American League Players at Mid-Season

by JohnBowen

Having looked at the paces that teams are on, we’re going to check in on individual leaders.


First, we’ll look at the paces some batters are on for 2011, listing the top-3 in each statistic.

I’ll start with some rate statistics, followed by counting statistics:

Batting Average

Adrian Gonzalez: .352

Miguel Cabrera: .332

Victor Martinez: .329

On-Base Percentage

Jose Bautista: .470

Miguel Cabrera: .453

Adrian Gonzalez: .407

Slugging Percentage

Jose Bautista: .659

Adrian Gonzalez: .593

Miguel Cabrera: .586


Jose Bautista: 208

Miguel Cabrera: 192

Adrian Gonzalez: 170


Adrian Gonzalez: 230

Michael Young: 204

Jacoby Ellsbury: 194

Runs Scored

Curtis Granderson: 140

Jose Bautista: 122

Miguel Cabrera: 120


Ben Zobrist: 54

Adrian Gonzalez: 50

Alex Gordon: 48


Curtis Granderson: 14

Austin Jackson: 12

Peter Bourjos: 12

Home Runs

Mark Teixeira: 50

Jose Bautista: 48

Paul Konerko and Curtis Granderson: 42


Adrian Gonzalez: 142

Mark Teixeira: 126

Paul Konerko: 122

Stolen Bases

Jacoby Ellsbury: 50

Elvis Andrus: 48

Coco Crisp: 48


Adam Dunn: 200

Austin Jackson: 190

Mark Reynolds: 162

WAR – Batters

Jose Bautista: 10.4

Adrian Gonzalez: 9.0

Miguel Cabrera: 7.6


Next, we’ll look at the paces that pitchers are on for 2011, listing the top-3 in each statistic.

Earned Run Average

Jared Weaver: 1.97

Josh Beckett: 2.20

Justin Verlander: 2.32

Adjusted Earned Run Average

Jared Weaver: 187

Josh Beckett: 183

Gio Gonzalez: 164


Justin Verlander: 0.862

Josh Beckett: 0.929

Jared Weaver: 0.932


Dan Haren: 5.444

David Price: 5.273

Josh Tomlin: 4.833


Justin Verlander: 260

James Shields: 254

Felix Hernadnez: 248

Innings Pitched

Justin Verlander: 271.1

CC Sabathia: 260.1

Felix Hernandez: 258

Complete Games

James Shields: 12

Justin Verlander: 8

Jared Weaver and JC Romero: 6


Mariano Rivera: 42

Brandon League: 42

Jose Valverde and Chris Perez: 38


Justin Verlander: 22

CC Sabathia: 22

Jon Lester: 20


Fausto Carmona: 20

Jeremy Guthrie: 18

Jeff Francis: 18


Justin Verlander: 9.0

Jered Weaver: 8.8

Josh Beckett: 7.6

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162 Responses to “American League Players at Mid-Season”

  1. Raul Says:

    Alex Rodriguez made his 14th All Star Game.

    Though not a typical A-Rod season, he’s having a good one and well-deserved considering the AL competition.

    But Derek Jeter getting elected to his 12th All-Star game is a sick joke.
    Among the 11 qualifying American League Shortstops, Jeter ranks 8th in OPS — behind Alexi Casilla.

  2. Raul Says:

    Garret Jones comes back from 0-2 to work a walk.
    Incredible since I didn’t think Jones was capable of doing so.

  3. Raul Says:

    8-2 Pirates leading.
    1 out, Jones on 1st.

    McCutchen was 2-2 and got robbed of a hit his last time up so he’s 2-3 and has been on fire this series.

    Nationals call a meeting at the mound.
    McCutchen goes down 0-2 in the count before taking a ball and then shooting a grounder to 2B for a single.

    This kid is good.

    I went to take a quick shower so I’m not sure what happened, but it’s 10-2 Pirates in the bottom of the 6th.

  4. Cameron Says:

    Holy shit, Alex Avila is starting the All-Star Game. I can’t believe it.

    Also, is holding the All-Star final vote. Here’s your ballot

    Alex Gordon
    Adam Jones
    Paul Konerko
    Victor Martinez
    Ben Zobrist

    Andre Ethier
    Todd Helton
    Ian Kennedy
    Michael Morse
    Shane Victorino

    …I will make this perfectly clear. Vote for Alex Gordon or I will come to your house and eat you children. If you have no children, I’ll just eat you instead.

  5. Raul Says:

    I’d go Alex Gordon and Ian Kennedy.

    But I can’t be mad if Konerko gets the votes.

  6. Cameron Says:

    In all fairness, I like Jones enough as a player and Konerko enough as a monster with a bat to respect their winning. But that won’t stop me from spamming the ever-loving fuck out of the voting for Gordon.

    And my NL vote is going for Kennedy as well, but I have some outside hope for Morse for a breakout yeae.

  7. Cameron Says:

    Fuck me sideways, I just saw who KC’s All-Star selection is.

    Aaron Crow.

