Strasburg’s Debut Announced

by JeffMoore

Book your tickets to Altoona, Pennsylvania prospect fans, because that’s where Stephen Strasburg will make his professional debut, on April 11th.

This was the announcement made by the Washington Nationals today and reported by  The irony of the date is being pointed out in multiple places, as the 11th is the day the Nationals will need a 5th starter for the first time.  It should be pointed out, however, that if the Nationals had elected to keep Strasburg in the majors, he would have been no less than their third starter, almost certainly slated to pitch in their opening series.

Instead, Strasburg will make his professional debut as a member of the Harrisburg Senators against the Altoona Curve, a Pittsburgh Pirates affiliate.

20 Responses to “Strasburg’s Debut Announced”

  1. Richard Says:

    Makes you wonder, since they decided to start him on the road, instead of lining the pockets of their own affiliate. It sounds as if Mr. Strasburg will be in D.C. sooner rather than later.

  2. brautigan Says:

    “Professional debut”? What, the Arizona Fall League has amateur status?

  3. JeffMoore Says:

    You’re right. I should have specified that it is his professional regular season debut.

  4. Raul Says:

    The hype around this guy is setting the situation up to be a major let-down.

    If Strasburg fails to win 300 games, like, OMG. Total bust.
    I wonder if he’s gotten a call from Mark Prior yet.

    In related news, the Hall of Fame has begun production on Bryce Harper’s plaque.

  5. Seven Says:

    The hype for Lebron James was setting HIM up for a major let-down too. And he’s probably outperformed expectations to this point. Baseball is clearly way different (more mental I would think), but let’s all just wait and see.

  6. Chuck Says:

    Since the inception of the draft, eleven college pitchers have gone number one overall (not including Strasburg).

    Seven of those eleven made their ML debuts the year after they were drafted.

    Of the four who didn’t (Bryan Bullington, Kris Benson, Paul Wilson and Tim Belcher) two (Bullington and Benson) were injured.

    Clearly the Nats’ sending of Strasburg out isn’t unprecedented, nor could it be considered primarily a money saving issue, although that certainly plays a smaller role in the decision.

    The biggest jump any player will make during his career will be the move from amateur to professional.

    Despite his stuff, which is legitimate (unlike that of Aroldis Chapman) and his draft standing, Strasburg is not yet ready to pitch in the major leagues.

  7. Raul Says:

    I think Chapman and Strasburg should both spend a year in the minor leagues, with maybe a brief call-up in September.

    What’s the rush? Both of them need seasoning and both are pitching for organizations that are battling to stay out of last place in the division.

  8. Hossrex Says:

    Jeff Moore: “The irony of the date is being pointed out in multiple places, as the 11th is the day the Nationals will need a 5th starter for the first time.”

    I wouldn’t necessarily call that ironic. Sounds like Washington is setting up it’s rotation for him to slip easily into position when he’s called up around May.

    Even if he’d broken camp with the team, the Nationals wouldn’t want him pitching more than 150ish innings, or making more than about 25 starts. Considering the kid gloves they use to handle these young phenom arms these days, I don’t think starting the year in the minors is even a set-back.

  9. Chuck Says:

    Reds cut Chapman today.

  10. JeffMoore Says:

    Not officially they didn’t, but for all intents and purposes they did. GM Walt Jocketty said:

    “The injury set him back to the point where it’s going to be tough for him to be ready to start the season as one of our five starters.”

    So it’s coming, but they haven’t made an official roster move yet or said where he’s going to go.

  11. Chuck Says:


    Not official to the outside world.

    He’s pitching three innings in a split squad game tomorrow, then it’s off to minor league camp.

    He’ll stay in extended spring training until he proves healthy, then likely will report, in all likelihood, to their high Class A team in Lynchburg.

  12. Hossrex Says:

    I agree with Chuck that what he’s laid out is what they SHOULD do.

    The only reason I disagree is that the Reds (as someone has said above) will be fighting to avoid the cellar. It doesn’t matter whether or not the team is any good… because they just AREN’T going to contend. They might as well Veeck it out, and run out 9 trained chimpanzees.

    For purely financial, public relation, and attendance reasons (i.e. all the reasons that have nothing to do with winning ball games), Chapman will start a game in Cincinnati the day he’s healthy.

