Who was Greg Montalbano Baseball Minor Leaguer?

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Greg Montalbano minor leaguer’s full christened name was Gregory Joseph Montalbano and he was born on August 24, 1977 in Westborough, near Worcester, a city in Massachusetts, United States.

He was a pitcher in the US baseball minor leagues. He battled cancer for 13 years and died 3 days before his 32nd birthday in his home town with his family.

Baseball in high school

He went to school in Shrewsbury and attended St. John’s High School. The school’s team, the Pioneers, who he pitched for, made the state finals in his senior year.

St. John’s School also produced other notable players such as Ron Darling (MLB All-Star pitcher), Brian Abraham (Boston Red Sox bullpen catcher), Ryan O’Rourke (Minnesota Twins pitcher), and John Andreoli (Chicago Cubs outfielder).

Baseball at university

After graduating from high school in 1995, he enrolled for an industrial engineering degree. He made the Northern Illinois University Huskies team while studying and also assumed the position of a pitcher for them.

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Amateur baseball

Greg Montalbano was chosen for the Boston Red Sox in 1999 during the 5th round of the amateur draft. In 2000 he officially signed with the Red Sox and was entered into their minor league system.

In 5 years, he played for teams such as Sarasota Red Sox, Lowell Spinners, Portland Sea Dogs, and Trenton Thunder where he awarded Minor League Pitcher of the Year.

What did he do after the Red Sox?

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After Greg Montalbano was released from the Red Sox, he went on to play for the Worcester Tornadoes. They won the Can-Am League championship in the first inaugural season.

Sports betting was not yet legal in the US so punters were excluded from betting on these leagues. In 2005, Greg was eventually inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame of the Northeastern University.

Giving back

After his baseball career, Greg remained involved in the sport as giving back was very important to him. He returned to his alma mater, St Johns’ High School, as an assistant coach. He also got involved with South End Baseball.

He did regular talks to students across Massachusetts about testicular cancer awareness and also spoke at Jimmy Fund golf tournaments and also during Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethons.

Honoring Greg Montalbano

A year after his death in 2009, the Greg Montalbano Classic was instated to honor the life and contribution of this player. This baseball game is to held annually and is played between the baseball teams of Westborough and St. John’s in Shrewsbury.

To pay tribute to Montalbano in the game, the Pioneers change their normal jerseys for numbered shirts with Greg’s name on the back.
He did a lot to promote the game in his life. A lot has changed for the game and sports in general in the USA.

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Where did Greg Montalbano play?

These are some of the teams where he played during his career:

  • Red Sox
  • Lowell Spinners
  • Trenton Thunder
  • Portland Sea Dogs
Who was Greg Montalbano?

He was great baseballer with as a minor-league pitcher and also a former Red Sox prospect. He died from testicular cancer at the age of 31.

How did Greg Montalbano die?

He died from testicualar cancer at the age of 31.