  8. JohnBowen Says:

    McCutchen straight-up wasn’t selected. At all. Not even for the final vote.

    That’s ridiculous. Abso-fucking-lutely ridiculous.

    I’d go Konerko and Kennedy for the final vote.

  9. Cameron Says:

    Tell me John, how would you like me to cook you? I prefer medium-rare.

  10. Raul Says:

    I guess they felt that Shane Victorino was the better player.

  11. Cameron Says:

    I think it goes by vote totals on who gets chances, and Catch 22 had no support.

  12. JohnBowen Says:

    Since when?

  13. JohnBowen Says:

    You know the cliche “if you had one player to build your team around, who’d you pick?”

    I think I’d pick McCutchen.

  14. Cameron Says:

    McCutchen was pretty far down on the vote totals last I checked.

  15. JohnBowen Says:

    I thought managers just went with who they thought were the best players who hadn’t been voted to start?

    The only NL OFer better than McCutchen has been Matt Kemp this season.

  16. Raul Says:

    Russell Martin hit a double.
    Ramiro Pena hits it back to the pitcher and Martin gets in a rundown between 2nd and 3rd but he’s never tagged.

    Called out but that’s bullshit.
    And you can’t really argue he’s out of the baseline.

  17. Raul Says:

    Jose Bautista has now homered in 3 straight games, and 4 out of his last 6

  18. Cameron Says:

    For the final vote, I meant.

  19. JohnBowen Says:

    Bottom of the 7th, bases loaded, 2 outs, up by 1.

    Does Ron Roenicke go with his closer?

    Nope. Kameron Loe goes out there and gets to blow another lead.

    I wish the save had never been invented.

  20. JohnBowen Says:

    @18, how does Ian Kennedy get in there then?

  21. Cameron Says:

    Um… Uh… *runs away*

  22. Raul Says:


    You don’t know how to play baseball!
    You have to save your closer for those important 10th and 11th innings!

  23. JohnBowen Says:

    Jim Thome swatted #595 today.

  24. Cameron Says:

    Wow, you have to admire the degree of self-delusion that Ned Coletti is at. When asked if the Dodgers were going to be sellers at the trade deadline, he had this to say.

    “We haven’t been healthy all year, but I still don’t think we’ve played as well as we can play. The next three-plus weeks, if we can show some of that, we might be adding people.”

    Ned… It’s over. Your team’s about to be sold, your last set of payroll checks bounced, and you’re dead last in the division. Give up the ghost.

  25. Raul Says:

    let it riiiiiiiddddddeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  26. JohnBowen Says:

    Mark Kotsay seems like the kind of player Coletti would love. You know, because he’s terrible at baseball. The Brewers should try to trade Kotsay for Kershaw and Kemp. See if old Ned’s down.

  27. Chuck Says:

    The fact Kennedy wasn’t selected is a joke.

    You know, if the Yankees expect to go far into the postseason, they better start looking into getting a closer.

  28. JohnBowen Says:

    “The fact Kennedy wasn’t selected is a joke”


    “You know, if the Yankees expect to go far into the postseason, they better start looking into getting a closer.”

    Rivera’s numbers before today: 1.69 ERA, 0.969 WHIP.

    You really think there are a lot of guys out there better than that?

  29. JohnBowen Says:

    Was there a rule that a certain number of meh relievers had to be chosen?

    How does Ron Washington look at the Mariners and think, man, fuck Pineda, I want the closer with a 107 ERA+ in all of hmm 33 innings (worth 0.1 WAR).

  30. Cameron Says:

    You look at how many times Washington’s going “Fuck, Pineda!” during the season and you don’t realize why the kid’s not there? It’s revenge.

  31. Chuck Says:

    Yeah, I can’t imagine anyone being able to justify the pick of Brandon League unless it’s blackmail.

    It’s not like Kennedy’s having an OK season, and he’s certainly a deserving All-Star, but, Jesus Christ, the game is IN Arizona.

    Not only should he have been the first pitcher named to the team, he should be the fucking starter.

  32. Raul Says:

    Albert Pujols is expected to return after the break.
    He’s sitting on 17 homers and his career low is 32 in 2007.

    Does he break 30 this season?

  33. Cameron Says:


  34. Chuck Says:

    Am I the only one who is not surprised Sabathia’s not an All Star?

  35. Cameron Says:

    I think we were too pissed at the McCutchen snub to notice.

  36. Chuck Says:

    The Royals scored their most runs today in seven years and have their most hits in five, and Alex Gordon takes the collar.

  37. Cameron Says:

    Tough break for Gordon today, but HOLY FUCK!

  38. John Says:

    I think Sabathia’s worthy, but at the same time, its clear he doesn’t deserve 11 wins.

    McCutchen? That’s an embarassment. Same with Jeter getting voted in.

  39. Chuck Says:

    Jeter made an error in his rehab game in Trenton which cost Manny Banuelos three unearned runs.

    Feel better now?

  40. Raul Says:

    I don’t take any pride in Jeter being a defensive liability to the Yankees.

