Eddie Mathews Baseball Career And Biography

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Many are yet to know that Eddie Mathews was one of the best sluggers the baseball history has ever witnessed. Some of the best baseball coaches could not even teach him during his prime.

He knew everything about swinging the bat. Ty Cobb also makes it clear that the Eddie Mathews baseball career is one of the best he has ever seen.

Where Was Eddie Mathews Born?

He was born in 1931 in Texarkana, TX. He grew up into an all-round athlete and was envied by most of his peers. He got many several scholarships offers in football from the likes of UCLA, USC, and more.

Fortunately, he rejected all of these offers and decided to join the Major League Baseball draft as a student instead. Still, he received many offers from many schools.

Eddie Mathews Early Career

In June of 1949, he signed for $5,999 with Atlanta Braves. Mathew could have commenced his professional career by playing for major teams such as the Dodgers.

However, it is thought his decision to sign with the Braves was a bold one. He chose to begin with the minors. In class D, he managed to hit .363 plus 17 home runs in class in only 43 games.

Mathews Was Brought Up To Atlanta

In 1950, out of the Southern Association, he was brought up to Atlanta. During this time, he had a year full of success with 33 homers and 106 RBI. He was set to join the military the following year.

Unfortunately, his father was diagnosed with tuberculosis, so he decided to stay back. In 1952, he was invited to play for the Boston Braves.

He Didn’t like It In Boston

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Boston Braves played their last match in 1952 and they moved. He made it clear that he was glad the team moved since he never liked to play there. Not many people turned up to watch them play and he obviously did not like that experience.

However, he still managed to create a good name for himself through exceptional performance within the one-year period.

The First World Series Title

With Mathews as one of the key players, the Braves won its very first World Series title in 1957. In the 10th inning of game four, Mathew had a game-winning homer, only had the only RBI in the fifth game, and recorded the only last out in the seventh game.

He later admitted that it was one of the toughest games he had ever played at that time.

First Injury

After participating in a good number of games, in 1962, when He was just 31, he tore his tendons and ligaments. This was one of the biggest blows to his career and the injury was quite slow to heal.

Sadly, even after the injury went away, he was never the same again. He admitted the fact that he became slower at the game.

After his retirement, he became the Braves coach in 1971 and 1972. Unfortunately, he got fired in 1974, with 100 games into the season. Mathews got elected in the baseball hall of fame in 1978. He died in 2001 following complications caused by pneumonia.

Though there have been more baseball legends after him, he is still one of the greatest sluggers the game has ever witnessed.


What was Eddie Mathews number?

He wore number 41.

When did Eddie Mathews die?

He passed away on the 18th of February, 2001.

When did Eddie Mathews retire?

After 512 home-runs throughout his career, he retired in 1968.