. Cameron Says:

    By necessity I think. You have to punish batters by days, pitchers by starts.

  235. Chuck Says:

    Trevor Cahill DFA’d by the Dbacks.

    About time, dude sucks. Like really sucks.

  236. Bob Says:

    The Pirates promoted Gregory Polanco.

  237. Cameron Says:

    RIP 1990 AL Cy Young Winner Bob Welch

  238. Raul Says:

    Cespedes has a hell of an arm.

  239. Bob Says:

    That is true. And what a deke by bobbling the ball!!!

  240. Bob Says:

    Chuck, do you know this guy?

  241. Chuck Says:

    Hell no, Bob, that dude’s an amateur compared to the people I’ve hung with, he couldn’t get in the room.

  242. Cameron Says:

    RIP Chuck Noll

  243. Bob Says:

    RIP Casey Kasem

  244. Cameron Says:

    And congrats to the Kings and Spurs

  245. Cameron Says:

    Jesus…. Tony Gwynn… This week has fucking sucked…

  246. Raul Says:

    Tony Gwynn came out of nowhere for me.
    I didn’t know he had cancer.


    This is just fascinating to me.
    The speed with which they do it, and the precision and sharpness of the knives…

    I wish I was a fisherman sometimes.

  247. Raul Says:

    Bob, you gotta fish in the caribbean.

    looks like such a fun, relaxing time

  248. Bob Says:

    Raul, thanks. Buy a rod and reel and a dozen worms.

  249. Chuck Says:

    Gwynn had been sick about three years..had jaw cancer from years of chewing snuff and tobacco.

    He was in remission for awhile but took a leave of absence from coaching SDSU in March.

    Even at that, this surprised me, didn’t realize it was that bad.


    As a side note, Gwynn had one career game where he struck out more than twice…on April 14, 1986 he struck out three times against the Dodgers.

    The Dodgers pitcher was Bob Welch.

  250. Chuck Says:

    Matt Wieters is having Tommy John.


  251. Jim Says:

    Raul, don’t forget a six-pack. Fishing’s a great excuse to have a beer.

  252. Jim Says:

    Regarding Gwynn, there was a tweet, not sure from who, with the comment that Ted Williams will have someone to discuss hitting with. Thanks for the memories Tony.

  253. Cameron Says:

    Only person capable of having a conversation on Ted’s level… God damn, I remember watching Gwynn when I was a kid. I was there…

  254. Cameron Says:

    @249 Okay, now THAT’S just freaky.

  255. Cameron Says:

    Not gonna lie… Started crying when I watched this. Vin Scully just paints a beautiful picture of the man.

  256. Bob Says:

  257. Raul Says:

    Vin Scully has a way with words.

  258. Cameron Says:

    So… How ’bout them Royals?

  259. Bob Says:

    Here’s a nice story.

  260. Bob Says:

    What a gem by Kershaw.

  261. Cameron Says:

    This is why I have a mancrush on Kershaw.

  262. Bob Says:

    The Rangers released Daniel Bard.

  263. Cameron Says:

    So… Brad Mills was traded to Oakland for cash considerations. …And by that, I mean a dollar.

  264. Cameron Says:

    So I was just curious, I hadn’t heard much about Billy Hamilton since he got called up. I looked at his stats and he’s hitting .277. Call me surprised.

  265. Chuck Says:

    Daniel Bard….one of Mike’s old saber co-horts from years gone by had a crush on him, would like to have his email so I can tell him “told you so.”

  266. Cameron Says:

    Jesus christ, Colorado. I’ve seen “bases clearing” on just about everything. Single, double… But bases clearing Wild Pitch? Holy hell.

  267. Cameron Says:

    Deadline for Carmelo Anthony’s option is tomorrow. Chuck, Raul, prepare the celebratory/blackout drinks.

  268. Chuck Says:

    The Padres have fired Exec VP/GM Josh Byrnes and replaced him on an interim basis with……Omar Minaya.

    Another dagger in the heart of the pro-saber crowd.

  269. Chuck Says:

    My Knicks fandom started with the ’69-70 championship, which was followed by another one three years later.

    Phil Jackson was a player on both those teams, he learned the game from arguably the best person outside of Red Auerbach to recognize how to blend individual skill into a team concept, Red Holzman.

    Everyone with even the remotest knowledge of basketball can watch a Knicks game and see Carmelo Anthony plays the game differently than Lebron or Kobe or Durant or any other superstar. Carmelo only cares about Carmelo, he’s not a team player, has never been nor ever will be.