    But I will always point out his shortcomings to his fans that act like he’s a God.

  41. Chuck Says:

    Not all the “stars” at the All Star game are actually stars.

    If someone from Nofuckingwhere, Alaska wants to sit in front of his battery operated computer and ballot stuff Derek Jeter for the AS game because he’s never seen him before, I got no problem.

    Since the fans have been voting stuff like this happens all the time. Willie Mays, Cal Ripken Jr, Trevor Hoffman, Griffey, on and on.

    Seriously, who gives a rip?

    Are you going to boycott watching the game because Jeter’s in the lineup?

    If so, good for you.

    If not, shut the fuck up.

  42. Raul Says:

    CC Sabathia not being elected to the All Star Game is a reflection of Yankees fans and it’s their fault alone he wasn’t elected.

    They went out and elected Derek Jeter but not Sabathia?

    I’m not too upset Sabathia wasn’t elected because the guys that were elected are damn good.

  43. John Says:

    Jeter’s career fielding percentage is very high.

    Making errors has never been his problem.

    But if you’re too slow to get to a ball, you can’t make an error on it.

  44. Raul Says:


    I rarely watch the game. Contrary to probably ever fan there is, I’d actually be more interested in the game if it was played like a real game — meaning pitchers stay in for as long as they’re effective.

    I’m not interested in seeing a guy play 1 or 2 innings.

  45. John Says:

    Pitchers are not elected bt the fans, they’re picked by the managers.

    CC not getting picked is on RW, not the fans.

  46. Raul Says:

    This is amazing.

    The Yankees lost to the Mets today because Ramiro Pena made 2 errors. Andrew Marchand (who looks like he plays in the rain with no shoes on, if you know what I mean) on makes the case that somehow this is why the Yankees still need Derek Jeter at SS — because say what you want about the superior range of Eduardo Nunez or Ramiro Pena, Jeter wouldn’t blow it on balls that are hit right at him.

    Maybe, Marchand has a point. For all the crap I give Jeter about his fielding, he IS a sure-handed player. Probably one of the most reliable players I’ve seen at the position when it comes to balls being hit his way.

    But, I’m gonna go ahead and say that over the long-term, it’s probably unlikely that players constantly make errors like Pena did today.

    The defense thing made me wonder though….if I had to craft an infield of players based mostly on defense over the last 15 years, I’d probably go:

    C – Brad Ausmus
    1B – John Olerud
    2B – Roberto Alomar
    3B – Scott Rolen
    SS – Omar Vizquel


    You guys have been around the block longer than I have. Generally speaking, going back 30 years or so, I think most people would agree that some of the best SS have been Ozzie Smith, Cal Ripken and Robin Yount.

    But who are some of the other guys you’d say were great (at least, defensively)?
    Alan Trammell?
    Omar Vizquel?
    Tony Fernandez?
    Dare I say….Alvaro Espinoza? LOL

  47. Raul Says:

    Just saw “J Uribe” on a list of SS in 1985.
    Turns out it’s Jose Uribe.

    Not Juan Uribe’s father. He’s Juan Uribe’s uncle.

    Jose Uribe passed away in 2006 in a car crash in DR. He was 47.

    I don’t know if Jose Uribe was a better or equal SS to Juan, but one thing is certain…neither one of them could hit worth a damn.

  48. Raul Says:

    Son of a bitch.

    I just saw Juan Uribe’s baseball-reference page in comparing him to Jose Uribe…

    Jose Uribe: 5′10 and 155 lbs
    Juan Uribe: 5′11 and 230 lbs

    That’s right. Juan Uribe has a listed weight that is actually higher than Mark Teixeira.

  49. Cameron Says:

    He’s still 45 pounds lighter than Prince Fielder.

    …On the other hand, he’s a fucking shortstop.

  50. Chuck Says:

    Off the top of my head..

    Ozzie, Garry Templeton, Tim Foli, Chris Speier.

    He was more 70’s than 80’s I guess, but one of the more underrated defensive shortstops was Rick Burleson.

    It takes alot for me to say that because he was a Red Suck.

  51. Chuck Says:

    Nationals promoted Bryce Harper to AA.

    Now let’s see how he plays without a skirt.

  52. John Says:

    Mystery solved: CC is pitching the sunday before the all-star game; that’s why he wasn’t picked.

  53. Chuck Says:

    Nice cover.

  54. Cameron Says:

    They have enough guys to cover an emergency start, why not give CC the day off?

    Also, another kick in the nuts. Andrew McCutchen isn’t in the All-Star game, but Ryan Voglesong is. Guess who manages his team?

  55. Raul Says:


    The Pirates beat the Astros today.
    Of note: It was their 4th straight sellout crowd.

    Pittsburgh is three games over .500 at 44-41.

  56. Raul Says:

    I’m listening to the Arizona broadcast of the Brewers and Diamondbacks and one of the guys said that the Brewers actually have the smallest market in baseball — and yet they manage to draw very well.

    I’ll keep that in mind when talking about Oakland.

