Dugout Central Challenge Update

July 17th, by KerryWhisnant

At the beginning of the season, Dugout Central staff and readers were challenged to predict the number of wins during the regular season for each major league team. Here we see how they are doing at the All-Star break.

Fifth Annual Dugout Central Challenge – MLB Win Predictions

April 8th, by KerryWhisnant

Before the season began, Dugout Central staff and readers were challenged to predict win totals for all thirty MLB teams. In this article the predictions are presented.

Fifth Annual Dugout Central Challenge

March 17th, by KerryWhisnant

Who are the best teams? Who are the worst teams? And just how good or bad are they? Dugout Central staff and readers are again challenged to predict win totals for all thirty MLB teams.

Results for the 2012 Dugout Central Challenge

March 17th, by KerryWhisnant

There was another close battle for the Dugout Central Challenge in 2012.

Happy Spring Training Day!

February 14th, by Chuck

Pitchers and catchers have reported, and in most cases position players have started to trickle in as well. The Arizona Diamondbacks have their first “full-squad” workout later today, and by the weekend all teams will be going through the motions of getting ready for the new season.
This off-season was one of the strangest I can [...]

Frivolties: 27 Days

January 14th, by JohnBowen

What are some baseball-y things having to do with the number 27?

Thomas Wayne’s Hall of Fame Ballot

January 8th, by Chuck

By: Thomas Wayne
Best way to get a tried and true baseball fan riled up is to tell them who does or doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame when said fan carries an opposing opinion. We’ve all cried out for those who are in Cooperstown but shouldn’t be and those who have been left out [...]

Thomas Wayne is BACK…you have been warned…lol

December 14th, by ThomasWayne

Trade Gives Reds the Lead-off Man they were Missing

December 12th, by JohnBowen

Choo adds an element to the Reds game.

Did Trade Make Royals Contenders in 2013?

December 10th, by JohnBowen

John looks at the Blockbuster Trade between the Rays and Royals, and weighs the odds that it brings playoff baseball back to KC.

2012 Season Awards – John’s Picks

November 9th, by JohnBowen

National League ROY
1) Wade Miley, SP (ARI)
2) Nate Frazier, 1B/3B (CIN)
3) Bryce Harper, OF (WAS)
Miley made a big splash in his first full season as a big leaguer, going 16-11 and finishing 10th in the National League with a 3.33 ERA and sixth with a K/BB ratio of 3.89. Frazier gets the nod over Harper [...]

Seriously? Melky?

October 24th, by JohnBowen

A few have suggested that the Giants might be missing something they need to make their final push towards their second title in three years.
Dan Szymborski of ESPN writes:
“When compared with left field alternates Gregor Blanco and Xavier Nady, that’s still enough to give Cabrera a 4-win edge over 162 games. ZiPS estimates the dropoff in team [...]

If Miguel Cabrera Wins the Triple Crown, is he the MVP?

September 19th, by JohnBowen


The Good/Bad behind the Second Wild Card

September 17th, by JohnBowen

With the first season with second Wild Cards in effect, an exciting race is shaping up in the National League. Whereas in years past, the four NL playoff teams would have been decided by the start of the month, this year’s race features the Cardinals, Dodgers, Brewers, Pirates, Phillies, and Diamondbacks all within 5 games [...]

So, just how flukish are the Orioles?

August 20th, by JohnBowen

Can they keep getting outscored and make the playoffs?

stars  Feature Articlestars

December 19th, by Chuck

So, it’s been awhile since anything fresh has been written, sorry about that. With John off saving the world it’s up to me to keep everyone entertained, and entertainment isn’t my strong suit.
Sure, I could easily post something everyday, like Brian Kenny making an ass of himself, but even that would get stale eventually….right?
*Speaking of [...]

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flames  Hot Corner (most recent comment) flames

Commented By: Raul

Wow. I met Paul Blair once. Very nice man. RIP.