    I’ve seen two Knicks’ championships, but I’ve also seen many more downright shitty seasons, and I’m perfectly willing to see another one or two if it means Carmelo gone and Phil rebuilding the team.

    Carmelo will never win a ring and everyone knows it.

    Let him be someone else’s problem.

  270. Cameron Says:

    Couldn’t they have replaced him with someone who isn’t a complete fuckup of a GM though? I mean, Minaya was the laughingstock of MLB GMs both times he had a job.

  271. Chuck Says:

    I don’t blame Minaya for anything that happened in either New York or Montreal…he worked for the two biggest asshats ever in Loria and Wilpon.

    It’s like going to a gunfight with a peashooter.

  272. Cameron Says:

    Peashooter it may have been, there’s a difference between aiming for the other guy and hoping for a lucky shot and actively shooting yourself in the dick (Oliver Perez and his 36 million dollars say hi). That said, he was pretty fucked.

  273. Cameron Says:

    Per Anthony’s camp… He will become a free agent. Celebratory drinks it is!

  274. Bob Says:

    The newest members of the Hockey HOF

    1. Peter Forsberg
    2. Dominik Hasek
    3. Mike Modano
    4. Rob Blake
    5. Pat Burns ( Coach)
    6. Bill McCreary ( Ref)

  275. Chuck Says:

    Not sure about Blake, but a good class otherwise.

  276. Cameron Says:

    Nice gesture by Adam Silver for tomorrow’s draft. Baylor center Isaiah Austin was looking to become the first legally NBA player (detached right retina due to a childhood injury) but due to a recent discovery of Marfan’s Syndrome, a terminal illness that ended his playing career, he was unable to seek his future as an NBA player. Silver, as a goodwill gesture, invited Austin to attend the draft as a personal guest of his. He’ll get to go after all.

    Seriously, how many more ways can Silver outclass Stern at this point?

  277. Cameron Says:

    Huh… Hey Raul, remember how you said the Knicks should deal Chandler?

    Knicks Get
    PG Jose Calderon
    PG Shane Larkin
    SG Wayne Ellington
    C Samuel Dalembert

    Mavericks Get
    PG Raymond Felton
    C Tyson Chandler

  278. Chuck Says:

    Not sure what to make of that trade. I like Calderon and Dalembaert was pretty good with Philly before he got hurt, but….

    I don’t think the trade is necessarily to bring in pieces to convince Melo to stay, I think the Knicks realize he’s not coming back and are rebuilding without him.


  279. Cameron Says:

    All in all, I think it clears something like 15 million bucks off the books, Chuck. Plus Larkin is a huge upgrade at the reserve point over Prigioni.

    Though… It could possibly to clear cap space to re-sign Anthony. Though I think to get enough space under the hard cap to pull that off you’d still need to dump Stoudemire AND Bargnani to even have a shot at it.

  280. Cameron Says:

    Also, you want some hilarity?

    Step 1 – Facilitate Dwight Howard trade by shipping Aaron Afflalo to Orlando
    Step 2 – Acquire trade exception for Afflalo
    Step 3 – Use trade exception to get Afflalo back two years later

  281. Cameron Says:

    Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk, Andrew Wiggins number one in this year’s draft.

  282. Cameron Says:

    And with the pick that New York got from the Chandler trade, they take Cleanthony Early from my hometown Wichta State Shockers! Nice job, guys.

  283. Chuck Says:

    Well, it’s pretty obvious that despite a new Godfather the NBA still counts as a Mafia family.

    “Fixing” Shabazz Napier to Miami and McDermott to Chicago were two of the more prominent “developments” in the draft yesterday.

  284. Cameron Says:

    McDermott actually made sense from a Bulls standpoint. They want to make a run at Anthony (don’t know why) so they get the cheaper option of #13 and Randolph as opposed to #16 and #19 in the draft.

    Napier was a bit one-sided of a trade, but I’ve seen weirder trades. You want a real weird trade, look at the Magic-76ers swap.

    That said, nothing blatantly obvious to rigging yet under Silver though. No Lakers vs. Kings, no Ewing, Magic, or Worthy drafts yet….

  285. Bob Says:

    I’ll chime in on the draft. The NHL one starts at 7 tonight!!!

  286. Cameron Says:

    You know what, Bob, I’m curious. I’ll tune in tonight for it if you can educate me on who to look out for. I’ve been meaning to get into hockey, maybe a rookie class to latch on to will help.