  57. Cameron Says:

    In terms of size, they’re right. Milwaukee is the smallest metropolitan area a team is based in (Kansas City’s 29th), but both teams give enough of a shit about the team to support it and make it a consistent draw.

  58. Raul Says:


    1st and 3rd.
    Bunt goes right to Miranda at 1B and he somehow bounces it home from like 20 feet away.

    McGehee scores.
    1-0 Brew Crew.

  59. Raul Says:

    Grand Slam home run for Shaun Marcum.

  60. Raul Says:

    Wily Mo just destroyed a pitch to LF.

  61. Cameron Says:

    Seems like he’s getting one of these hits every game or so.

  62. Raul Says:

    I’m just amazed by his power.

  63. Cameron Says:

    Power’s been one thing Willy Mo’s always been able to rely on. Never to this degree, though. The sad thing is, he used to be an actual ballplayer. Now he’s a David Ortiz clone on an NL team.

  64. Raul Says:

    The Home Run Derby should just be Wily Mo Pena and Mike Stanton

  65. Raul Says:

    Whenever Mike Stanton hits a homer, you almost imagine him looking at it and thinking “Fuck you” in his head.

  66. Cameron Says:

    Whenever Mike Stanton hits a homer, an angel gets its wings.

  67. Raul Says:

    I think the longest homer I’ve ever seen was when Vladimir Guerrero was in Montreal. I’m not sure but I think the Expos were playing against the Braves and Guerrero hit one that hit a speaker…or came close to it.

    I was like…holy crap.

    I remember the Galarraga homer in Florida, but I didn’t actually see it live, so I don’t count that one.

    I also recall Mark McGwire hitting a homer off Randy Johnson in Seattle that I think went pretty far. I don’t recall the distance, but the announcers made some point about the ball coming in at like 97 MPH and leaving at 101 or something.

  68. Chuck Says:

    After Pena’s homer Mark Grace went next door to the Brewer’s broadcast booth and asked color analyst Bill Schroeder if he ever saw a ball go that far to left and he said no.

    Greg Schulte is the Dbacks radio announcer and has been since the first game.

    Stanton hit a ball over the pool in right center and over the seating area into the walkway.

    Schulte said it was only the second ball he’d seen clear the bleachers..Ken Griffey Jr. hit the other one, and I was at the game when he did.

    It’s a fucking bomb for a lefty, much less a righty.

  69. Raul Says:

    Griffey seemed like one of those guys who had good power, but you rarely saw it.

    He’d hit most homers like 10 rows back or something.
    Then he’d go to the Home Run Derby and hit like seven 450-foot homers.

  70. Cameron Says:

    He wasn’t trying to hit homers I think, he just ended up doing it because he was that strong and put good wood on it.

    That and he realized you win the Derby by number of homers, not your longest one. Don’t gas yourself or you pull a Josh Hamilton.

    Josh Hamilton’s also a great case on why you shouldn’t enter the Derby to begin with.

  71. Chuck Says:

    Josh Tomlin has a no-hitter thru six vs. the Yankees.

    Tomlin also set a ML record in this game by pitching five or more innings in the first 29 starts of his career.

  72. John Says:

    @56, its a very loyal fanbase by and large. Ryan Braun is consistently a leading vote-getter (actually setting an NL record this year).

    Tailgating is absolutely huge in WI, making ballgames more than just a 3 hour affair but kind of a full day party.

    Also keep in mind that Milwaukee – and I say this having loved growing up there – has a lot less stuff to do than your typical city (except during summer fest). Sporting events are huge for us. And its very hard to ever get Packers tickets so…

  73. Cameron Says:

    You can pretty much copy-paste that comment and replace Milwaukee with Kansas City and you’ve got the same thing.

    Except our tailgates have more barbecue. You can smell the tailgaters for miles.

  74. John Says:

    @71, that’s interesting, especially since Acta routinely pulls pitchers before their 100th pitch. I would’ve guessed Valenzuela had that record, but I guess not.

  75. Chuck Says:

    That didn’t last long.

  76. John Says:

    Yeah, replace bbq with brats for Milwaukee.

    Kaufman is such a great atmosphere.

    You know what I love getting when I visit KC? Burnt ends. Its like the only city I’ve been to that has them.

  77. Cameron Says:

    Burnt ends, food of the gods.

  78. Raul Says:

    Burnett blew this one.

  79. Chuck Says:

    No he didn’t, Brett Gardner and ARod not catching a pop up did.

  80. Raul Says:

    Probably. Gardner should have had it. But Gardner didn’t give up the homer to Austin Kearns.

  81. Chuck Says:

    He never should have hit in the first place, and besides, Kearns went oppo into a fifteen MPH wind and got one into the first row.

    Burnett made a good two strike pitch and obviously Kearns was looking outside and beat him.

    Tip your hat to him.

  82. Cameron Says:

    You know, I think college sports should stop using the term “redshirt”. Not nearly enough of them die to justify the term.

  83. Raul Says:

    I don’t even get the concept behind it.