  13. Chuck Says:

    The NL Central blows, Rex, and Cincinnati really isn’t all that bad.

    85 wins is going to take that Division, there’s four teams, Cincy included, that can win that many.

    Being a chef, I have alot of recipes for exotic foods.

    Crow being one of them.

  14. Hossrex Says:

    Assuming there weren’t any DRASTIC changes in the NL Central that I’m forgetting, the Reds from last year would have to have picked up 13 wins to take the division… and again assuming the teams are pretty much the same as last year, but 85 wins will take the division (which I honestly think sounds about right), the Reds will STILL need to improve 7 games.

    Baseball is a hell of a sport, where anything could happen, and I certainly wouldn’t put any of my hard earned cash on a bet for the Reds to finish second or lower… but I still just don’t see it.

    A healthy Cardinals team, and a healthy Cubs team are certainly realistic contenders.

    Otherwise… I disagree with you about the Reds being bad. They only really have one quality pitcher. Can anyone say Chapman would really be all that much worse than 7 and 12 Micah Owings?

    They only had one batter above .300, and only three position players played more than 102 games.

    Chapman will sell tickets. Harang, Owings, and Bailey wont.

  15. Chuck Says:

    Nice post Rex, but you could have only submitted the last two sentences to make your point.

    Hitting 100 on the radar gun is like joining the Mile High Club or bagging the senior cheerleading captain when you were a sophomore to become a legend.

    Chapman couldn’t make the “A” team in Cuba. The competition he pitched against was arguably no better than what Strasburg pitched against in college and posted a 24-20 record and an ERA over 4.00 while leading the league in walks three times out of four years.

    And let’s not forget the fact he lied about his age.

    Please, please, please, please…..let’s stop listening to Buster Olney and the rest of the Geek Squad and actually Google “Aroldis Chapman scouting report” before posting stuff and sounding like a horse’s ass.

    Odds on favorite to be Cincy’s fifth starter is Mike Leake, their #1 pick in 2009 from ASU.

    HE will begin his career in the major leagues, unlike Chapman and Stephen Strasburg.

    Leake barely hits 90 on the gun…on a good day.

    Look at Strasburg’s numbers from last year for SDSU..who did he pitch against? ONE nationally ranked team, and that was in the Tournament? Who else did he pitch against? Cal Poly School of Geekdom?

    Look at Leake’s stats..pitching in the Pac-10..UCLA, USC…out of conference ranked teams..Florida State, Nebraska.

    Seriously…convince me he didn’t have a better year than “Mr. 100″.

  16. Hossrex Says:

    Chuck: “Cal Poly School of Geekdom?

    lol… my best friend graduated from Cal Poly!

    So did Weird Al.

    (Cal Poly is just up the 101 from me)

  17. Cameron Says:

    If Chapman really is 22 (depending on sources, he could be as old as 28), then he’s got time. He’s got good stuff, not as good as what he was hyped but better than a lot, and with seasoning, he could be pretty damn impressive at the major league level. Same with Strasburg. All they need is mental conditioning to go in a game environment different than what they’re used to. (For Strasburg, longer games [I think] and wooden bats. For Chapman, more seasoned hitters who are actually happy in the country they’re in).

    They’ll be major-ready by season’s end and will probably be ready to handle the ace role by next opening day. My money’s on Strasburg to pan out better, but they’ll both be good. They’ve got the talent, just need to get used to the game.

  18. Hossrex Says:

    Cameron: “If Chapman really is 22 (depending on sources, he could be as old as 28)

    MLBtv was saying the other day about how Manny Ramirez was only 37, and still had a few good years left before he was truly “done”.

    Is there anyone here who HONESTLY thinks Manny Ramirez is a day younger than 40?

  19. Cameron Says:

    I’m not gonna kick Manny when he’s down. Such a shame that they cut him off his medication. He would’ve made a wonderful mother.

    (First joke of the day for me, something tells me I’m gonna be on a roll.)

  20. Hossrex Says:

    Cameron: “Such a shame that they cut him off his medication. He would’ve made a wonderful mother.

    As a Dodger fan… I must say… HOW DARE YOU! It’s HIS CHOICE! If he doesn’t want to bring his baby to full term, it’s HIS RIGHT! HIS BODY! THE SUPREME COURT HAS DECIDED!

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