  287. Bob Says:

  288. Bob Says:

  289. Cameron Says:

    Manny Ramirez turned up in Iowa playing AAA ball for the Cubs. Seems as if they signed him to basically act as a player-coach to mentor the younger players in the system.

  290. Cameron Says:

    Adrian Beltre picks up hit #2500, making me realize just how fucking long he’s actually been playing. He has a shot at 3,000 only being 35, but he’s been in the majors since ’98. Still plays like he’s 28 though, so good on him.

    Also, two broadcasters caught balls this week. Sally fouled one in KC to Rex Hudler and the CSN guys in Philly were doing live feed from left field and ended up catching a home run from Freddie Freeman. …They threw it back, naturally.

  291. Chuck Says:

    How messed up are the Cubs?

    They have some young, talented (and impressionable) prospects and to mentor them they bring in the biggest whack job since Jimmy Piersall.


  292. Cameron Says:

    Actually, most of what Manny is doing there is saying, “Don’t do what I did” in great, lengthy detail. Who else has as many fuckups as Manny recently? Well, besides A-Rod. They hired him to be a AAA Scared Straight program.

  293. Bob Says:

    Braun has had a few fuck-ups.

  294. Cameron Says:

    Well, okay, that’s true, but he’s also under contract right now. Gotta make do. =P

  295. Cameron Says:

    Bryce Harper seemed to have missed the memo that AA rehab starts are where most Major Leaguers take it easy. Wasn’t subbed out all game, and hit homers into: the right-center bullpen, the centerfield batter’s eye (pretty sure he dented it), and a ball in left-center that left the park entirely.

  296. Mike Felber Says:

    Trout is at this point has a legitimate shot at becoming an ATG, if not legend.

    Having 1 3rd superb year with a 5.0 WAR before the AS break. At 22 years old.

    The degree of all around excellence so young is highly unusual
    More likely in earlier baseball daaaze, when the average player was not as good.

    He may lead the league in WAR for the 3rd straight year. Last done by Pujols & Bonds (who led majors PED fueled).

    It is not to early to say Trout likely will have a career at least as good as Pujols, who is fading as Chuck predicted. Trout has more all around skills.
    Has longest AL HR since measured in ’06, 489′ recently, though his best ever SB % should decline…

    Doubt he will be found juicing, & so far healthy.
    Unknown if he can actually improve, though still very young.
    We may be watching a future icon.

  297. Bob Says:

    So I was linked to another story from this paper, and I came across: Where is Brautigan when I/we need him?

  298. Jim Says:

    Tonya Harding? Only if they have a Knee Capping category.

  299. Raul Says:

    So far, the terms of the lease extension haven’t been released publicly, although it’s been reported that the 10-year deal includes opt-outs for the A’s if the Raiders move forward on a new stadium at the Coliseum site and the authority agrees to demolish the existing facility. Which is really just another way of saying that even with a 10-year commitment, the A’s and the authority have left their options open.

    The world waited for Bud Selig’s definitive statement on the A’s ballpark saga. It finally came. The question is whether it came too late.

  300. Cameron Says:

    RIP Frank Cashen, GM of the ’86 Mets.

  301. Mike Felber Says:

    Who saw the SI cover story on the Astro-Matics & their possibly winning strategy for Scouting & drafts, taking effect maybe 3 years from now?

  302. Cameron Says:

    I only read SI in waiting rooms four years after they’re out of print. =P

  303. Bob Says:

    I saw it. Been reading SI all my life.

  304. Mike Felber Says:

    Well will their strategy pan out Astro-nomically?
    Is this approach a good bet for them?

  305. Cameron Says:

    Well, they have three number one draft picks in a row with a good shot at a fourth. They’ll have enough assets before too long.

  306. Bob Says:

    Though Appel is struggling.

  307. Cameron Says:

    He also has less than a year of pro ball in him. If he’s still struggling this time next year, then I’m worried.

  308. Bob Says:

    And yes, I think the Astros will be fine in 2 years out west.

  309. Cameron Says:

    Two years seems like a good estimate assuming things pan out. Springer’s already up and Correa was on fire until he hurt his knee, plus Singleton was performing well enough for a 5/25 offer before he was called up, so there’s light at the end of the tunnel in their eyes.

  310. Chuck Says:

    The Astros are pretty dysfunctional in the front office, I don’t see them winning any time soon unless they get everyone on the same page.

    Appel isn’t very good, at least not first overall pick good. We’re not talking an upper echelon pitcher here, just a BOR guy.

    Correa’s injury is a broken ankle, not his knee.