  84. Cameron Says:

    The origin of the term? They usually wear a red jersey during the practice games. But I think it’s to preserve a year of eligibility or something. It’s tricky.

  85. Raul Says:

    My bad.

    I mean, I don’t agree with the concept of redshirting. It’s stupid.
    If you aren’t good enough to play today, go fuck yourself at some I-AA school

  86. Lefty33 Says:

    “Also, another kick in the nuts. Andrew McCutchen isn’t in the All-Star game, but Ryan Voglesong is. Guess who manages his team?”

    Vogelsong has been more consistent than 99% of the starting pitchers in Baseball so far this year and especially considering his history it’s amazing what he’s done with what is no doubt at his age his last shot at sticking with a big league team.

    He’s second in the NL in ERA and has only had one bad start this year.

    He 100% deserves to be there. If you want to take someone off the roster who’s been less than consistent to make space for McCutchen start with Lee.

  87. Lefty33 Says:

  88. Raul Says:


    I just don’t agree with it as a policy.
    If you aren’t good enough to play, go somewhere else. Being red-shirted so that you can wait for someone BETTER than you to get out of the system is bullshit.

    If they’re going to allow that in college, extend that sucker to High School, because I could have put up some awesome numbers as a 5th year senior for my baseball team. I mean, are you friggin kidding me?

  89. Cameron Says:

    Or talk to other colleges who will be willing to start you. It’s not entirely uncommon, I’ve seen it happen before.

  90. Cameron Says:

    God damn. Among qualifying starters, Jair Jurrjens has a lead on the NL ERA title by about half a point.

  91. Raul Says:

    All the redshirting allows is for powerhouse schools to hoard talent.

  92. JohnBowen Says:

    “He 100% deserves to be there. If you want to take someone off the roster who’s been less than consistent to make space for McCutchen start with Lee.”

    Vogelsong has only made 13 starts though for 84.1 innings. He’s been fantastic, but in a far shorter amount of time than Cliff Lee (18 starts, 129.1 IP) or a number of other guys.

    That said, if you can let a guy with 30 IP pitch in the all-star game, you can let Vogelsong in. And Lefty’s right…great story.

    I think I’m the lowest on McCutchen here, and I gave him 5th place in our MVP picks. I mean, how…how can you possibly justify not having him on the team. He’s one of the best all-around players in baseball, probably the best defensive CF there is…he does everything well (of course, now that I’ve said that, he’s going to hit .077 for the rest of the year and blame it on some DUI).

    Bochy picked Jay Bruce, who would’ve been a tough snub seeing as he was player of the month for one of the 3 months they’ve played so far. But Bruce has been less than useless away from GABP, sporting a nifty .230/.314/.447 line. Also fun: his dWAR went from +1.7 in 2010 to -1.2 in 2011. Not sure how that even happens and it’s probably a commentary on the statistic more than Bruce’s defense…but according to bbref, it has completely negated his offense. So take that for what it’s worth.

  93. Cameron Says:

    There has to be someone we can agree on kicking off the team and replacing them. I mean, I don’t think Aaron Crow (good as he is) is good enough to be KC’s All-Star rep, that’s Melky or Frenchy.

    But seriously, you leave this kid off? Fuck you.

  94. JohnBowen Says:

    Melky or Frenchy? Not Gordon?

  95. Cameron Says:

    In all honesty, Gordon’s been the least productive guy in that outfield, which I argue is best in the league.

  96. JohnBowen Says:


    Gordon: .298/.367/.486 (139 OPS+)
    Melky: .283/.322/.450 (115 OPS+)
    French: .262/.309/.445 (110 OPS+)

  97. Raul Says:

    Justin Upton made the NL Team.
    McCutchen could go over him.

  98. Raul Says:

    Cameron might say Melky because it seems like he’s been in the middle of so many rallies this year.

  99. Cameron Says:

    I think McCutchen got screwed because the All-Star roster has a hard formula. The 9 starters on the field (which I don’t see the point of electing DHs in NL hosted years), 13 pitchers, and 11 bench players. Combine that with the fact you need to select reps from every team, it’s a hard thing to work with.

    In the outfield, the best thing I can say is you need to remove Carlos Beltran or Jay Bruce as those teams have representatives in Jose Reyes and Joey Votto already.

    Hunter Pence and Justin Upton are there as the token reps for their teams, but you can’t really knock them off because Houston’s pitching is godawful and since you snubbed Ian Kennedy to put other guys in there, there’s really no one else in Arizona worthy of getting in as a pitcher.

    …The MLB is the only sport that requires a representative from every team during the All-Star game. NFL doesn’t do it for the Pro Bowl (useless as the game is) and the NBA doesn’t do it (but that’s mostly roster space). Still, if that rule was done away with, I don’t think I’d mind THAT much.

  100. Cameron Says:

    Yes John, but check the traditional triple crown lines.

    Gordon: .298/10/46
    Cabrera: .283/11/48
    Francouer: .262/12/53

    Then again, you can probably credit most of Melky’s production (power aside) to Alex Gordon being on base in front of him. Still, it’s pretty much a wash all around on these guys.

