What to Know About Nolvadex Steroid Cycles

May 9, 2016

The drug Nolvadex is widely known as an effective remedy for early breast cancer issues or the prevention of its onset for those who are considered high risk in developing the disease.  The anti-estrogenic effect of Nolvadex is what makes it very effective in the treatment and prevention of breast cancer.  However, the use of Nolvadex is not exclusive to this treatment alone as body builders who use steroids use this drug for their steroid cycles.  Nolvadex steroid cycles is necessary for steroid users as it enables them to improve mass and strength, promote leaner physique, and helps in improving athletic performance.

When a body builder uses steroids, it gives him the capacity to lift more weights and do more repetitions as compared to when he is without any performance enhancing medications.  To make steroid use more effective, the use of cycling is necessary.  Click to continue…