  311. Cameron Says:

    Ah. Sorry, I remember it was some kind of leg injury, so I just defaulted to knee because it’s so common.

  312. Cameron Says:

    And Raul Ibanez, 42 year old Raul Ibanez, sets the Royals record for oldest Royal to hit a home run.

  313. Cameron Says:

    Happy 4th of July everybody. Also, 75 years ago today, Lou Gehrig was the luckiest man on the face of the earth.

  314. Jim Says:

    Saw that a Gehrig glove is going up for auction with the predicted sale price above 300K

  315. Cameron Says:

    Today? That’s freaky good timing.

  316. Cameron Says:

    Trade season is officially underway.

    A’s Get
    Jeff Samardzija
    Jason Hammel

    Cubs Get
    Addison Russell
    Billy McKinnie
    Dan Starily

  317. Bob Says:

    Good haul for the Cubs. And speaking of the Astros dysfunction…

  318. Cameron Says:

    I imagine this is what most people think Jeff Lunhow looks like.

  319. Cameron Says:

    All Star Lineups

    C Salvador Perez, KC
    1B Miguel Cabrera, DET
    2B Robinson Cano, SEA
    3B Josh Donaldson, OAK
    SS Derek Jeter, NYY
    LF Adam Jones, BAL
    CF Mike Trout, LAA
    RF Jose Bautista, TOR
    DH Nelson Cruz, BAL

    P Jon Lester, BOS
    P Max Scherzer, DET
    P Greg Holland, KC
    P Glen Perkins, MIN
    P Dellin Betances, NYY
    P Masahiro Tanaka, NYY
    P Scott Kazmir, OAK
    P Sean Doolittle, OAK
    P Felix Hernandez, SEA
    P David Price, TB
    P Yu Darvish, TEX
    P Mark Buehrle, TOR

    C Kurt Suzuki, MIN
    C Derek Norris, OAK
    1B Jose Abreu, CWS
    1B Brandon Moss, OAK
    2B Jose Altuve, HOU
    3B Adrian Beltre, TEX
    SS Alexei Ramirez, CWS
    OF Michael Brantley, CLE
    OF Alex Gordon, KC
    OF Yoenis Cespedes, OAK
    DH Victor Martinez, DET
    DH Edwin Encarnacion, TOR

    C Yadier Molina, STL
    1B Paul Goldschmidt, ARI
    2B Chase Utley, PHI
    3B Aramis Ramirez, MIL
    SS Troy Tulowitzki, COL
    LF Carlos Gomez, MIL
    CF Andrew McCutchen, PIT
    RF Yasiel Puig, LAD

    P Craig Kimbrel, ATL
    P Julio Teheran, ATL
    P Jeff Samardzija, CHC (Inactive)
    P Aroldis Chapman, CIN
    P Johnny Cueto, CIN
    P Zack Greinke, LAD
    P Clayton Kershaw, LAD
    P Francisco Rodriguez, MIL
    P Tony Watson, PIT
    P Tyson Ross, SD
    P Madison Bumgarner, SF
    P Pat Neshek, STL
    P Adam Wainwright, STL
    P Jordan Zimmermann, WAS

    C Devin Mesoraco, CIN
    C Jonathan Lucroy, MIL
    1B Freddie Freeman, ATL
    2B Dee Gordon, LAD
    2B Daniel Murphy, NYM
    3B Todd Frazier, CIN
    3B Matt Carpenter, STL
    SS Starlin Castro, CHC
    OF Charlie Blackmon, COL
    OF Giancarlo Stanton, MIA
    OF Josh Harrison, PIT
    OF Hunter Pence, SF

  320. Cameron Says:

    WOOHOO! I’m in last place of the DC Challenge now!

  321. Bob Says:

    And if the fans get it right:

    Sale wins in the Al

    Rendon wins in the NL

  322. Cameron Says:

    Sale should win in a landslide… I think I’d vote Rendon too, but the field as a whole is decently close in the NL.

  323. Bob Says:

    Good for Trout and Cabrera.

  324. Cameron Says:

    If I had that kind of power, I’d probably accept an invite to the derby, but if I see someone tear it up like Hamilton, I’ll just pop flies, get booed out of the park, and watch me take the home run crown three months later.

    You know, like a douchebag.

  325. Raul Says:

    Baseball America put out a list of where the Top 30 International Free Agents signed.

    The Yankees signed 8 of them.