    …How about we just elect the outfield as a whole? I mean, we kick about all the league’s asses in this regard.

  101. JohnBowen Says:

    Gordon was leading off for a while, right?

    You’re not going to rack up RBI’s in the leadoff spot.

    And a difference of 2 HR over 3 months? I’ll take the 80-100 OPS points.

  102. JohnBowen Says:

    ” Still, if that rule was done away with, I don’t think I’d mind THAT much.”

    I actually like that rule. Sure, it leads to snubs for deserving guys, but the game isn’t about the players as much as it is the fans. And I think it’s worth it to give the Astros someone to cheer for when Hunter Pence’s name is announced.

    The rigid rosters are what really get me.

    First off…way too many pitchers. 13…for one game? So like, an average of 2.3 outs per pitcher? I’d rather see Justin Verlander throw 3 innings than Brandon League get his 2 batters.

    Also, you don’t need 80 billion closers in any case.

  103. Cameron Says:

    I’m with you on that. If you’re going to have rigid rosters, at least work on how many guys get elected to the position. I’d say like 4, maybe 5 relievers out of the 13 total spots wouldn’t be that bad.

    And yet again, Brandon League over Michael Pineda. Are you fucking kidding me?

  104. JohnBowen Says:

    For simplicity’s sake, I’ll just look at OF WAR in the AL.

    KC sits at 5.2 between the three of them which is pretty solid.

    Jose Bautista is at 5.8 by himself, which is absu-fucking-lutely crazy.

    Tampa: 5.4
    Toronto: 6.2 (way to go Rajah Davis)
    New York: 8.6 (#’s 3,7,9 among OFers)
    Minnesota: 5.9 (largely on Denard Span’s defense)

  105. Chuck Says:

    Not only is Gordon KC’s most productive outfielder, he’s been their most productive player.

    Kick fucking Matt Joyce off.

  106. Cameron Says:

    …Just shut up and let me have my moment.

    At the very least, you can call the most cost-effective outfield. They make, what, 5 million bucks as a whole this season? That’s about 90% of his production at 30% of the cost.

  107. JohnBowen Says:

    Looking at Matt Joyce’s first half numbers as a whole, there’s no way you’d take him over Gordon.

    Until you looked at what Joyce has done in June.


  108. Cameron Says:

    Wow, he went cold. He lost, what, 60 points of batting average in the last month?

  109. JohnBowen Says:

    He’s slugging under .300 since June 1.

  110. Cameron Says:

    And they don’t call up Desmond Jennings to replace him… Why?

  111. Chuck Says:

    I don’t know how the final totals came out, but last I heard, about two weeks ago, McCutchen wasn’t in the top fifteen outfielders.

    One of the biggest injustices in voting history.

    If I was picking a MAJOR league all star outfield, I’d go Bautista, Kemp, and McCutchen.

  112. Chuck Says:

    “And they don’t call up Desmond Jennings to replace him… Why?”

    I don’t think the Rays want to put Jennings on the AAA shuttle anymore.

    I think he’s probably going to have an everyday job in Tampa at some point during the second half..whether the Rays unload BJ Upton for a pitcher (Edwin Jackson) or lose Johnny Damon to waivers, there’s going to be a hole in Tampa’s outfield sooner rather than later.

  113. JohnBowen Says:

    “If I was picking a MAJOR league all star outfield, I’d go Bautista, Kemp, and McCutchen.”


    Me too.

    And ok. McCutchen plays in Pittsburgh, so maybe he’s not going to get a ton of votes.

    But how the hell does Bochy not pick him? Not even for that final vote thing?

  114. Cameron Says:

    Once Pittsburgh starts winning, McCtuchen will get noticed. The fans are catching on to the fact “Wow, these guys in Tampa are pretty cool,” after they started winning. Now apply that to a team with a track record like Pittsburgh and they’ll latch on.

    …Long as they don’t use “Black and Yellow” as a team anthem like the Steelers didFUCKTHESTEELERS…

    *puts a quarter in his “Fuck the Steelers” jar*

    And they’ll be fine.

  115. Chuck Says:

    I know, especially since two of the final five are first baseman.

    How many goddamn first baseman do you need for a fucking exhibition game?

    You know what’s going to happen?

    Both Cole Hamels and Matt Cain are scheduled to pitch on Sunday, so they’re out.

    No matter what happens with the final vote, Ian Kennedy will be picked for a spot.

    So, that will leave either one or two spots remaining.

    With the shit storm that’s already started with McCutchen, you’d almost think it’s a foregone conclusion he gets a spot.

    I know Buster Olney works for ESPN, but does he actually watch SportsCenter? I mean, every fucking day when they show Pirate highlights, McCutchen is right there.

  116. Cameron Says:

    Watch as they both get scratched from starts on Sunday with spot starters to preserve going into the ASG and Chuck gets pissed.

