Fransisco Rodriguez teams, career, and personal life

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Rodriguez was a successful pitcher and played for several teams such as Los Angeles Angels, New York Mets, and others. During his career, he won different awards such as the World Series Champion in 2002.

On September 18th in the exact year he won the World Series, he made his debut in the MLB and became the Fransisco Rodriguez baseball player we know today.

Los Angeles Angels (2002-2008)

Rodriguez started as a pitcher and then became a relief pitcher due to several injuries. LA was his first-ever MLB team and he was most famous for his curveball.

During his time with the Angels, he was the youngest pitcher to ever win a World Series; he made 100 career saves at the age of 24, and in 2008 he reached his 200th career game.

New York Mets (2009-2011)

When his LA career ended, he signed for 37 million for the New York Mets. His first ever Mets save came against Cincinnati Reds and later on he appeared in an All-Star game.

In 2009, and for the 5th consecutive time, he completed more than 30 saves. This didn’t occur in the following two seasons as he made 25 saves in 2010 and 23 saves in 2011.

Milwaukee Brewers (2011-2013) (2014-2015)

After the All-Star game in 2011, Rodriguez joined the Brewers. He was the 4th pitcher with most saves and finished 445 games.

In 2012 he was signed by the Brewers for 8 million, released as a free agent, and re-signed again by the Brewers in 2013 with which he played 25 games and made 10 saves. He played with them again in 2014 and 2015.

Baltimore Orioles (2013)

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After the 2011-2013 journey with the Brewers, Francisco Rodriguez was traded to the Baltimore Orioles on the 23rd of July 2013. Nicky Delmonico was the player who departed from Baltimore to make way for Rodriguez.

Unfortunately, this season with Baltimore wasn’t successful, therefore, he struggled a lot. With Baltimore, he recorded a 4.50 era in 23 appearances. In the next season, he re-joined the Brewers.

Detroit Tigers (2016-2017)

In 2016, he was traded to the Detroit Tigers in exchange for players Betancourt and Pina.

In 2016 he made 400 career saves and played 61 games for the Tigers – with a 3.24 era with 44 saves in 49 chances.

In 2017 he still played for the Detroit Tigers as a closer but unfortunately struggled again and was stripped off this role.

Other teams, achievements, and personal life

After his two-season span with the Tigers, he signed with the Washington Nationals in 2017. He also played with other teams such as Philadelphia Phillies, Long Island Ducks, and Acereros de Monclova. He is now a free agent and a relief pitcher.

Furthermore, he won several awards and made records during his career, such as: being a 3x AL saves leader and accomplishing an MLB single-season saves record.

Regarding his personal life, in 2016, he was infected by the Zika Virus but returned to baseball shortly afterward. In 2010, he was arrested as he assaulted Carlos Pena after the Mets lost a game.

He was released without bail and instructed not to talk to Pena and his daughter. Despite the above circumstances, Rodriguez still managed to be one of the top baseball players in history.


What is Fransisco Rodriguez’s net worth?

He is worth an estimated $30m from playing professional baseball.

What happened to Francisco Rodriguez?

In 2017 he signed a minor league contract with the Washington Nationals.