    2. Juan de Leon (OF)
    6. Nelson Gomez (3B)
    7. Wilkerman Garcia (SS)
    16. Miguel Flames (C)
    18. Hyo-Joon Park (SS)
    22. Jonathan Amundaray (OF)
    24. Diego Castillo (SS)
    28. Antonion Arias (OF)

    You think maybe the Yankees are freaking out about replacing Jeter at short?


    They took 2 shortstops in the draft:

    Vince Conde in the 9th round out of Vanderbilt
    and Madison Stokes, a high schooler out of South Carolina in the 40th round.

  326. Cameron Says:

    New York always hammers the IFA signings as hard as they can. Pretty typical Yankees summer.

  327. Bob Says:

    This jackass has no case. You come to a game you can get photographed and hit by a broken bat or foul ball. And who the fuck goes to a sporting event to sleep? Dude, you are oblivious.

  328. Raul Says:

    Hahaha @ bob.

    The pic of him with the drink just makes him look like a total d-bag.
    The sleeping pic makes him look like a goon.
    The fact that he was in the 2nd row asleep pretty much assures that he’s a rich a-hole.

    Who spends that kind of money to sleep? Those seats go for like $250.

  329. Cameron Says:

    And the fact he’s suing them for 10 million proves he doesn’t know how lawsuits work.

  330. Bob Says:

    The Astros and Aiken. What happens there?

  331. Cameron Says:

    Aiken will have to sign. You don’t get more money than #1. I think the question is how much.

  332. Bob Says:

    So is McCann going to be New York’s version of Red Sox Carl Crawford?

  333. Raul Says:

    What pressure could he be under?
    Nobody is looking for him to be The Man.

    Just hit .275/.345/.450

  334. Cameron Says:

    McCann’s a bit of a cerebral guy though. You pay him 15 million dollars a year, he’ll get in his head and think he has to play to that level and then do what he knows best to do… Which is pull, which feeds into the hitting slump, it’s this weird recursive negative feedback loop.

    If he can get out of his own head, he should be fine.

  335. Raul Says:

    This is why I hate ESPN…

    They’re running a piece about how Tanaka can’t win over his last 4 starts.
    Well let’s look at those 4 starts.

    June 22 vs Baltimore
    7 innings, 6 hits, 3 ER, 1 BB, 6K. Lost

    June 28 vs Boston
    9 innings, 7 hits, 2 ER, 1 BB, 8K. Lost.

    July 3 vs Minnesota
    7 innings, 9 hits, 4 ER, 0 BB, 3K. Lost.

    July 8 vs Cleveland
    6.2 innings, 10 hits, 5 ER, 1 BB, 5K. Lost.

    So really…2 good starts. 1 Okay start. 1 bad start.

    The guy gave up 9 ER in his last 2 starts and still has a 2.51 ERA on the season.
    Even in a season where the Yankees are mediocre AT BEST, the media can’t get a grip.

    God damn it…

  336. Bob Says:

    It could be worse. You could have been rooting for Brazil yesterday!!!

  337. Cameron Says:

    Raul, it’s the Yankees. Anything short of 162-0 is a failure in the eyes of the media. Thought you would’ve learned by now. =P

  338. Raul Says:

    Tanaka on the DL with shoulder inflammation.
    This is precautionary.

    Half the pitchers in the league have shoulder inflammation.

  339. Raul Says:

    That was a historic beat down by Germany.

  340. Chuck Says:

    Elbow, not shoulder.

  341. Jim Says:

    2015 Spring Training unofficially opened for the Red Sox tonight as they are starting 6 rookies against the White Sox.

    AJ Pierzynski DFA

  342. Jim Says:

    Make that 5 rooks, Rubby D’s half season w/the Dodgers

  343. Raul Says:

    Elbow. bad. Yeah that could be trouble.

  344. Raul Says:

    Scott Kazmir won today.
    7 innings
    3 hits
    0 runs
    1 walk
    9 strikeouts

    ERA 2.38

    I know it’s half a season but it looks like Kazmir is back.

  345. Cameron Says:

    New Kazmir would kick Old Kazmir’s ass, man.

    I gotta hand it to Oakland, they have an eye for pitching.

  346. Cameron Says:

    If you guys don’t hear from me for a bit, it’s because the entirety of northeast Ohio’s erupted into a riot. Welcome home, LeBron.

  347. Cameron Says:

    Carmelo Anthony back in New York with a max offer.

    Figures he’d take the deal. Saying no would require him to pass.

  348. Bob Says:

  349. Chuck Says:

    I see what you did there, Cameron, well played, sir.

  350. Bob Says:

  351. Jim Says:

    and the Knick’s rebuilding program is delayed yet again.

