Who holds the record for most consecutive games played in major league baseball history

Let us answer the question, who holds the record for most consecutive games played in major league baseball history? A lot of people think it’s Lou Gehrig – and for the longest time (from 1939 to 1998, to be precise), that was actually the case. However, from September 19th, 1998, Cal Ripken, Jr. has been the holder of this record and continues to hold it as of this writing.

Why Gehrig Is Still Impressive

Lou Gehrig’s record, and many other records from that era, are still impressive and in many ways more impressive than current records. This because back in the day, they used to play more games. Just to illustrate this point, Gehrig made his record in 14 years, whereas it took Ripkin Jr. four more years to make the same amount of games, plus one more to beat the record.

Changes in Baseball Over The Years

Baseball players are bigger, faster, taller and stronger on average by a pretty big margin compared to 1960s and before. Improvements in science and technology, and better training and nutrition (people of the world eat better now than ever), as well as a bigger population (which makes for a bigger pool from which to get players), and the internationalization of baseball, account for most of this.

Baseball Didn’t Used to Be A Full Time Job

Up until just a few decades ago, it wasn’t uncommon for pro baseball players to take odd jobs in the off-season. This has had a major impact on play. The best major league salaries of 60 years ago can’t even compare to the worst salaries of the past decade. For this reason, we don’t know how good some of these old-time players could have been in a modern setting.

Some of the Most Famous Baseball Players

Some of the most renowned baseball players worldwide and throughout the history of the sport include, besides the aforementioned Gehrig and Ripkins Jr., Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Ted Williams, Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, and Roger Clemens. Most people would say that the most recognized baseball player of all time is Alex Rodriguez, although he is not a Hall-of-Famer.

Betting on Baseball Back in the Day Compared to Now

It would seem obvious, at least on the surface, that betting on baseball is easier now than it used to be. Things have gotten more predictable and it would seem easier for a better to spot trends. Of course, the odds are also much more accurate and take such things into account, so it may be debatable which period favoured betters more.

Tactics for Betting in the Current Environment.

These days, one is best advised to use different tactics for betting on baseball. One popular and effective strategy is to play the over-unders and other similar bets. Another very potentially strong tactic is to focus on the pitchers, especially the starting pitchers. This can be implemented by betting either for a strong starter or against a weak one, as the particular case may be.

Baseball has a long, varied, and interesting history as a sport. We are sure to see more and more improvements in play in general, and probably more broken records in many cases as the game goes on. And that is definitely as it should be; a sport without any evolution whatsoever is a sport people will wind up not watching very much!

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