Baseball Dugout – What is it?

If you are new to watching baseball, you might not be familiar with all the terminology. In this article, we will discuss the meaning of the baseball dugout and give you more information about major league baseball (MLB) dugouts, where the home team dugout is, and baseball fights in the dugout. 

The Meaning of a Dugout in Baseball:

What is a dugout? A players dugout is a bench where the team-members wait while they are not on the field. It is located between the home plate and the first or third base in foul territory. The dugout meaning is simply a resting place for all the players not on the field, as well as the coaches and any other person authorized by the league to be there. 

The dugout is also the place where players go when the weather does not allow the game to continue. That means there is a severe storm with lightning and thunder, making it unsafe for anyone to be on the field. 

According to the major league baseball rule 3.17, only players, substitutes,  managers, trainers, coaches, and batboys are allowed to be on the bench during a game. Disabled players are allowed in the dugout according to this rule, but may not be on the field at any point during the game. 

The dugout baseball is also the place where the team keeps any extra equipment, such as batting helmets, gloves, bats and catcher’s gear. 

The team manager and coach can communicate strategies from the major league baseball dugout by using hand signals to the players on the field. They can then adjust their approach according to what the manager and coach communicate from the dugout. 

Which Dugout is Home Team?

Major League Baseball Dugout

If you are wondering which dugout is the home team, there are no specific rules regulating which team occupies the third-base dugout and which team occupies the first base dugout. 

There are no published rules in major league baseball that require any team to use a specific dugout. It is randomly decided, but the home team will get the first choice on the dugout they use.

Home Team Dugout

In the National League, as well as the American League, most of the home teams occupy the first-base dugout, but many prefer the third-base dugout. The teams decide which baseline is home team dugout, and that can largely depend on the design of the dugout. For instance, the Red Sox use the first base dugout at Fenway, which is their home field.

The baseball design of the dugout at Fenway means that the sun hits the players’ dugout from noon onwards on the third-base side, which means that the visiting team can get quite uncomfortable. The New York Yankees dugout is also the first base dugout at the Yankee stadium.  

As stated, many teams prefer the third-base dugout. These include the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Chicago Cubs. The Los Angeles Dodgers also use the Dodger Stadium third-base. 

The major league baseball dugout design includes wooden dugout benches and is designed for the space that the team needs, including all the people, sanctioned to be in the dugout. There’s no dugout batting cage, however, so players can’t practice batting while in the dugout. 

The players’ dugout is where players can watch the game and discuss strategies with the manager and coach while not needed on the field.

Baseball Fights in the Dugout

MLB dugout fights are so frequent that it’s often termed base brawls. Base brawls happen when the team members on both sides leave their dugout and go onto the field to fight or to break up a fight. These fights often break out due to infringements that build up. A player hit by a pitch usually triggers these fights or disagreement between an infielder and a baserunner.

These fights usually don’t result in serious injuries, since there are rarely any punches thrown. The consequences for these dugout-clearing fights is up to the umpire, who can choose to disqualify all the players involved. Since it usually involves the entire team, the penalty is often not that severe. 

However, the suspension of the players involved in an MLB fight in dugout results in fines that can be issued after the game. A major league baseball fight in dugout is an infrequent occurrence since the teammates don’t usually have reason to fight during a game.  

These kinds of fights are also common in other sports such as ice hockey, where the same type of things causes fights. The conflicts are usually more severe than in baseball, and the consequences, as a result, are also more severe. 

Baseball Dugout Design

The Yankees dugout design includes the signatures of old players who have retired from the team. The dugout has a long wooden bench and space for all the extra equipment that the team needs to store. There is, however, no dugout batting cage. 

There are cameras mounted in the dugout so that the crowd can see the players and manager while the game is on. Cameras help fans keep track of the strategies that are used in the field.  

It is also noteworthy that by referring to the Yankees dugout, you are referring to the team, manager, coaches, and all other key players in the Yankees baseball team.


The major league baseball dugout is an essential place for the team. The team must have the right dugout to keep them comfortable while they are not on the field. It is also a metaphorical term used to describe all the key people that are part of the baseball team.