  352. Cameron Says:

    Or, if they’re smart, retooled around Anthony instead of just trying to sign everyone and hope it works. Jackson’s no stranger to someone jacking up 50 shots a game and hoping something sticks (hi Kobe!).

    In less interesting, but more relevant to me, news Pau Gasol is set to join my Chicago Bulls. Perfect player for the team, blue-collar no-nonsense kinda player and he gets to bolt from the nuthouse that the Lakers have become.

  353. Cameron Says:

    It hasn’t played home to baseball in over a decade, but… Goodbye Candlestick Park. We’ll miss you.

  354. Cameron Says:

    The Giants made history last night by being the first battery combo to hit grand slams in the same game.

  355. Jim Says:

    Gasol, is a good fit with the Bulls. It will be interesting to see how much he has left.

    Melo ain’t Kobe.

  356. Cameron Says:

    Gasol has more in the tank than people think if you ask me. He just looked useless in D’Antoni’s system because he’s the anti-4 for that scheme. He’ll do better than fucking Boozer, that’s for sure.

  357. Bob Says:

    Aiken and the Astros coming down to the wire.

  358. Cameron Says:

    You’ve gotta be kidding. Kid, fucking sign. It is LITERALLY impossible for you to get more money.

  359. Raul Says:

    It really feels like all that late holding out rarely seems to work.
    It always happens with players who wind up being busts.

    Either because they were never good in the 1st place, or because they missed out on getting a head start and they fall behind other players….then that pressure to succeed sets in and they crumble.

  360. Cameron Says:

    It’s only a holdout because Aiken may need elbow surgery and Houston doesn’t want to pay for a bust if it doesn’t have to.

    …Also, MLB draft rules state that you get a compensatory pick of one under your pick if a first-rounder doesn’t sign… So they’d get the #2 on top of the top 5 they get next year if he fails to sign. Jesus.

  361. Bob Says:

    And if they fail to sign said kid next year, they lose the pick altogether.

  362. Raul Says:

    Wait, so if the Astros fail to sign Aiken…they get a compensatory pick in 2015.

    But if that compensatory pick fails to sign, the Astros lose the pick altogether?

    That sounds like a hell of a bargaining chip for the compensatory pick to play hardball (pardon the pun) in his contract negotiation.

  363. Bob Says:


  364. Cameron Says:

    It’s not a perfect system, but imagine the other end of the spectrum. You could just “fail” to sign pick after pick after pick and basically be able to lock yourself into a top five pick for half a decade. That’s just as bad, if you ask me.

  365. Raul Says:

    True, Cameron.

  366. Chuck Says:

    I told you guys the Astros’ front office is a clusterfuck.

    The right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing and vice versa, that this is happening really isn’t a surprise at all.

  367. Raul Says:

    Hearing rumors of a Matt Kemp trade.
    I’ve heard of him going to Boston a few weeks ago.
    Today I’m hearing Kemp to the Yankees, with Ichiro being the odd man out.

    Could make sense financially.
    Kemp gets 20 million and NY could cover most of that given the Ichiro contract off the books and Jeter’s too.

    Plus, money never stopped NY from doing anything.
    Also gives the Yankees a RH power bat.

  368. Chuck Says:

    Ichiro wouldn’t be the odd man out unless they’re going to DFA him..he’s only playing because Beltran is hurt.

    And that means Kemp plays RF?

    I don’t know, not a fan of this one.

  369. Raul Says:

    Ah yeah. Forgot about Beltran.

    I knew I was being a bonehead here.

  370. Raul Says:

    Wait, why wouldn’t Beltran just be the DH? He’s already DHing as it is.

    Although you raise a good point about Kemp in RF.
    I think he’s playing Left in LA.

  371. Raul Says:

    Man the Yankees really screwed this up.

    Pineda – on the DL
    Nova – on the DL
    Sabathia – on the DL
    Tanaka – on the DL
    Kuroda – is 39 years old

    Jeter is retiring and the likely replacement is Asdrubal Cabrera.
    Brian McCann is OPSing .671
    Brian Roberts is a bad 1-week stretch from losing his job to that Refsnyder kid in the minors.
    There’s nothing at AAA.
    And out in Trenton, Tyler Austin, Slade Heathcott, Mason Williams and Ben Gamel are all scuffling. Gary Sanchez isn’t looking so hot either.
    Oh for the love of god…Manny Banuelos has 11 Games Started at AA this year…and just 28 innings pitched. Hahaha.