  117. JohnBowen Says:

    @115, Hamels was already not picked. Lefty pointed out before the rosters came out that Philly wasn’t going to let him go, so Bochy didn’t waste a spot on him.

    Now, I could see that happening to Cain. Bochy might’ve just wanted to honor Cain as an all-star, but not actually use him in the game.

  118. Chuck Says:

    Hamels WAS picked, John.

    You mentioned CC wasn’t picked because he was starting on Sunday, when there are five AS picks who ARE starting on Sunday..Hernandez, Shields, Verlander, Hamels and Cain.

    So, his pitching Sunday had nothing to do with why Sabathia wasn’t chosen.

  119. JohnBowen Says:

    huh, you’re right. I could’ve sworn he wasn’t picked.

    Whatever, Sabathia isn’t THAT egregious of a snub. It’s kinda crazy that Sabathia sits at home while the worst shortstop in the AL is starting.

  120. Cameron Says:

    Well, worst overall. I think Alcides Escobar may have an even less productive bat. His glove more than makes up for it, though.

  121. Chuck Says:

    It’s an exhibition game, John.

    You’re wasting entirely too much energy worrying about Derek Jeter or Andrew McCutchen.

    If baseball wants to turn the game into something more meaningful, all they have to do is take the vote away from the fans.

    You don’t like it?

    Don’t watch.

  122. JohnBowen Says:

    I always watch. It’s a fun game.

    I could care less about Jeter making it. Popularity contest, whatever.

    Bochy could’ve picked McCutchen – a young, pre-arb player, by the way…but instead took guys like Jay Bruce, who turn into freaking Alex Sanchez on the road.

  123. Cameron Says:

    You think the MVP picks are tough, who wins NL Manager of the Year? Kirk Gibson or Clint Hurdle?

    Eh… Uh…

  124. Bob Says:

    Or Terry Collins? Hoping for Gibson.

  125. Chuck Says:

    I might try and scalp a ticket to the game, but I’m really not interested.

    I’m going Sunday to the Futures Game and FanFest. I’ll probably blow off the Celebrity Softball game, though.

    Going Monday to the HR derby isn’t a consideration.

    Spending $75 bucks or whatever it is to watch three hours of batting practice?

    Um, no.

  126. Cameron Says:

    My vote would be for Hurdle, personally.

  127. Cameron Says:

    Futures Game? Did they announce the rosters?

  128. Chuck Says:



  129. Chuck Says:

    Like two weeks ago.

  130. Cameron Says:

    Nice roster. Let me know how Herrera and Myers do.

  131. Chuck Says:

    Watch the don’t get MLBNetwork?

  132. Cameron Says:

    Nah. Only on the downstairs set and that’s my stepdad’s TV.

  133. Raul Says:

    How could I miss this?

    The Goose is 60 years old today, and in many eyes is one of the best relievers of all-time.

  134. Cameron Says:

    Probably the last closer to be properly utilized.

    Fun Fact: The White Sox used him as a starter in 1976. …It didn’t go well.

  135. Chuck Says:

    My favorite Goose Gossage stat.

    Gossage has 57 career saves of seven outs or more.

    Mariano Rivera, Trevor Hoffman and Dennis Eckersley have nine.


  136. Cameron Says:

    Jesus, what were the ‘79 sportswriters thinking to vote Bruce Sutter the NL Cy Young Winner and JR Richard THIRD!?!

  137. Chuck Says:

    I’ve never believed a pitcher to be any more valuable than a position player who is out there everyday and thus shouldn’t be considered for the MVP.

    That said, Ron Guidry got freakin’ hosed in 1978.

  138. Cameron Says:

    And Pedro Martinez was robbed in 1999.

  139. JohnBowen Says:

    Or Phil Niekro…6th.

  140. JohnBowen Says:

    Maddux, ‘95. I think Clemens should’ve won in ‘97 or ‘98 (‘97 was better, but Griffey was outstanding).

  141. JohnBowen Says:

    “I’ve never believed a pitcher to be any more valuable than a position player who is out there everyday and thus shouldn’t be considered for the MVP.”

    Last year, Felix Hernandez faced 1001 batters.

    So, he was involved in about 75% more plate appearances than Josh Hamilton.

    Or, 20% more if we look at all the plays Hamilton was involved in on defense.

    You’ve also got base running to consider, but the question you have to consider is: can a great starting pitcher contribute as much as a great position player.

    To answer yes, you’re saying that a great pitcher is 5 times more valuable, on average, than a position player.

    No right answer, but I’d definitely consider some pitchers. I’d argue that Pedro should’ve had MVP’s in all of his Cy Young seasons.

  142. Cameron Says:

    Oh I found something else to piss John off.

    Yuniesky Betancourt is (pretty safely) a Type B free agent. But with his performance, chances are if you offered him arbitration, he’d take it.

  143. JohnBowen Says:

    If I was Doug Melvin, I would offer Yuniesky Betancourt a handjob before arbitration.

    What do you have to do to be a type B FA? Friggin Exist?!

