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Happy Opening Night!

Sunday, March 31st, by JohnBowen

Tonight, the Astros play their first game as an American League team against their new rivals, the cross-state Texas Rangers.
As of this writing, the game is tied 0-0, which means the Astros haven’t quite been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention!
Tomorrow, baseball returns. Your opening match-ups, along with a common player from each:
Rangers @ Astros (Nolan [...]

Monday, February 4th, by JohnBowen

By Bob Owens

Breaking: Bob Melvin Extended for Two Years

Monday, January 14th, by JohnBowen

As reported by, Bob Melvin has been extended by Billy Beane and the Oakland A’s through the 2016 season.
Melvin took over the club mid-way through 2011, when the team was struggling amidst after Beane had brought in a number of players on short-term deals to compete for a division title.
The very next year – [...]

Frivolties: 27 Days

Monday, January 14th, by JohnBowen

What are some baseball-y things having to do with the number 27?

Free Agent Talk: Michael Bourn

Monday, January 14th, by JohnBowen

Michael Bourn is the top position player left on the free agent market – where do you think he ends up?

Team HOF vs. Team Reject

Wednesday, January 9th, by JohnBowen

One of the strongest ballots in history was shut-out by an oligarchy of moral tyrants. How do the rejects compare to recent Hall of Famers?

Monday, December 31st, by JohnBowen

Over the weekend, Detroit Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter was quoted as saying the following regarding the prospect of having a gay teammate:
“For me, as a Christian … I will be uncomfortable because in all my teachings and all my learning, biblically, it’s not right. It will be difficult and uncomfortable.”
It shouldn’t be too difficult [...]

Friday, December 14th, by JohnBowen

It has become increasingly clear that the New York Mets are unwilling to offer reigning NL Cy Young award winner R.A. Dickey a contract extension – at least not one suitable to him. They have reportedly gone as high as 2 years, 20 million dollars, or slightly better than the deal landed by reigning Los [...]

Trade Gives Reds the Lead-off Man they were Missing

Wednesday, December 12th, by JohnBowen

Choo adds an element to the Reds game.

Did Trade Make Royals Contenders in 2013?

Monday, December 10th, by JohnBowen

John looks at the Blockbuster Trade between the Rays and Royals, and weighs the odds that it brings playoff baseball back to KC.

Breaking: Marlins Trade Entire Team to Blue Jays

Tuesday, November 13th, by JohnBowen

In spite of not winning the World Series, the Miami Marlins have decided to engage in yet another fire sale. Jeffrey Loria, in his customary fashion, has agreed to the following trade with the Toronto Blue Jays:
Blue Jays Get:
Jose Reyes (SS)
Mark Buehrle (SP)
Josh Johnson (SP)
John Buck (C)
Marlins Get:
Yunel Escobar (SS)
Adeiny Hechavarria (SS)
Update: Marlins also [...]

2012 Season Awards – John’s Picks

Friday, November 9th, by JohnBowen

National League ROY
1) Wade Miley, SP (ARI)
2) Nate Frazier, 1B/3B (CIN)
3) Bryce Harper, OF (WAS)
Miley made a big splash in his first full season as a big leaguer, going 16-11 and finishing 10th in the National League with a 3.33 ERA and sixth with a K/BB ratio of 3.89. Frazier gets the nod over Harper [...]

Silver Slugger Winners Named

Thursday, November 8th, by JohnBowen

National League
C – Buster Posey (SFG)
1B – Adam LaRoche (WAS)
2B – Aaron Hill (ARI)
3B – Chase Headley (SDP)
SS – Ian Desmond (WAS)
OF – Ryan Braun (MIL)
OF – Andrew McCutchen
OF – Jay Bruce (CIN)
P – Stephen Strasbourg (WAS)
No major complaints here until –  Jay Bruce, who hit just .252/.327/.514 for the 18th best OPS in the [...]

Seriously? Melky?

Wednesday, October 24th, by JohnBowen

A few have suggested that the Giants might be missing something they need to make their final push towards their second title in three years.
Dan Szymborski of ESPN writes:
“When compared with left field alternates Gregor Blanco and Xavier Nady, that’s still enough to give Cabrera a 4-win edge over 162 games. ZiPS estimates the dropoff in team [...]

If Miguel Cabrera Wins the Triple Crown, is he the MVP?

Wednesday, September 19th, by JohnBowen