    The one silver lining is that surprisingly, the bullpen has performed rather well. Especially Dellin Betances.

  372. Bob Says:

    11 games started and 28 innings? Tommy John is in his future. Again

  373. Cameron Says:

    RIP Johnny Winter

  374. Cameron Says:

    Considering the Yankees currently list their DH as… Yangervis Solarte? Yeah, I think they’d welcome Kemp as a DH. Or Beltran. Or the corpse of Mickey Mantle.

  375. Raul Says:

    This is what happens, Bob.

    The Yankees continue to spend money on overpriced free agents who’ve already peaked.

    So they’re out here with Mark Teixeira earning buku money and he’s performing worse than Adam LaRoche and Lucas Duda.

    A few of these guys underperform or go down to injury and you don’t have the prospects to shoulder the load because you haven’t had a solid draft pick in years…because they always go to other teams as compensation picks or whatever.

    In 21 years, the Yankees have drafted higher than 20th just TWO times.
    Pitcher Matt Drews in 1993 at pick 13.
    And SS CJ Henry in 2005 at pick 17.

    Drews never made the Majors and was done with Tampa in 2000.
    Henry appeared to be done in 2008 befor surfacing in the Independent League for 57 games last year.

    But even drafting in the late 1st or early 2nd, you should have picked up SOME sleepers. But they never do.

    The Yankees are contenders at the ML level almost every year.
    But when it comes to developing talent and drafting…goodness sakes, they’re like the New York Jets.

  376. Cameron Says:

    The only Yankees first rounders that turned out were Ian Kennedy and Gerrit Cole… For other teams. …Maybe Phil Hughes wasn’t too bad. …Joba Chamberlain actually made the majors, which is better than most of the picks they make… Eric Duncan… Mark Prior was good for the Cubs for a year or so…

    Holy fuck this list is sad.

  377. Bob Says:

    And the Teixeira pick that went to the Angels? Le me head to the Farmington River for some Trout!!!

  378. Cameron Says:

    Speaking of Gerrit Cole, I decided to look at Pitt’s first rounders recently…

    2003 – Maholm
    2004 – Walker
    2005 – McCutchen
    2008 – Alvarez
    2011 – Cole

    They’ve picked up some major contributors to their team in the first alone. Plus another one, Vic Black, looks like the Mets’ future closer.

  379. Raul Says:

    That Trout pick will sting for a long time.

  380. Cameron Says:

    For the Yankees and the other 28 teams that passed over him.

    Least it isn’t Pujols bad. Tenth round, for fuck’s sake… I know Maple Valley Community College isn’t the best venue (believe me, it used to be a twenty minute drive) but anyone who watched Pujols even as a high schooler in Independence (fifteen minutes) could see the kid was a freak.

  381. Raul Says:

    A lot of kids are freakishly good around HS/Community College, though.

    Some kids are studs from a young age and play that way on every level.

    Some kids are good, but something eventually clicks and they become a lot better. Seemed to have happened with Johan Santana when he came up. It MIGHT be happening with that JD Martinez kid in Detroit.

  382. Cameron Says:

    Pujols was a .400 hitter and turning unassisted triples as a shortstop at MVCC. Not to mention he was the same size in college as he is now.

    Then again the midwest is the asshole of baseball scouting. NO ONE scouts outside the west coast and Florida because we don’t have year-round ball weather.

  383. Raul Says:

    Pretty sure people scout the midwest, Cam.

    But you’re probably right about not playing all year round.
    Still, some players do make it.

    BJ Surhoff is from near where I grew up.
    Carl Pavano is from CT, I think.
    And a few baseball players are from Rockland County…across the bridge from me.

    Isn’t that Brandon Nimmo kid with the Mets from Montana? Although he didn’t get called up yet.

  384. Bob Says:

    Pavano is from Southington. Nimmo is from Wyoming. And Chris Getz is from the South side of Grosse Pointe.

  385. Raul Says:

    Sometimes I’ll go on that Frivolties page of Baseball Reference.

    So I did a Chain of Teammates search with Honus Wagner and Andrew McCutchen.

    Honus Wagner played with Fred Carish for the 1904 Pirates.
    Fred Carish played with Earl Whitehill for the 1923 Tigers.
    Earl Whitehill played with Lou Boudreau for the 1938 Indians.
    Lou Boudreau played with Minnie Minoso for the 1949 Indians.
    Minnie Minoso played with Harold Baines for the 1980 White Sox. (That’s insane).
    Harold Baines played with John McDonald for the 1999 Indians.
    John McDonald played with Andrew McCutchen for the 2013 Pirates.