    By the way, Yuniesky Betancourt leads all of baseball in “contact percentage.”

    He’s the worst player in the world.

  144. Chuck Says:

    “If I was Doug Melvin, I would offer Yuniesky Betancourt a handjob before arbitration.”

    Hope you don’t mind, but I just sent him your email address.

  145. JohnBowen Says:

    Thanks buddy

  146. Raul Says:

    John’s on a roll.

    The Yuni comment and the Jeter/left side of the screen comment last week.

  147. John Says:

    I’d go to arbitration with Betancourt if it were based off fangraphs.

    “Well you had a .228 ba, .229 obp, and the lowest range factor in the league. That’s -0.6 WAR. So, you owe Doug Melvin 2.4 million dollars.”

  148. Bob Says:

    Shit-on-a-Shingle, the Marlins acquired Mike Cameron.

  149. Cameron Says:

    You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me…

    Albert Pujols broke his fucking wrist and is back on the field after 15 days. That’s not human.

  150. Chuck Says:

    “Albert Pujols broke his fucking wrist and is back on the field after 15 days. That’s not human.”

    Healing powers of steriods.

  151. Cameron Says:

    Actually, I don’t think steroids would be at play. Looking at the injury, it was a small fracture, not a total break. He was basically putting his wrist in a splint and keeping it on ice. He came off the 15 day DL and probably is just playing through a lot of pain.

    Coming from the guy who spent a whole season hitting with bone chips in his shoulder, playing through this doesn’t seem bad.

  152. Cameron Says:

    *bone chips in his elbow

  153. Chuck Says:

    Anyone notice there’s only one white guy in the homerun derby?

    I’m calling Al Sharpton.

  154. Raul Says:

    I hadn’t noticed.

    Some games that could be interesting pitchers duels.

    James Shields vs Scott Baker
    Justin Verlander vs Dan Haren

  155. John Says:

    Smash double by the captain, followed by an absolute rocket HR from Granderson.

  156. Cameron Says:

    How many hits left until all he’s doing is collecting checks?

  157. Hartvig Says:

    Raul @ 54

    Before Ozzie came along, I always though Mark Belanger was the greatest fielding shortstop I had ever seen. And speaking of Ozzie I’m glad Chuck mentioned Gary Templeton. I have to admit when he and Ozzie were traded for each other that I thought Whitey Herzog had lost his mind. Not long before the trade was made there were people who thought that Templeton might be the greatest shortstop ever. Even Herzog himself thought the only comparable baseball talent he had see was Mickey Mantle. Good call on Burleson too. Most of my memories of Foli were from his time with the Pirates and Spier with the Giants. I remember them being very good, sure handed players but nothing really stands out.

    My memories of Luis Aparicio are from when he was past his prime but I cannot think of him without thinking of Omar Vizquel. In my mind they are exactly the same player. Maybe it’s something to do with their both being from Venezuela.

    I always thought Trammell was a better defensive shortstop than Ripken, although I’m obviously biased. Ripken was sure handed (think Jeter), had a good arm & did a good job of positioning himself defensively. But you can say the same about Trammell (although his arm wasn’t as strong as Ripken’s) and I think he had more range on balls that weren’t hit right at him and he would try to make plays that Ripken wouldn’t. I also think Ripken got a little help from the official scorer when it came to hits/errors on occasion.

    And in breaking news, before it hits national headlines:
    Last night in Fargo, in a trailer park, a guy managed to blow his head off (literally) with what is described as “some type of a mortar-type firework’. You know that last words the guy said were: “Hey! Watch this!” The ONLY thing that could make this a better story is if his nickname turns out to be Bubba.

  158. Chuck Says:

    Belanger was a great fielder.

    There were quite a few top defensive shortstops during the ’60’s, with runs at such a premium there had to be.

    Aparicio, Ron Hansen, the underrated Eddie Brinkman, Bert Campaneris, Rico Petrocelli, Maxvill, Groat.

    Gonna turn on Fox Sports now and watch Zach Duke pitch batting practice to the Brewers.

  159. Cameron Says:

    Coming from a guy who grew up watching Cal Ripken, I actually claim from watching him play that Ripken was underrated defensively. A lot of guys say he was good, but not really an elite defensive talent. The guy got to a lot of balls and jesus christ did he have an arm. While he was an offensive-minded shortstop, he was a great talent with the glove.

  160. Cameron Says:

    And someone mentioned Campy? AWESOME!

  161. John Says:

    Infield hit for Prince for an RBI.

    Pretty great that Yuni is hitting behind Prince. That’s protection for you.

  162. Hartvig Says:

    And lets not forget Ray Oyler who started the most games at shortstop for a World Series winning team with a batting line of 0.135/0.213/0.186.

    Truth is, in those days before cable if you lived 8 hours from the nearest major league franchise you had to be a real fanatic to catch as many as 20 games a YEAR on television so you might only see a guy play every couple of years. Almost all of the MLB baseball I “saw” growing up were pictures painted in my mind by Halsey Hall, Ray Scott & especially Herb Carneal.

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