  386. Raul Says:

    Joe Torre is 74 today.
    Torii Hunter is 39.
    Ben Sheets is 36.
    And Mike Greenwell is 51.

  387. Cameron Says:

    They do scout the midwest, but it’s not nearly as intensive. West coast, Florida, and Texas are where you scout the high schoolers because of year-round programs. Once you hit college, regional bias doesn’t matter so much.

  388. Cameron Says:

    And Brandon Nimmo is from Wyoming. His case was interesting because Wyoming doesn’t sponsor baseball for its public high schools. All his experience was AAU ball.

  389. Bob Says:

    What a disastrous day for the Astros.

  390. Cameron Says:

    Also, fuck Aiken’s agent. He thought the Astros were trying to cut Aiken’s bonus (which was agreed to TWO DAYS AFTER HE DRAFTED AND WAS ALREADY SIGNED) so they could sign a TWENTY-FIRST ROUND PICK!

  391. Cameron Says:

    ESPN Magazine released The Body Issue. As someone with pro photography experience, it really is something to pick up and check out. They’re shot very well.

    Just uh… Avoid the Prince Fielder spread.

  392. Raul Says:

    How good is Clayton Kershaw?

    Like, if you were going to compare him to pitchers of the last 30 years, where does he stack up?

  393. Cameron Says:

    Over the last 30 years? …Early Boston-era Roger Clemens? It’s up there, I know that for damn sure. Kid’s a fucking freak.

  394. Cameron Says:

    To put it in perspective, only two pitchers with at least 1,000 IP have been harder to hit as measured by H/9.

    Nolan Ryan
    Sandy Koufax

    That’s it.

  395. Raul Says:


  396. Cameron Says:

    Yankees get an infield upgrade.

    Yankees Get
    3B Chase Headley

    Padres Get
    DH Yangervis Solarte
    RHP Rafael De Paula

  397. Cameron Says:

    Speaking of Chase Headley, he was in New York for the game tonight but (I assumed because of traveling from the west coast) was benched tonight. …Until the game went to 14 innings.

    First hit with the club is a walk-off single.

  398. Bob Says:

  399. Cameron Says:

    Well, that’s bizarre. Speaking of illnesses, the Denver Broncos owner is stepping back from active leadership to focus on his own health to combat his recent Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis.

    …I only bring this up because fellow Alzheimer’s patient Donald Sterling is suing the NBA even though I don’t think he should legally be allowed to sue anyone. He’s also suing his wife for… Something involving “deceiving” him by getting him medical testing that revealed said Alzheimer’s.

    There’s a reason people take the Broncos seriously while the Clippers are a multimillion dollar laughingstock. It’s called “not being a douchebag”.

  400. Cameron Says:

    Just curious, does the taste of curry seem inversely proportional to how much it smells like ass?

  401. Raul Says:


    I don’t know. Indian food isn’t my thing

  402. Bob Says:

    Sour grapes or on target?

  403. Bob Says:

    The Tigers get Soria but the Rangers get a decent package.

  404. Cameron Says:

    I miss Joakim. …Well, good Joakim. The guy we let go kinda sucked.

    And as for the sour grapes thing, little of column a little of column b? St. Louis may be small market, but they’re a team that doesn’t have problems getting people to wanna come to it and it’s payroll is so low because so many guys are on rookie deals/are arb eligible. This was not the kind of team this rule had in mind.

  405. Cameron Says:

    Two-hit complete game shutout for Clayton Kershaw last night, or as he calls it “average”.

  406. Bob Says:

    In the scheme of things a classy gesture all around.

    1. Guy gets his ring back.
    2. Other guy gets to see Jeter’s farewell.
    3. Charity gets a donation.
    4. Yankee fan gets to bust a Sox fan for being careless. He deserved to have his balls busted.

  407. Cameron Says:

    Even better, it’s a relief fund for Fire Island.

    …What? It’s a nice community. Like Key West, and San Francisco, and… Yeah, joke’s getting old now…

  408. Raul Says:

    I’m on a 3-week winning streak in my fantasy baseball league.

    But I’m gonna need Kershaw to lose his next start (my opponent has Kershaw).

    Good news is, he’s facing Teheran…and Teheran’s a solid pitcher.
    Bad news is, the Braves might strike out 17 times against Kershaw.
    Good news is, my opponent also has Teheran on is fantasy team, so I gotta think it’ll even out. Unless the game ends up 1-0 with both of them pitching complete games. LOL.

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